How to get rid of belly and sides: choice of food for weight loss, diets, nutrition rules

To gain attractive figure is a dream of many. To achieve this goal, each trying in his own way: someone who regularly visits the gym, others are written to the salon for beauty treatments, others are pinning their hopes on alternative medicine. Although the list of methods that can help in the fight against excess weight, you can go on and on, today the most popular method of losing weight is diet.

Them today, developed a lot, and in each there is a promise to achieve the ideal waist dimensions. But each of them is distinguished by efficiency, duration, requirements. Therefore, women have to make a difficult decision — which one to choose?

The most simple diet for weight loss belly

Just need to forget about the restrictions are so fond of saying «experts»: watch the number of calories you eat dinner no later than 18:00, exactly follow the list of recommended products.

There is a very simple diet for weight loss belly, which has no restrictions and at the same time, allows regularly to get rid of extra pounds. To achieve the desired result by observing the following simple rules:

  1. Every day once a period of one hour is allowed to eat any products. However, this rule requires that a similar technique beeps were held every day, at the same time.
  2. In the rest of the meals you need to eat foods low in carbohydrates, and in regard to their limits also do not exist. Recommended are meat, eggs, sour cream, low-fat cheese.
  3. Daily diet should include 2 cups of raw or cooked vegetables. This can be lettuce, cabbage, greens, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers. From this list, exclude potatoes, corn and green peas.
  4. Each meal should consist of small portions, and the meal to pass without haste that the food was well-chewed.
  5. For quick weight loss it is necessary to observe the water balance: for the day you need to drink eight glasses of clean water in the diet should not be carbonated beverages.

If to follow exactly the above rules, you a week notice how your weight will decrease by 2-4 kg.

What exactly you can eat and what is not

This diet for weight loss belly allows to include in the diet the most famous product, which is used for weight loss: milk with a low percentage of fat, boiled meat, cereals and fresh vegetables. The list of approved products as follows:

Dairy products. In accordance with the principles of diets for weight loss every day you should eat yogurt and cottage cheese. But note that they must have at least 1% fat. Choose those dairy products which are useful for immunity bacteria. This is an important principle of such diets, because dietary restrictions seriously weaken the body.

Meat, poultry, fish. These products are allowed to consume only boiled or baked form. Pork is prohibited. You can eat any types of meat, including beef, veal, rabbit, fish in the diet must only be white or red.

To make it easier easier to hold on to, try to cook more variety of dishes: for example, it may be a fish steak baked with lemon juice, marinated chicken in low-fat sour cream, meat boiled with a Bay leaf and other spices.

Cereals. Preference it is recommended to give buckwheat, rice, oats and millet. The best way of cooking is steaming. For this cereal pour boiling water over night and in the morning eat cold. This method of heat treatment allows to minimize losses of nutrients.

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Nuts. It is best to choose walnuts, sesame and poppy seeds, as they contain the maximum amount of nutrients. They need to eat after the meal: walnut (2-3 core) — after lunch, sesame 1 (tbsp) — morning and evening, Mac is used in the same way as the sesame seeds, and in the same amount. When this will enter you into the habit, you will notice how it will change the condition of your skin and hair.

Fresh vegetables. Your diet must contain cabbage, carrots and cucumbers that will quickly help you to achieve satiety and avoid increasing fat stores;

Fruit. It is recommended to give preference to not very sweet: apples this sort Simirenko, among citrus fruits — tangerines, oranges and grapefruits. Besides these, there are other fruits that are your favorite.

Green tea, mineral water without gas, juice. You should be attentive to the water balance of your body. Remember that water is essential for the regular presence of toxins. On your Desk should not be carbonated and sweetened drinks, sugar, salt, flour, smoked, salted and fried foods, and sweets.

They are all a source of replenishment of fat reserves, causing water retention in the body, increase the risk of cellulite and other unwanted conditions. Must be eliminated alcohol and coffee, it is recommended to refrain from Smoking.

How to make the menu for themselves

The right diet for weight loss belly should be based on the principles of a healthy balanced diet and at the same time to take into account individual food preferences of the person, his health and lifestyle.

Usually for the selection of individual diet turn to the nutritionists. However, even an ordinary person can write a suitable diet.

To understand which menu you would be most appropriate, you should do the following: look at your food habits from a position of healthy eating. You will have to renounce all that is harmful to your health.

Carefully watch your diet. Compare the number of foods you eat for the day, stored in the refrigerator. So, you will be able to know what products you need in a larger quantity, but what you consume is not enough.

Keep counting calories. If you follow an active lifestyle, your body needs each day to 1200-1500 kcal. Those who are not subjecting himself to physical exercise, be enough 1 thousand calories. In winter, these figures increase to 200-300 kcal.

Carefully read the schedule. This will help you to determine the most appropriate option: it can be dense and includes three meals with two snacks, or fractional, when you eat up to 7 times a day in small portions.

Calculate the volume of food. For Breakfast you should eat 25% of the total, for second Breakfast and afternoon snack must have no more than 10%, 35%, and for dinner you should eat 20%. Try to avoid overeating.

