How to eliminate the constant feeling of hunger even after meals: the main causes, solutions

The main reason that always triggers the feeling of hunger, experts name deficiency of glucose. However, even those people who have glucose all right can also be similar discomfort.

In most cases, decrease the level of glucose in the blood begins to increase appetite. And when the sugar level is normalized, the person not often there is a desire to try something tasty. The effect is due to the fact that the receptors of sugar in the body the brain constantly receives signals that are sent to the area of the hypothalamus, located in the Central part.

Medical description of hunger

In the area of the hypothalamus is processing information about the level of sugar in the blood. It is also necessary to mention the satiety center, which has an impact on appetite, using two groups of hormones.

The first includes active substances, reporting hunger and slowing down metabolism. The second are elements that speed the metabolism and struggling with increased appetite.

An important element is the insulin, which is a special hormone secreted by the pancreas, required by the body to make glucose.

Done years ago canadian scientists study showed that in the synthesis of neuropeptide Y, which is one of the main hormones that increases appetite, along with the hypothalamus of the brain take part and fat cells.

At that time, they have set a goal to prove that the neuropeptide has the same effect as hypothalamic. However, what the outcome of these tests is still unknown.

Interesting is the version for all domestic locations: it follows that increasing the number of fat the body begins to increasingly make these connections, which in turn increases appetite.

Causes a constant feeling of hunger

Although this problem has interested scientists for quite a long time, today they have scant information on the mechanism of control feelings of hunger and satiety. While currently known reasons for which a person feels a constant sense of hunger.

The abuse of sweets. Often feel constantly hungry people who eat constantly present a lot of sweet foods containing refined carbohydrates.

Regular eating leads to a sharp increase in the level of glucose in the blood, which he begins to change. At such moments, and the feeling of hunger, so people began to organize snacks. All this leads to the fact that he gains weight, he shows signs of violation of the hormonal balance, etc.

To help people who find themselves in such a situation, if he starts to eat right. When adhering to a balanced diet you can restore the digestion and avoid spikes in blood glucose. To overcome cravings for sweet foods, you can replace the fruit, containing sugar, for example, apples, peaches etc.

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Wrong diet

Many people often feel constant hunger because they have meals happen using for long periods of time. Primarily this occurs in people who eat no more than 5 hours.

Because they do not follow the eating schedule, the day during the maximum activity of people forget about nutrition, immersed in work. However, in the evening he gets more free time, and this time it is difficult to ignore their instincts.

This leads to such bad habits like snacking at night, which man always feels hungry and unwittingly gains weight.

According to nutritionists, proper nutrition should include at least a fourfold meal of the day.

It is also important to calculate how much food you need to eat at certain times of the day. The main meal is lunch, which should account for about half of the daily amount of daily consumed food.

Violation of the regime of sleep and rest

In modern conditions, when many people do not have enough free time, they often feel hungry and therefore overeat. The human body is a complex physiological system that control which depends on a hormonal background.

Hormones affect the whole body, including the appetite. To date, there are two main hormones that determine hunger and satiety:

  • leptin;
  • ghrelin.

The most active providers of the first hormone are fat cells, so when the leptin level is elevated, people do not feel hungry.

The function of ghrelin is to increase appetite, and its production is carried out in the stomach. These hormones no longer cope with its functions in the moment when a person begins to sleep.

If a person has a few hours goes to sleep, it leads to reduced levels of leptin and increased levels of garelin. The result is a dramatic increase in appetite. But it is necessary to eat, as he again feels hungry.

Experience shows that to deal with such violations and the imbalance of hormones when a person starts to sleep more and to comply with the previous recommendations.

Features of hunger in pregnant

How can we explain the fact that pregnant women want to eat a lot in the early stages? All women giving birth child, you know that during pregnancy they have enhanced appetite. First and foremost craving for food increases in the second and third trimesters.

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This can be explained by the fact that the growing fetus requires more nutrients. Therefore, the body goes into reinforced mode, so he was provided with the necessary food, not only for growth but also for the development of the child.

Many women in the early stages of pregnancy is often marked by pronounced toxicity: after the next meal it is not digested and comes out as a result of nausea and vomiting.

Although the increased appetite in pregnant women and it is not unusual, however, this state still need to pay attention to. Be wary if a woman comes too fast to gain weight because it is a danger to the mother’s body.

Often, many women show signs of anemia caused by a decrease in the level of hemoglobin. Therefore, in this state it is necessary to observe the correct diet, which must contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Although set weight women during pregnancy is normal, however, this condition must be put under control not only the expectant mother but also by a specialist gynecologist.

Other causes according to recent studies

What can you say about a man if he all the time even after eating feeling hungry? A similar condition can be caused by various reasons. If a person constantly feels hungry, then the reason must be sought in the deficiency of nutrients; reduced insulin levels in the blood.

Or signals stomach cells, lipid compounds, other hormones, which are transmitted to the center of hunger and satiety in the brain.

If this mechanism ceases to function properly, the person has problems. How can we explain the fact that people often, even after a meal feel hungry?

  1. Drinking alcohol or using drugs. These substances, along with all the side effects can also cause a person to constantly feel hunger.
  2. Stress. The results of the research of neuroscientists were able to establish that the effect of ghrelin is not limited only to control hunger. Thanks to experiments conducted on animals and humans, able to understand that the active development of this «hunger hormone» occurs in chronic emotional exhaustion.
  3. Worms. If the human body has worms, they can use as food nutrients, including glucose before entering the bloodstream. Such conditions are common and cause increased feelings of hunger.
  4. Too rapid eating. How quickly you absorb the food, the satiety center does not have enough time to catch the signal saturation. Most clearly this effect is marked when the TV viewing is accompanied by a meal.
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Is it possible to manage hunger

How to be the person who constantly feels hunger after eating? It can help the following tips to deal with your desire:

  • Try during the meal, eat small portions. Then you glucose levels will always remain high and this will help to avoid the feeling of hunger.
  • The basis of the diet should be complex carbohydrates (fruits) and protein foods. Their regular use makes it possible to stay satisfied. But fatty foods sometimes has the opposite effect.
  • When a person chews food for a long time in the mouth, this allows to signal the satiety center about reaching the saturation threshold, continuing to control the process.
  • It is preferable to eat small portions of the plates, with calm colours.
  • Pay attention to not only nutrition, but rest, trying to achieve balance between them.

In modern conditions along with the known issues that many people worry about the constant feeling of hunger after a meal.

The reasons for this state may be different, but don’t notice it should not be, because this often leads to the problem of being overweight, which subsequently develops a variety of dangerous diseases.

To explain this condition is quite simple: the person feels hungry even after meals due to the fact that is not given due importance to the diet. Therefore, this problem can be easily solved if you adhere to a schedule of eating and to include in the diet of only healthy foods.