How to drink water to lose weight with its help: features of the method, reviews and results weight loss

More than half of the population suffers from overweight, according to statistics, two out of three women want to lose weight with the help of certain techniques. There are a lot some sitting on a diet, and others actively engaged in the gym, and there is a category of people who lose weight through water.

Even after one day fasting during which you drink water, the results will be noticeable. According to reviews, the water is not only good for weight loss, but also for the whole organism.

Key features of diet on the water

If you are going to drink in order to lose weight, consider these nuances:

  • It is first necessary to clean.
  • Start the diet gradually, first to eliminate from the diet of most unhealthy foods, replacing them with fruits and vegetables. At the end of this transition, try during the day eat nothing and only drink.
  • To health was stable, and the result is a long, combine heavy drinking with meatless dishes.
  • Do not starve yourself, if you find it hard to drink only water and eat nothing.
  • Do not drink the same water without any food for more than three days, you will not only lose weight, but worsen their condition.

If you are not ready for three days drink one liquid, you can leave your regular menu, but to drink more. For weight loss drink at least one glass of water on an empty stomach, the day should drink at least a liter of fluid, and in the evening is also a glass before bedtime.

To lose weight, you need to completely give up fatty and sweet. According to reviews, this diet also brings results.

Weight loss through meltwater

Not everyone knows exactly what you need to drink water to lose weight. The best option is the melt water, since it has the maximum number of medicinal properties. Even traditional healers are advised to drink for health purposes.

Melt water have to do yourself:

  1. Fill the bottle with simple tap water.
  2. Let is rest for at least a day, went to the chlorine.
  3. Miss water through the filter, additionally you can then insist it on the shungite 6 hours.
  4. Pour the water into a glass container and place in freezer.
  5. Check her in half an hour: remove the top of the ice film and leave for another 9 hours.
  6. The water should be well chilled but not freeze completely to the glass does not burst. In the middle should remain unfrozen liquid to be poured.
  7. Defrost the ice and drink the water in unlimited quantities.
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Remember that all the beneficial properties of melt liquid retains only the first 6 hours after thawing.

Is it possible to lose weight with mineral water

Naturally, not everyone will find the time to prepare the melt liquid. In this case, for weight loss you can use other types of liquids.

Good results are visible and after use of mineral water, and as the reviews say many women, although they are not as effective as after the melt.

Mineral water can reduce the appetite and effectively remove toxins from the body. But to use it a long time can not daily rate up to a liter. Otherwise the body will have enough salts and minerals. Mineral water can be combined with normal drinking.

Lemon water for weight loss

Many lose weight with lemon water, this way to lose weight is also quite effective, as evidenced by numerous reviews. Lemon by itself is incredibly useful and contains a large number of active ingredients, and citric acid breaks down fats.

It can be drunk cold or hot, it is recommended to do it on an empty stomach. And for maximum effect you need to limit their appetite, the diet be sure to include the following products:

  • greens;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit.

During each meal drink a glass of lemon water. There is still the hard variety of this diet, in which the liquid with lemon drink 10 days, and in the diet in addition it contains only fruits and vegetables, but it can be practiced every season.

Salt water for weight loss. Diet salt water has its own scheme. To comply with it only a month, during this time, you need every day to drink the maximum amount of mineral non-carbonated liquid, up to 3 liters per day. Two weeks later, reduce the number of calories in your diet, then the body will be purified and will accelerate the metabolism.

Possible contraindications

Naturally, anyone wishing to lose weight are unable to do the same. Someone suitable one technique, and someone- quite different. You need to try what suits you best. This applies to the lose weight with the water diet, which, like all other methodologies, has its contraindications:

  • In the quest to lose weight is not to act dramatically, for example, sharply go to the water, abandoning other products. Such transitions can have a negative impact on the metabolism and break it.
  • You cannot use this method in hypertension, because Suzanna state vessels will not pass through as much of the liquid.
  • You cannot drink liquids in large amounts in kidney patients, it can cause their swelling.
  • When heart disease, diet also can result in several complications.
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The results and feedback on this method

Almost all women who are planning to lose weight and choose one or another way, active monitor reviews about it on the Internet, consulted with friends and professionals. Of course, to find out the specifics of a particular methodology.

Speaking specifically about the diet with water, the majority of those who practiced it, were very satisfied (over 80 percent). However, it is worth remembering that it is impossible to sit more than one month. The fact that after the washed out fat cells and toxins, the water washes away the active ingredients and vitamins. To avoid such situation, you need to take breaks between courses of weight loss.

Those who could not lose weight using this method, often used water properly. So, it is necessary to drink half an hour before eating and an hour and a half after it. During the meal the water should not be consumed, it will dilute gastric juices and interfere with normal digestion.

If done correctly and strictly observe the diet during the week can get rid of 2-4 pounds. And if you follow the intervals between the diets, within six months to lose about 10-15 pounds, indulging in many favorite dishes.

Below you can find testimonials of some people who practiced this method of weight loss.

I studied different methods to lose weight and eventually settled on a water diet. At first, drank about 4 liters of fluid a day, but the visible results were a long time, and only two months later, I noticed that the clothes became more free. After a few months, I have to say that I am becoming more slender. As a result, for six months lost about 20 pounds.

Ekaterina, Rostov-on-don

During the day I drink 10 glasses of water, and 2 cups before eating, then eat 20 minutes later, and after two hours drink the water again. Not take food, tea or coffee, or all carbs go to fat. I was able to lose 6 pounds in two weeks.

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Olesya, Ekaterinburg

I drink a lot of fluids, just need to learn to do it correctly. Drink it warm, do it in small SIPS and not gulp. Do not go on a water diet too drastically, try to enter the water slowly, adding half a Cup every day. Naturally, more frequent urination, but not this way. Do not have to go on a strict diet to lose weight, but to reconsider your diet must.

Look online to find recipes of dietary dishes, some of them incredibly delicious and healthy. Entirely refrain from sausages, sausages, mayonnaise, muffins and cakes. Prepare yourself the right foods, have to eat 5 times a day in small portions. Walk a lot if you can’t run, just a lot of walking on the street. And need a good sleep so you’ll look great.

Elena, Arkhangelsk

Water diet, of course, is not suitable for everyone. Someone there are contraindications, and someone just this is not an option due to lifestyle and other factors. However, if possible, try to lose weight using this method, maybe you will like it.