How to go to spend calories and walk as proper impact on fat burning

In recent years the increasing distribution receives a Wellness walk. People choose it as an alternative to fitness classes. In addition, physicians have long been proven that aerobic training received by a person during walking, promotes effective consumption of fat.

If to visit the gym, you need to allocate precious time, to walk there are no obstacles. Enough to walk a few stops in the morning on the way to work and evening on the way home from work to get the necessary workout for losing excess weight. This explains why walking for fat loss has become popular.

On average, each person in a day is at least 1 km And that, even if you don’t get out of the house. Working people, showing the average activity during the day, passing an average of 7 to 10 kilometers. However, they do not experience tiredness and fatigue. At the same time, most of the day sitting at a computer will not be able to pass this distance is not a Charter. But with proper patience and proper training, this distance would fall before them. They will be able to walk long distances and feel great.

If a person decides to take a walk to reset excess weight, it would be useful to know how many calories you burn walking. This information will help you choose the right food and the right exercise intensity.

How age and gender affect calorie consumption?

Not long ago, scientists conducted research to determine the effect of age and growth on calorie consumption when walking. Managed to establish that children and short people are spending more energy than tall people. The reason is that to overcome the same distance young people have to make more steps because of the short legs.

The people of the big growth step is much wider, so spending energy on movement is considerably less. It turns out that for tall people the usual trips to the store and work will not suffice to reduce weight, because of calories expended less, even with the more power consumption to maintain more body weight. That is, tall people need to purposefully take a walk for weight reduction.

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Factors influencing burning calories when walking

It is no secret that if you walk the same distance over rough terrain and smooth asphalt, then calorie consumption will be different. The energy expenditure during walking is influenced by the following factors:

  • The time walk.
  • The width of the steps.
  • The speed of movement.
  • The terrain on the course.
  • The temperature of the environment.
  • The height above sea level.

Ideally, for any person, it is sufficient to place a couple of kilometers a day in sporty style over rough terrain, to feel in great shape. Time to make a trip out just a little, it does not tire, strengthens muscular frame, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. This walk burns enough calories to reduce body fat.

How many calories is consumed during walking?

For understanding how much energy would be burned in walking 1 km, you need to consider your own weight and your average speed. For example, the average person in height and weight during normal walking at the distance of 1 km with the speed of 2-4 km per hour, will spend about 200 calories. The same man while walking at speeds of 5 miles per hour will burn at least 300 calories. And if you combine different styles and techniques of the walk, the power consumption during driving can be increased even more.

To increase the burning of energy is very useful to walk on rough terrain. Even a normal staircase in the cities and the hills can be a good way to increase the intensity of loads. They will better develop the muscles. It is very important to monitor the heart rate. Excess stress can negatively affect health.

Rules that consume calories when walking

If the purpose of the walk – getting rid of excess weight, for maximum results, you need to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Duration of walk. It should not be less than one hour. The fact that in the first 30 minutes is the expenditure of carbohydrate reserves in the muscles. Only then the body is taken for fat.
  2. Food. It should be balanced. The ideal caloric daily diet should have a deficit. In this case, you will burn more energy. In addition, an hour before the walk you can not eat anything. Also, you cannot eat immediately after returning from a walk.
  3. The rejection of bad habits. Smoking and drinking alcohol slow down metabolism. That is, people with bad habits when walking, can not effectively burn calories.
  4. Distance walk. In day it is recommended to undergo at least seven kilometers. The walk should be regular. So need to go in any weather. The exception is storm warning.
  5. Time walks. To walk better in the morning before Breakfast. The body for the night will spend the reserves of carbohydrates, therefore the efficiency of the loads in terms of fat burning will be much higher. But if your diet will have a small deficit of calories, the extra pounds will fly very quickly.
  6. Correct breathing. It is the Foundation of endurance. During the walk you need to inhale nose and exhale mouth.
  7. Sufficient drink. While walking, especially at high traffic levels, the body will quickly lose water. Losses need to be promptly addressed. Therefore, you should carry a bottle of water.
  8. Choosing the right shoes. For walking it is best to buy special running shoes. They will provide adequate comfort of movement and will not restrict access of air to the soles.
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How much you need to walk a novice?

An inexperienced person should not immediately take up walking long distances at a fast pace. Use it will bring. It would be correct to start with hour walks at a leisurely pace. You will need a couple of times within the hour to accelerate for 5-10 minutes. Such acceleration will not allow you to tire yourself, but it is a good training load for the body. Gradually, people will come to the hour walks at a moderate pace.

Increased calorie consumption when walking

The human body very quickly adapts to different loads. The walk is no exception. At some point the quantity of burned calories while walking is reduced. How to get out of this situation? There are several ways to deal with the problem.

The first and the easiest increasing rate of movement.

The second method is adding weight. You can buy special weights for arms and legs. However, you need to remember that they can cause injury.

The third way – start walking with sticks. This so-called Nordic walking. The sticks allow you to use more muscles while you walk and increase the energy consumption during the movement of almost 50%.

Able others to start walking the stairs. This will increase consumption by 45-50 calories per hour. For classes, you can use any flight of stairs. Most importantly, not to take immediately after a heavy load. You should start with walking for about 10-15 minutes and gradually increase the class time to 30 minutes. If the muscles during the movement, the stairs start to hurt, take a little break.

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In conclusion, I would recommend to find a walking partner. In this case, the probability that you get tired of practicing, will be minimized.