How to lose weight with Orsoten slim: instructions for use, side effects, reviews of doctors the price

Orsoten slim is a tool which makes it possible to reduce the absorption of fat that occurs in the digestive gastrointestinal tract. Like every other drug of a similar type, Orsoten slim is considerable interest. In different sources it has lots of positive reviews. So it makes sense to get acquainted with the information specified in the instructions for use of this drug.

The drug Orsoten slim: user manual and description

As indicated in the instructions for use contained in the product Orsoten slim is a substance called orlistat. This substance specifically inhibits gastric and pancreatic lipase, breaks down fats that enter along with food.

The use of orlistat prevents the breakdown of triglycerides food, as a result, they are not absorbed in the gut and just go with the feces. By decreasing the absorption of fats and reduced calorie foods, and as a result there is a decrease in body mass.

The instructions also indicated that the therapeutic effects described can occur without systemic absorption of orlistat. Approximately 95% of the dose means out of the body naturally almost unchanged. The orlistat occurs within one week.

Along with a decrease in body weight means Orsoten slim gives you the opportunity to a certain extent to reduce the overall level of harmful cholesterol, and cholesterol of lipoproteins of a lower level. The effects of the drug starts within the next few days after using it.

When assigned Orsoten slim?

Tool Orsoten slim is appointed simultaneously with hypocaloric diet for the treatment of people with excessive body mass (i.e. people who have a body mass index more than 29 kg/m2) and obese (people who have a body mass index of 31 kg/m2).

How to take Orsoten slim?

This drug is administered orally by the way. The tool is made in capsules, to be taken either directly when eating, or after. In the latter case, make the remedy must be for one hour immediately after a meal.

To reduce the likelihood of any unwanted effects and to achieve improved therapeutic effect when using the drug, you also need to follow a diet that is lower in fat (no more than 35%).

Food which is eaten within one day, preferably spread evenly over the 3 doses.

The specific duration of use of the drug, and established doses are prescribed only by a physician. This files most often is assigned to one tablet Orsoten slim while eating three times a day. It is not allowed to take the pill if the diet lacks fats, or skipped a meal.

Given the above dosage, the highest dose described the drug is 3 tablets daily. Very often, people tend to increase the effect of this drug, but the administration of large doses does not create this effect, this greatly increases the likelihood of negative consequences.

What about the duration of the course, it is not more than six months. In addition, the use Orsoten slim, you need to stop if there is a decrease in body weight in a person less than 6% (if we take the ratio to the original weight, before using the product) within 3 months after the start of the reception means.

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Side effect

During the use of the drug Orsoten slim may encounter some negative effects that are attributed to the active component means – orlistat. In particular, there may be side effects.

Some disorders that affect the digestive digestive tract:

  • flatulence;
  • the pain in the epigastric or abdominal region;
  • steatorrhea;
  • the formation of the secretions of the fat from the rectum;
  • the discomfort in the rectal area;
  • frequent bowel movement;
  • the presence of an imperative urge to defecate;
  • diarrhea;
  • fecal incontinence.

In rare cases possible:

  • the occurrence of hepatitis;
  • the increased activity of the liver cells;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cholelithiasis.

As allergies may experience the following phenomena:

  • angioedema;
  • bronchospasm;
  • urticaria;
  • anaphylactic shock.

Other side effects are:

  • high fatigue;
  • lowering the concentration of prothrombin;
  • the appearance of vertigo.

Contraindications to the use of the product Orsoten slim

Tool Orsoten slim has a number of contraindications. First and foremost, do not accept it in those cases, if you know about the hypersensitivity of the person to orlistat. You also cannot take this drug when the patient has a malabsorption syndrome of glucose-galactose and cholestasis.

In addition, precautions should be take the drug to people who suffer from diabetes are hypercholesterolemia and arterial hypertension. Also, care need and by using Orsoten slim those people who have low kidney function.

During pregnancy

This tool is not used to treat pregnant women. What about the time of lactation, the use of the drug, as indicated in the instructions, is possible only in case of interruption of breast-feeding.

Interaction with other drugs

Orlistat slim used with cyclosporine, acts on the plasma concentration of the second in the direction of decrease. Because the joint use of these drugs undesirable.

But in some cases the combination means Orlistat slim and cyclosporine inevitable: in this case the plasma concentrations necessary to control, if need be, you could make some adjustments to the dosage.

It is also necessary to monitor the prothrombin time when talking about simultaneous use of oral anticoagulants and means Orlistat slim.