Eliminate fatty, fried and sugary foods, add the menu, grains and vegetables also in your diet should contain fresh fruits. Every day drink at least 1.5 liters.

Make a diet according to their preferences in food. If you dislike spinach, it makes no sense to include it in the menu, each time disgusted. Such torture will not bring you any good but only increase the probability of failure of diet. However, if you can’t live without the sweet, it does not mean that it should be present in your diet in too big quantity.

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The maximum diversify your diet, focusing on healthy foods that should be prepared properly. If you make an individual diet for weight loss belly with the above principles, you will easily get used to this diet and will be able without fail to stick to it throughout life.

Slimming effect can be achieved not only spending a lot of effort in the execution of complex exercises or doing Jogging for 5 kilometers in the morning. Quite effective is regular exercise, which will not take more than 20 minutes.

Which diet will help you cope with the sides and belly

The most terrible for the woman who is the owner of a beautiful press and slim waist is the dream in which she is deprived of his charms and gets the hanging sides and the folds on the abdomen.

Many women just try to work with these spicy seats, and to achieve this not so difficult, after all, today created a lot of simple diets for weight loss belly and sides.

If you have for many years brings disappointment your stomach and sides, then start the fight with excess fat you should be the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. And the first step in achieving your goal you need to rethink your power system.

As one of variants of fast and effective diets for weight loss belly and sides can suggest the following:

  • Increase the number of meals per day, following a interval of 3-4 hours, while decreasing the portions;
  • Exclude from the diet fried, sweet and fatty foods;
  • Make sure that every day on your table was attended by foods rich in fiber — vegetables, cereals legumes.
  • Often try to eat sour fruits — oranges, grapefruits, green apples.
  • Include in your menu boiled or steamed meat, fish and seafood, chicken.
  • To increase the amount of fluid. It has to be pure non-carbonated water, green tea, broth hips and other useful herbs;
  • Stop the dieting to drink alcohol and smoke, because it harms the exchange processes and fat is burned more slowly.

Diet for 3 days

First day. Breakfast begins with green tea, Apple and carrot juice (all take in the amount of 100 g each). After 2 hours you need to eat 5 g of nuts.

For lunch prepared of boiled wild rice (100 g), vegetable salad, for dessert — any sour fruit. For dinner you can eat fish (50 g.) and roasted vegetables.

The second day. For Breakfast you can eat one Apple or half a grapefruit. After 2 hours you can eat a salad of vegetables and drinking carrot juice (200 g). For lunch I cook buckwheat (100 g), salad of two tomatoes, grapes and herbs. For dinner you can eat chicken fillet (200 g), vegetable stew, drink a Cup of tea.

The third day. Breakfast cooked oatmeal (150 g), 2 hours after the first meal you can eat two baked apples. For lunch cook fish (150 g), salad of shredded carrots dressed with sour cream (70 g.), drink a glass of mineral water without gas. For dinner you can eat one banana, drink a glass of buttermilk.

If you find the strength to follow exactly the diet for weight loss belly, you will be able to reduce the waist by 4-5 cm

Two dishes — rice diet

Its duration is 5 days, and it is based on the consumption of rice and seafood and fish on one plate each. An important principle of this diet is to separate food, so every meal you should eat only one particular product.

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For variety you can add to the rice and fish the green or sour Apple. Given diet much like the diet of Japanese women, are known for their elegant and thin waist.

How to diet to home diet

The principle of fast and effective diets for weight loss belly and sides is to prepare meals from simple ingredients, which will cause the appetite of each family member and allow them regularly to lose weight.

The basis of this diet lies in the combination of popular long, fast, and mono, based on the exclusion of foods with lots of vitamins and low in calories.

Menu No. 1:

  • Breakfast classic sandwich from rye bread, butter, and cheese, a Cup of green tea;
  • lunch: stew made of potatoes, carrots, onions and beans (160 g), a glass of pineapple juice;
  • afternoon snack: small bowl of corn porridge (100g), 4 tablespoons of sour cream 10% fat;
  • dinner: quail egg, cooked boiled, steam Turkey breast (100 g), grapefruit juice.

Menu No. 2:

  • Breakfast: omelet made of two eggs, a Cup of green tea;
  • dinner: braised beef (120 g), Cup of oatmeal (130 g), a Cup of green tea;
  • snack: a half-full glass of low-fat milk (170 g.);.
  • dinner: green Apple, grated carrots (100 g), a Cup of herbal tea.

Menu No. 3:

  • Breakfast: Cup of cooked milk rice porridge with butter, a glass of green tea;
  • lunch: cooked Turkey meat broth with vegetables (100 ml), vegetable salad made of tomatoes and cucumbers, seasoned with lemon juice, a Cup of green tea;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese moderate fat (150 g);
  • dinner: two ripe bananas, a mixture of Apple and carrot juice (150 ml).

The abdomen and flanks — the most problematic locations for each woman, which she seeks to remove all means available. In their desire to become slim many women try a variety of methods, although the effectiveness of diets proven by many people around the world.

It does not need to include in your diet some exotic products. To start to lose weight you can use products available to everyone, the main to know which ones are useful and to determine the optimal amount.