How to lose weight in a month at home: programs and options weight loss

Are you unhappy with your figure, and the reason for this dissatisfaction are fat? This is not a problem, so as to reduce the size of your body can be quite quickly and without damage to health. In this article we will talk about weight loss program for a month at home, as well as about the ways of extreme weight loss.

Weight loss program for a month

Create a plan

As expected, the program is a comprehensive weight loss cannot consist only of a banal diet. Should be involved in this process and exercise that will promote not only muscle growth but also can help to avoid typical for any weight loss, depression. To exercise first for half an hour, after gradually bringing the time of training to one hour.

Weight loss plan:

  • You need to determine your optimal weight and calculate how many you unnecessary pounds.
  • You must calculate the daily number of calories which will meet your needs in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, taking into account the level of your activity.
  • Choose a diet for a month.
  • Select a exercise program.

So, plan for weight loss in a month is composed, it remains only to paint everything.

A change of diet

First, we consider how to lose weight in a month without exercise. To throw off the unnecessary weight by using a special diet. But keep in mind that people with a large amount of weight, will begin to lose weight more active than the relatively «lean».

First you need to remove from your menu sugar and salt, so as to shape two «white death». Since you decided to remove body fat, the negative effects of additives need to be removed. Not impossible to completely eliminate salt and sugar? In this case, lower using them twice is a great beginning to a perfect figure. Learn to drink coffee or tea with half spoon sugar, and 1 of the two dishes is just not salt.

Here are the basic rules of the program quick weight loss this month:

  • Eat daily at least 5 times: 3 full meals and several snacks. And don’t worry about the fat accumulation. The greater the number of times a day will you feed yourself, the better for you. If the body will get used all the time to get food, he will become intensified to waste calories, and not accumulate fat.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. This does not mean that you need to revel so much in the stomach «squished». Enough every day to drink a certain rate – about 2 liters. And water are juices and drinks. Yes, they are also liquid, but for your body they are something in the form of «liquid food.» By the way, if you are too much hungry, you can also drink water that will fill the stomach, thereby blunting the sensation of hunger.
  • You can’t eat at night. The last intake of food should be 2 hours before bedtime. So, if you get to sleep at 21:00, dinner should be before 19:00. And remember the rule «do Not eat after 18:00». We do not argue that it is effective and it was invented long ago, but at that time people generally woke up with the first roosters and at 8 PM went to bed. Now most of us back home at 7-8 in the evening. Do not eat after work – it’s suicide, not weight loss.
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A menu for the month

Next, consider the diet weight loss programs this month:

  • Breakfast should consist of carbohydrate foods: bread, various porridges and salads from vegetables. Vegetables can be consumed raw or steamed. Instead of vegetables you can drink a Cup of yogurt.
  • Lunch: soup and a vegetable or fruit salad.
  • Dinner: boiled eggs, fish or lean meat, raw vegetables.
  • Snacks: any fruit, except bananas.

As shown, the most common problem quick weight loss for the month is that of men because no man will stand this diet! Secret weight loss programs for men simple, the menu need to add more meat, you can eat all 3 main meals. But do not forget that meat products in the dish you want to add in 2 times less than the kefir or a vegetable. By «meat» you have to understand: lean slices of Turkey, beef, breast of chicken and low-fat sea fish.

Add physical activity

Next, consider a program how to lose weight in a month without any limitations in food. This can help exercise.

First you need to warm up the body. Fits brisk walking or Jogging (to warm up the buttocks and legs) and turns the housing in different directions (warming up the upper body). You can perform a number of swings with his hands. When you start to feel a slight burning sensation, then rest assured that you are well warmed up and you can start training.

Basic exercises for weight loss

The stomach can be removed only by using the correct swing muscles. For lower press belly perfect leg lifts in the supine position. Lift your legs and hold as long as possible. Perform several sets of 6-7 times. For the upper press muscles: the lifts are done from a lying position on the back, and your knees should be bent. Do not experiment with aligned feet, so you are unlikely to be able to do the lift using the abdominal muscles. Most likely, it will start jerking with the longitudinal dorsal muscles. After a long effort, you will quickly get problems with the spine.

To reduce the volume of the hands are best suited push-UPS. If you find it hard to do push-UPS from socks, take a position, the emphasis lying on the knees. Incidentally, women are better off just doing push-UPS from knees! This is the only way to lose weight fast in a month without damage to health and at the same time to reduce the amount of hands and keep breast size. If you do not do exercises for chest muscles, it will gradually begin to «droop».

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For best foot lunges and squats. In this case, the back must be smooth. For effective weight loss enough to do 3 sets of 15 times.

The above exercises can help to lose weight fast in a month without any limitations in food. But subject to proper diet, effectiveness will increase significantly. Because, it is better to throw off those extra pounds in 15 days and the remaining days only to consolidate the effect, rather than go to this for a month, and after another to spend time to consolidate.

How to lose weight in a month?

I think most of us know that to achieve the desired effect, you have two options: exercise and good nutrition. Why have a strong opinion that both of these elements of the struggle for a beautiful figure, it is imperative to combine, it really is so important? The answer to this question is very simple if you know the principle, which is the weight loss.

In the program, how to lose weight fast in a month, as described above, both options are radically different:

  • If you are doing compound exercises or exercises that require the body to expend calories. If you at the same time eat as before, without raising portions for performing physical activities, you will be able to burn more fat. The only way your body can get the required energy to it.
  • During the diet you will receive the necessary calories for the body. This does not mean that you will need to pester or torment your body. Simply changing a menu to which you were able to get used to, a protein or a vegetable, you automatically reduce the consumption of calories. For ordinary life your body will need to find energy sources, the quest will be short: a lot of energy in the fat folds and stratum. That is, the body will find the nourishment in the fat.

If you think how to lose weight fast in a month, then you can use one of the above options. However, each of them, there are some shortcomings, which we will introduce next:

  • Physical activity without dieting sometimes contribute to faster set of extra pounds. You will desire to eat Gorazde stronger than before the introduction of the sports exercise in your life. If you don’t start to control your diet and increase the amount of food intake, the muscles nakachatsya, and the layer of fat will remain. The body will be more fat.
  • Diet without exercise may lead to retraction of the skin. Just to update and restore your skin need to enrich the tissues with oxygen. During active physical activities oxygen enrichment activity occurs in all layers of the epidermis. During training the skin becomes more plastic and over time «drawn».
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Thus, if you don’t know how to lose weight fast in a month at home, the best option would be the Association of physical activity and diet. Low-calorie menu will not allow drinking unnecessary calories and exercise can help partially to burn fat. In addition, your skin starts to get involved, in the end, your forms, in fact, will beautifully transform.

Psychological mood

Often it is possible to see questions like: how fast can I lose weight in a month girl or guy. What is the evidence? Right: low self esteem. Fat people rarely are confidence in their abilities and in themselves. Because usually they try to find answers to their questions in the Newspapers or on the Internet, here happen the search for understanding and support. Alas, not many people find the strength to begin the difficult path to attaining a perfect figure. And when the first difficulties most of them give up, but without achieving any results.

When you doubt in the efficiency and effectiveness of the chosen method, we recommend you to pay attention not on the mirror or the scales, but on their own closet. Pick up the thing on one size smaller than you need and make it a fitting once a week. If at first she starts to come apart at the seams after a few weeks you will be able to feel comfortable. Listen to your feelings and not look at the numbers.

To lose weight gradually and correctly without damaging your body, making your personal burning excess pounds is quite difficult, but it is possible. A most important result is the improvement of the whole body, beautiful shape and stable weight.