There are a number of drugs, the combination of Orlistat slim that can lead to a decrease in their intestinal absorption. This is a retinol, vitamin K, ergocalciferol, tocopherol, cholecalciferol. Also not ruled out reducing the concentration of (small) amiodarone.


Overdose means Orsoten slim is the likelihood of the patient of some of the negative effects. In these cases, there is no specific antidote, since negative results are, and do not require any therapeutic treatment.

But the need for constant monitoring during the day and in the symptomatic therapy still appears when the drug was significantly greater than the allowable amount doses.

The composition of the drug. The storage conditions. Release form

As already mentioned above, the tool is made in capsules. 21 tablet is in a blister pack and sold the drug in cartons, which can be 2-4 blister packs.

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The composition of each pill is orlistat, an active ingredient and a number of additional substances.

The drug must be used within 2 years from the time of manufacture, if you have created proper conditions storage: temperature range – 16-26 oz.

Attention! Very important previous means consultation with a doctor. Again highlight that only a specialist can establish the required dosage that can be taken and the duration of the course.


The main counterparts of the money Orsoten slim are considered as xenical and Orlistat, the main active component in these weight-loss drugs. Great attention should be paid to the massive dose of active ingredient in the drug, which can be very different.

The price of the drug

What is the price Orsoten slim? The price of this drug is approximately 900 RUB. for a pack with two blisters. Thus, in a month you will need two packs whose price is 1800 RUB. Despite the fact that the drug can be used for many months, price, reviews, is quite acceptable.

Tea reviews: doctors and patients

Orsoten slim is considered an effective remedy for people wanting to lose weight, which prescription you need to take when following a special diet. Efficiency means greatly reduced subject to the usual diet with the same amount of fat. In this case, Orsoten slim will allow to keep the weight at the same level, but will not allow you to lose weight. The drug significantly affects metabolic processes, and also needs continuous monitoring of the patient’s condition during therapy.

Why a doctor should be consulted before to lose weight using Orsoten slim? The drug will help to lose weight only in the case when obesity is caused by incorrect diet, a diet with an excessive amount of fat, weak physical human activity. Obesity, which is triggered by a dysfunction of the endocrine system, the drug will not give you the opportunity to lose weight.

Patients leave reviews about this drug, as a very effective way for quick weight loss if performed correctly, conditions that prevent the emergence of side effects, and also to get the best results from the drug. To date, the tool Orsoten slim is one of the most widely used medications in the treatment of obesity.

But if your whole problem is only a few unnecessary kilograms, it is advisable to use a more gentle diet or means. Instructions for use assumes side effects of the body, which will certainly need to consider. In addition, a small amount of fat still should go together with the food consumed. And so be prepared for frequent trips to the bathroom, using these pills, you have to think about the aesthetic side of the issue. And after completion of the course orcotuna, it is advisable to adjust your eating habits, otherwise the weight quickly returns.

I have at the genetic level obesity. With the help of the drug Orsoten I very quickly lost weight and how much that people have started to use it. The older sister wanted to lose weight after childbirth, I in my personal experience and reviews recommended her Orsoten slim. She saw capsules for two months, in the end, the sister taken away by ambulance straight from work. Was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. Doctors say that all the fault of the pills. Now she has a special diet and regular trips to the doctor. Incidentally, she was not able to lose weight, but the voi side effects much impact on her health. Definitely contact your doctor before starting to use these drugs, and even better exercise!

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Lera Moscow

Overweight suffer from childhood. During this time, tried a variety of medications, endured many side effects. I used both tools for weight loss Coffee slim reviews, about which much has been written, but I can say that their impact is much different. Regular Coffee caused a violent reaction: the fat just flowed out of me, clothes were always soiled. In short, the picture is not very pleasant. But Orsoten slim any discomfort I felt. In 7 days I lost a pound that didn’t happen when using other drugs. Very pleased with the result.

Marina Samara

Very good tool, really!!! I’m a few weeks dropped 4-5 kg, however buttery the chair was not very pleasant, but that not only endured the sake of losing weight, just not diet. Used ordinary Tea, it is the dosage is more, it is a pity that the money just yet to buy, much to lose. Went recently for a manicure, where a woman said that also used it, first cut a month – no effect, and then sharply began to lose weight, now so skinny, I’m already envious.

I read the reviews, in General, there is a cumulative effect of orlistat in the intestinal lumen, and from this the result in a month. That is, if you can’t follow a diet and want to lose weight without compromising health, advise, another good drug is not know.

Natalia Kiev