How to lose weight in the face so quickly appeared cheekbones and cheeks have fallen

Chubby cheeks teen age delight by no means all – many women want to make their face thinner, and this problem often does not depend on the weight, full cheeks, and double chin can be lush women’s, and slim. There are several reasons. First and foremost, it is a genetic factor, but do not forget that the person most quickly affected by all the bad habits, stresses, poor ecology, lack of sleep, etc.

But if the defect shapes can be hidden under clothing, with a face that will not go – it is always in sight. Therefore, only noticing that his cheeks were rounded, the cheekbones become less prominent, virtually every woman wants as soon as possible to regain a clear oval.

But do not despair – you can lose weight. It is possible to make cheeks less chubby, cheekbones more pronounced, get rid of double chin. Just remember that this is serious work that requires constant attention, and, unfortunately, a quick victory should not wait – this part of the body so quickly does not give up because of their physiology. But if you’re willing to fight for a lean and well-rounded person and willing to devote enough time and effort – the results will surprise and please you.

The main causes of the full face

In addition to genetic causes and the influence of external negative factors, the full face becomes so as a result of:

  • excess weight
  • aging
  • edema.

As for the extra weight, everything is simple and clear – as subcutaneous fat accumulates all over the body and face, he has a tendency to form on the cheeks, the cheekbones, the chin and neck, sometimes in the first place, while the rest of the body remains fairly slim. Subcutaneous fat on the face can drastically change your appearance.

During aging also involves the deformation of the face associated with age-related weakening of facial muscles and loss of skin elasticity. The most susceptible age puffiness smokers, having poor health or suffering from hormonal diseases.

Another reason for the swelling that appears as a result of violations of the mode of the day, chronic lack of sleep, lack of fresh air. The abuse of alcohol, simple carbohydrates, salty food also provoke swelling. In addition, they are those with dysfunction of the thyroid gland and excretory systems. In this case, most often, weight loss is easier and faster – with the participation of the physician in the normalization processes in the body.

If you want to know how to lose weight in the face, cheekbones and fallen cheeks, it is necessary to exclude all factors that contribute to the accumulation of fat in this area.

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Diet to reduce fat on the face

When a woman is generally happy with her figure, but her mind full face, she could have a natural question: is it possible to lose weight in the face so to say, not affected breast or other part of the body? Alas, it is physiologically impossible: it is impossible to spot lose weight, losing weight entire body. However, in this case, the weight loss will be primarily seen on the face. Therefore, if the cause of your chubby cheeks – weight, first you need to lose weight in General, and result in more clear and elegant cheekbones sunken cheeks will not be slow in coming.

The first step is to exclude edema. May seem paradoxical, the fact that are prone to swelling people should consume at least two liters of fluid a day (we are talking about pure water, but you can also drink green tea). The fact that the need to exclude products for the fluid retained in the body. These are products with a high content of salt, alcoholic beverages and coffee (more soluble). Just reducing salt intake, you will quickly notice that your face has become clearer and his cheeks visibly fell.

The second step is to decide whether you want to lose weight in General or you are confused only by the fullness of the face. If you have excess weight, it is enough to reset it, and with it very quickly leaves the excess fat from the cheeks, neck and chin. Reviewing food from the point of view of swelling, revise it, and from the point of view of the appearance of excess weight.

The Soviets, of course, familiar: to reduce the consumption of fatty, starchy, sweet in the morning and not in the second, to refrain from fried foods in favor of boiled, steam or baked in the oven. Eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grain products. In the evening the diet include light protein food like cottage cheese. Do not eat after 19 hours.

If your weight does not bother you, but a lot excess fat, the diet should be based on vegetable dishes and fruits, which normalize metabolic processes. From sugar, nuts, and foods with bad carbohydrates you need to give up entirely – they provoke the accumulation of fat in the face.

Massage and mask

In addition to General weight loss, reduce fat on the face help of a special procedure that can be done at the beautician. This:

  • lifting massage
  • mesotherapy,
  • miostructural massage,
  • the chemical peeling.
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These procedures help the facial muscles to stay in shape, therefore, the cheeks will stay toned. Specialist at the salon will help you choose the way through which a person will quickly gain a clear outline, tighten in the neck, cheeks will become more pronounced.

At home you can also achieve this result by making regular:

  • massage,
  • mask.

If you want to massage yourself, to help you come to a small towel dampened with cold water or broth of herbs. For the broth, suitable chamomile, sage, yarrow – a tablespoon of dried herb in half Cup of boiling water, infused for 20 minutes. The towel should be stretched at the ends and 15 minutes, Pat the face chin and bottom cheeks. As a result of reduced puffiness, skin elasticity increase, blood circulation in the tissue improves.

You can substitute a strong herbal infusion in a saline solution (a tablespoon of sea or iodized salt per liter of water, not more, otherwise you can damage the skin, especially dry). After a self-massage on the face to apply the cream. This procedure is quick and helps with the second chin, but also useful for General weight loss preventing saggy skin during weight loss.

Self-massage can be alternated with the masks. Of the masks for the home environment is well proven white and blue clay, which without problems can be bought in any cosmetic store. Clay diluted with water, add the egg yolk. The mixture is applied to the face and neck and keep until dry then wash off with warm water. An important condition for the use of a mask is causing it, not worth talking to or any use of facial expressions, then the effect will be obtained rather quickly.

Exercises for face

One of the best ways to lose weight fast in the face – specific exercises. A lot of them, we can only choose those that you understand and comfortable to carry. There are exercises that you can perform at any moment, when no one sees you, they won’t even cause you to be distracted from other things or to change position.

  1. Clamped between his teeth with a pencil a few minutes to draw in the air the letters and numbers.
  2. Rolled-up lips to say «o-a-e-u-I-u-I-and-e-y» and back.
  3. Clench your teeth and try to pull the lower lip down.

Good results are exercises in resistance. You can rest an elbow on the table and his fist under his chin and tilt your face, resisting the fist, or alternately rotate the head left and right, trying to touch the chin to the shoulder and both hand not allowing to do so. A great exercise that gives a great effect under the condition of regular exercise is to tip the head back (sitting or standing) to sense tension of the cervical muscles, then with force to open and close the lower jaw until you get tired.

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With exercise, you can achieve a sunken appearance of the cheeks, pronounced cheekbones, toned facial contour.

Camouflage full face

Diet, treatments and exercise will not give instant result, but weight loss, you can use the techniques through which your face will visually appear thinner than it actually is.

  1. Correction with makeup. Currently, there is a whole Arsenal of decorative means, which with some skill the facial features become more prominent, sharper.
  2. When lips face overall seems less than it is. This does not mean that you need to turn to surgical and similar means of lip augmentation, it is enough to make them bigger with the help of cosmetic pencils and lipsticks.
  3. Thinner seem to the face, which is framed by straight strands. But bangs are best avoided – they make the face wider.

And, of course, do not forget that each person individually and its structure may be such that you simply will not achieve exactly the contour of these cheeks you want to. Perhaps you are located to them genetically, and it’s worth considering. However, the diet, exercise and other methods will help to keep the facial muscles toned, maintain the sharpness of contours, and therefore, increase your attractiveness for many years.