How to lose weight: how long after eating can exercise, recommendations

People who have active lifestyles or regularly visit the gym, you have to pay more attention to everything they do. Especially important is the question of when after eating you can exercise. After receiving a boost of energy pumping of the muscles it is equally important that these exercises did not cause harm.

During exercise the heart, joints and blood vessels are subjected to increased load, therefore every aspiring athlete should know how to eat right, so that he could soon achieve the desired results. Therefore, the quality of food should be given special attention.

How many hours before workout can you eat?

If you are planning soon to exercise or have already switched to the new mode of activity, then you should know to start training it is possible not earlier than through 1,5–2 hours after a meal. And in this case refers to the complete and balanced nutrition, which provides the necessary for the body the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and moderate amount of fats.

If you follow the advice of doctors, it is desirable to subjecting your body to stress, not strength. Otherwise it may cause deterioration and affect the quality of training. Besides, if your muscles will not get the necessary nutrients, then they will not have energy for full recovery.

Keep in mind that for a few minutes before a workout are allowed to eat some carbohydrates. This is especially true for those athletes who have during exercise there is a slight dizziness. Also this recommendation should be followed and those who used to eat often in small portions.

How long after eating you can train for different sports?

Presented in this article in relation to the time after which you can after eating to start training are pretty General, but because for each individual sport they can vary.

  • you need to consider the quality and quantity of food eaten. For example, if you had a heavy lunch consisting of greasy or heavy food, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen will occur in approximately three hours. Therefore, during this time, you should refrain from active exercise after a meal. But you can offer another variant – to go on a proper diet;
  • if you have every day scheduled yoga or you’re on a diet and follow the principle of «never eat more food than an hour you would be free to exercise», then after one hour you can begin classes. However, such a diet stick to a very few athletes. Therefore, in order to avoid negative consequences it is necessary to follow the following rule: the more intense the load you expect, the sooner you should have the last meal before training. If you are fond of chess, we can already after 10 minutes after a meal to get to him. For other sports may take 2-3 hours or more;
  • if you engage in specific sports, where you have to endure the blows in the stomach or do you have to do the exercises from complex yoga, breathing exercises or meditation, you will have to increase the time to the nearest training.
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It is widely believed that to begin breathing exercises, meditation and various «zeros» preferably at least 3 hours after a meal and no less than 2 days after last intake of alcoholic beverages. Because of this, these exercises are often scheduled in the morning when waking up to a meal. This is a perfect time to engage in such practices since their last meal is the maximum number of hours.

How many hours after the workout is?

Not so easy to answer the question, how many hours of workout you can eat. After all, fans of powerlifting, or bodybuilding, and people who perform a complex of special exercises to create a stylish and textured body after every workout to eat protein.

Because of the variety of options you can choose for themselves the most suitable. However, many athletes prefer protein shakes because of their simplicity and good taste. Regularly providing your body with protein, you will give him a power that will be consumed on muscle recovery and increase muscle mass.

How long to eat after workout if lose weight?

Those who follow a special diet in order to lose weight, as well as people interested in fitness, Jogging, dancing or for those who visit a gym, should be after the training to refrain from eating for at least 1-1. 5 hours. The fact that after a heavy workout the fat burning process continues after the workout. Therefore, if you decide after exercise, immediately eat, then the body will send their forces to the burning of this fuel, not fat.

  1. those who follow the diet, and also holds fractional food intake, you are allowed to eat a small amount of protein;
  2. people who do not aim to lose weight and enjoy active sports like football, hockey, volleyball and other permitted after half an hour to make a full meal for energy recovery after intense exercises;
  3. do not eat immediately after exercise. You must give your body time to recover. You also need to monitor the amount of food eaten, because overeating is not good for the body.
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General tips for eating before and after exercise

Food greatly influences the effectiveness of training, therefore, to underestimate this factor is not necessary.

  • Thinking through what period of time you can eat after a workout, you primarily need to figure out what you goals;
  • Constantly monitor your condition: if you feel that you do not have enough available forces for training, then abandon a light snack before training is not necessary. However, you should not eat heavy food in large quantities. It is possible to have only one bar or any fruit;
  • Refrain from exercise if you just ate tightly;
  • Do not abandon the consumption of protein, regardless of what goal you want to achieve — to lose weight or maintain strength after exercise. In fact, protein is nothing but pure protein, which is required by the body for building muscle;
  • For effective weight loss, you must consider the number of calories burned during physical activity should always be greater than consumption. If you regularly after workouts is good eating, you are only wasting your time. In any case, the advantage is not in your favor.
  • Well help restore power during exercise specialty drinks — isotonic. They can be replaced and cooked their own natural energy drink. To do this, take two spoons of black tea and pour the hot boiling water, put in some time for the infusion, and then this mixture is poured into a tank with a volume of half a liter. The rest of the bottle fill with cold boiled water and add 20 drops of ascorbic acid. Thereafter, the mixture was thoroughly shaken, hermetically sealed and put into the fridge to Drink this drink in small SIPS during class.
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Keep yourself in good shape is not so easy, after all, people have to make great sacrifices. But in addition to the various restrictions you need to know what time is best to eat. This is especially important if a person has very often to train. To give an unequivocal recommendation is not possible, because each case is individual. Because people can sit on diets or to engage in certain kinds of activities without a special purpose.

In addition, you need to take into account the quantity and quality of food eaten before exercise. However, if you are engaged in active sports, then you should at least last time is 3-4 hours. You must also refrain for some time from a meal after a workout, otherwise your efforts will be wasted and the body will not burn stored fat, and food that will have to go.