How to eat healthy meals: meats, than can replace meat in the diet

Many of us regularly consume meat, though not guess that this is a very useful product. One of the reasons why it is necessary to include in the diet of meat — high content of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Also it is rich in minerals and vitamins necessary for normal functioning of the body.

Approximately 30% of the food component of the diet, is necessary for meat and meat products. It is very important for human because it contains protein that is required for the organs and tissues of the human body. Given that the cell renewal process never stops, they need to continually provide protein.

But with all its positive properties of meat can harm the body. Although we should not forget that it provides us with energy through the carbohydrates contained therein. The same people who want to minimize the harm from eating meat, it is possible to offer an alternative in the form of meat substitutes.

Use features of meat products

Experts and some knowledgeable consumers know about the benefits of meat. But it has enough features and negative aspects. In the body of people who have on the table are always present meat products, over time, begins to produce foreign protein. When creating favourable conditions it can provoke the growth of cancer cells.

Meat is a valuable product due to the content of protein and iron, of which the human body receives energy. But at the same time it includes enough fat and cholesterol, which is associated with most cardiovascular diseases.

Also need to mention about the oxidizing properties of meat products. Their harm is that during their combustion are formed strong acid, which our body has to eliminate, spending a lot of energy.

In composition of meat products are present in purine bases, which are harmful to those that negatively affect the metabolism. When we cook the broth of meat, purine bases gradually transformirovalsya in the liquid resulting in the formation of acidic environment. And with every spoon eaten such meat broth, we have increased levels of lactic acid. This is dangerous because it increases the risk of development of arthrosis, arthritis and other vascular diseases.

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Don’t forget about the putrid bacteria that are also contained in meat. In the process of cooking it is impossible to eliminate their waste products, so they, along with the broth is absorbed into the body, causing poisoning.

Than you can replace meat in the diet?

To avoid the harm that can cause to our body the meat products, it is possible to abandon them in favor of proteins and minerals, which are rich in many plant foods. For example, you can replace meat in the diet the following products:

  • legumes;
  • cereals;
  • soy.

They are a bit superior to meat protein, but rich in vegetable protein, which lacks the essential amino acids. However, this problem is easy to solve, if you choose the right foods.


Legumes are rich in lysine, and also contain small amounts of tryptophan and methionine. Rice observed a completely opposite picture. When consumed together these foods, it is possible to provide the body with all necessary nutrients, including protein. Also with legumes the body can get enough B vitamins and minerals. They are an excellent source of fiber and fibres which positively influence the digestion.


The results of the tests, which involved cereal crops were able to establish that the useful crop is buckwheat. Though it contains not as much protein as legumes. The composition of this product is a lot of iron and other important micronutrients.

Eating dishes made of buckwheat has a positive effect on hematopoiesis, provides the body with energy, makes a person stronger and more resilient. So it is so often used in folk medicine and sports nutrition.

Highly regarded among the grasses and oats, due to the high fat content and ability to cleanse the body of cholesterol and stabilize blood pressure.

The most active substances and vitamins contained in the wheat, and if to speak more precisely — in the bran. It is recommended to include in the diet of people in times of illness, as well as those who want to give up meat in favor of more useful products.

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Among other plants, a few words should be said about the peas. Because it represents the legume family, it contains enough protein, vitamins and minerals. He is only slightly less than beef. The results of these studies have managed to establish that thanks to its unique composition, this culture is able to cleanse the body of carcinogenic and radioactive substances. Benefits it brings and the fact that helps to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Acts in the same way the beans. This culture is the source of macro — and micronutrients, at its regular use can normalize blood sugar levels, so it is recommended to include in the diet of people suffering from diabetes.


Do not underestimate soy, which can perfectly replace meat products. Its unique properties and determine why it was called «meat the twenty-first century.»

  • for the body soybeans are useful because he absorbs more than 90%;
  • the human body receives from it vegetable protein, which unlike meat completely devoid of fats and cholesterol.

According to fans of meat products, eating only meat can provide the body with vitamin B12, which is necessary for blood formation nervous system and metabolism. However, in reality the human body is not so heavily dependent on this vitamin. If necessary to eliminate the deficit is possible, if the table will contain products such as:

  • lettuce;
  • seaweed;
  • fish;
  • seafood.

You can name a few reasons why you should replace meat with other useful products. Such a decision people not only can avoid additional damage that he gets from meat, but also gets the opportunity to increase life expectancy. Because then it becomes closer to people, made a choice in favor of vegetarianism.

On the planet is grown hundreds of different products, so if you want you can always find the perfect substitutes for meat products. Knowing what advantages and disadvantages has a meat, a person needs to decide whether to continue to use it or makes sense to give up in favor of more useful products.

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From childhood in the diet of each person to include meat in one form or another. And we continue to eat them and more adult. Do not even think about how much we need it and benefit to the body. Although if you understand this issue, most diseases that we face in adulthood, often associated with it.

People who care about what they eat, has long recognized the harm of this product, so abandoned it in favor of other, more useful products. For man is a very important issue is to decide what he should eat, as this depends on the condition. Not to bring themselves to a critical state, it makes sense today to start changing your eating habits, choosing to choose the best for taste and healthy properties of meat substitutes. This will not only improve your health but will also help increase the life expectancy.