How to lose weight with pills Lida: maximum usage of the drug, reviews price of slimming and diet pills

Chinese pills Lida is truly a classic in the field of drugs for weight loss. The most slimming in our country passed the course leads into their struggle to your ideal weight. To learn how the tool works in the body and does not cause the damage, it’s necessary to read the capsules, instructions for use, meet doctors and consumers.

The action in the body composition of drug Lida

Drug for weight loss meridia is a dietary Supplement that has come into our country from China. The manufacture of these tablets deals popular pharmaceutical company DALI. As they say in the reviews manufacturers, Lida is made from the natural ingredients. Natural ingredients eliminates the side effects because this treatment is completely secure and easy.

In the pills are natural substances, which influence the complex leads to a decrease in mass of a person:

  • Purple drug alfalfa is known for its fat burning qualities. It is a natural thermogenic, that is the item that you physical exercise causes our body to burn only fat, and not use carbohydrates.
  • Cellulose (gourds, sweet potato, gentian violet, Jerusalem artichoke) and vegetable fibers reduce the sense of appetite, and also increase the duration of saturation feelings after eating.
  • Fenugreek seed create for the body cleansing effect.
  • Coleus creates an impetus to the process of splitting fats in the body. Burning, fat transfer energy, which for small portions of food enables you to be constantly in good shape.
  • Kolosovidnye Poria has a mild diuretic property and positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and digestion.
  • Berries guarana is a natural source of caffeine and other active elements that affect overall health and energy.
  • Berry Cola does not allow the risk of nervous disorders, melancholy and depression.
  • Berries Golden Mandarin increase metabolism.
  • Berries Garcinia cambogia activate the body to breakdown of fat reserves, do not allow the synthesis of new fat cells, lowering their absorption to 80%.

The main impact of the pill is to accelerate metabolism and decrease the feeling of appetite. According to the manufacturer, the drug Lida in just one month creates in man a new regime meal. After the therapy losing weight consume less food, not overeat, get rid of excessive and compulsive appetite.

At the Institute of nutrition of Medical Sciences of the Russian Federation carried out a test of the Chinese product that have studied its safety, side effects and effectiveness. The result of this research was the confirmation of the properties of this weight loss products. Lida has no destructive effect on the body and does not create addiction. The volunteers of this study were noted in weight loss, lowering cholesterol and blood glucose, acceleration and normalization of fat metabolism.

Instructions for use

Before you begin treatment, you need to consult with your doctor. Manufacturers in reviews pay attention to use the means Lida must only clearly observing instruction. Increasing the daily dosage or increasing the time of treatment can cause negative changes in your body.

  1. Use 1 capsule daily with a pill with a glass of clean water.
  2. Drink pill the morning 30 minutes before Breakfast.
  3. Course duration 30 days.
  4. As the consolidation effect can continue to use the drug for another 2 months, but already one capsule every 2 days.
  5. If the start of the course you have a side effect, you feel a sudden change in your condition, reduce the dose and drink 1 capsule twice a day.
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Repeat treatment only after 6 months.

To minimize side effects, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations:

  • Reduce caloric intake, but not fast. If you eat very little food, Lida even more will weaken your body and you will feel dizziness, fatigue, weakness.
  • Every day drink at least 8 glasses of water. Capsule Lida also drink plenty of fluids. Water is needed during the treatment to allow timely removal from the body split fats and products of their decomposition.
  • In order not to lose at the same time fat and muscular mass, you want to add to your diet more protein. Every day eat protein in the form of dairy products (preferably cheese), fish, lean meat. Also, consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Completely eliminate alcohol use. Interaction means Lida with alcohol can cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, and increased appetite.

Side effects

Despite the fact that the composition of the drug are only natural ingredients, Lida can have side effects:

  • heart palpitations;
  • sensation of dryness in the mouth;
  • weakness, lethargy, deterioration in General health;
  • high blood pressure.

Manufacturers in the reviews claim that the side effects appear only if use of the drug for more than a month or to exceed the maximum dose. The consequences can appear and are hypersensitive by the body components that are part of the drug. In case of deterioration of health should contact a doctor for advice or to complete the use of funds.


Contraindications are:

  • myocardial infarction or stroke;
  • age under 18 and over 60;
  • pregnancy and nursing.

The price of the drug

Be careful when purchasing medication of Lida slimming in the online stores. These capsules are very popular because it is logical that these capsules actively forged. The original has special characters on the packaging, the presence of these markings on poor-quality drugs is impossible.

To purchase slimming capsules of Lida for the price of 1300-1600 RUB it depends on what manufacturer you choose. Pills Lida is not sold in ordinary pharmacies. You can order slimming capsules in online stores. To the price need to add the cost of delivery in Moscow it is approximately 160-350 RUB in Russia — about 350 rubles Belarus and Ukraine also have access to the drug Lida via online shopping sellers in their countries.

The reviews about the drug for weight loss Reduxine

Usually kids are forced to ask the question: «Why are you so hate? Not really healthy, but slightly overweight body for you have not the value and you are ready to lose weight, going to any lengths?»

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In fact, the problem is quite complex and is far beyond the issues of the reluctance to change or laziness. Today people are very overloaded. We have, for some reason it is not accepted to speak about the fact that even joyful and socially acceptable event in a woman’s life, like the birth of a wanted child, or, for example, career development at work is stress. It is believed that «all that live», and therefore at least strange to complain of fatigue in the decree or some sleep deprivation. And especially not to talk about normal things, like material well-being and development of the child not all the time depend on your efforts. And there are many cases where the situation turns «contrary to» rather than «thanks.»

Gain weight the woman from all sides in the reviews suggest to go on a diet, start to exercise, powers which isn’t added. But from almost every source, constantly popping up new «history of victory» with the pills and slimming capsules, and it is logical that women of today are choosing these medications.

Reviews about the old Lida is pretty creepy. Almost all writers are faced with a lack of appetite, sleep disturbance, and dry mouth. For normal people this is a painful condition. Unhealthy vitality on drugs, kind of compensates for this, but when it comes to addiction, the problems come with even greater force.

If you do the analysis, it suggests a fairly sad conclusion. Nothing in life is people who ordered and prescribed a course of treatment does not change. Over time the weight returned again, appetite is out of control, and again, you need to lose weight with capsules Lida. The human brain is arranged in such a way that the memory retains, as a rule, the effect, not the feeling that while this effect was experienced. And even a painful condition and high blood pressure people, for whatever reason, tend to write off drugs.

By and large, the result of the cancellation not all of the time is caused by chemical composition of a particular drug. People usually replace the drink of capsules a diet and simply eat nothing, however, rejoicing in the fact that the drug has an effect. The body often «responds» unhealthy increase in appetite. Most of the authors in the reviews saying that after weight loss with Lida appeared strange «pull» to food.

Doctors reviews on the Lida slimming, in General, negative. Doctors tend not to advise anything that has a strange dose of active components is not necessary drug for the treatment, without which it is impossible to do. And problems reduction of body weight, more established methods of treatment considered, nevertheless, increase in level of physical activity and diet, not tablets.

On personal experience tested medication of Lida, but was not fully treatment. Used them only a week. Lost weight not much since I took them for a short time. Probably due to the fact that the capsules of Lida is the component that dulls the feeling of hunger, mood greatly jumped, had some good, some bad. Often appeared sleepy, very thirsty. I do not believe that the drug positively affects the body, although the reviews indicated that the capsules, only natural ingredients. I recommend sports and healthy food! It will transform your soul and body, as well as retain health!

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Marina Moscow

Did not like. Just throw money and ended up being able to lose weight maximum per month on 5 kg for the second month – 3 lbs. After two months of use, worsened health, and even the flu crippled. Went to the doctor he told me everything about this Lede (as a result put his liver and added 12 kg, after the rejection of the use of tablets). Therefore, I recommend to have a daily calorie calculator and count what I eat, plus, of course, sports. Lida – it’s just a cross for your health!

Lera Samara

Used the Lido after the birth of her daughter, today is not such a part as they were before, there is good and quick results, believe me. Began to notice, not immediately, of course, a strong heat on the body, I sweat. When I did my chest x-rays, was sent to topography, where it was determined the foci of tuberculosis. Now, prescribed treatment, daily for 15 tablets, not counting the pills to maintain the liver, vitamins, plus 2 injections. Hair began to break down and lost because of this diagnosis. I have two children, who were placed on the account with my husband and with me, who knows what will happen next. Therefore, do not drink this stuff, follow a better diet, a bunch of them today, take care of yourself and your children!

Vika Kiev