How to make a menu for diet for pancreatitis and gastritis: diet for a week and permissible products

Often such diseases as gastritis and pancreatitis come to us right along. They appear due to irregular and poor nutrition, stress, bad habits. It all irritates the mucous membranes of the stomach and pancreas. When one body begins to surrender, the second follows it, so the person gets two diseases immediately.

Treatment and prevention of these diseases is proper diet and carefully chosen menu every day and for the week ahead. Today we’ll show you how to eat with pancreatitis and gastritis and also how will be the menu for this diet for a week.

Features of pancreatitis and gastritis

In our body all the organs working in sync and interlinked. This is especially evident on the example of the digestive system. Our pancreas is located just behind the stomach and problems with it have a negative impact on the gastric mucosa, causing inflammation. Further, disturbed acid-alkaline balance, and have problems with digestion in the form of pancreatitis and gastritis.

Characteristic features of these diseases are spasmodic pain. When pancreatitis pain are observed, as in case of cholecystitis. The first step on the path to treatment is following a special diet in these diseases.

Why you need to follow a diet for gastritis and pancreatitis?

After gastritis inflammation of the stomach lining can cause stomach ulcers. Therefore it is very important when it pancreatitis diet and to exclude from the menu the following:

  • very hot and very cold dishes;
  • salty and spicy foods;
  • fermentation products;
  • acidic meals.

When preparing your menu for the week or for a day at the diseases need to form it on the basis of those products do not stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, including those can be spirits as well as tea and coffee. Products should be well absorbed and not create additional stress for the walls of your stomach.

And with pancreatitis and gastritis need to use only ones that spares your stomach from the chemical point of view. Also note that there is a gastritis with high and low acidity in which the diet will be slightly different. With pancreatitis need to follow a diet with a high content of protein products and a minimum of sweets and fats.

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What can products with pancreatitis and gastritis, and which cannot?

In these diseases on the digestive flora is positively influenced by such products:

  • fruit and berry drinks;
  • soups and broths without fat;
  • vegetables;
  • boiled vegetables except cabbage;
  • lean boiled fish;
  • beef for a couple (prohibited with acute gastritis and pancreatitis);
  • boiled chicken;
  • dairy products, which envelop the stomach wall and prevents irritation.

If to speak about a prohibited products in these diseases, here is a small list of them when dieting:

  • alcohol;
  • pickled, sour and salty foods;
  • grilled and smoked;
  • spicy with lots of spices;
  • candy, coffee, chocolate, ice cream;
  • oily fish;
  • acidic fruits and berries, juices;
  • black bread and fresh pastries.

If you for pancreatitis and gastritis eliminate these meals from your menu, the normal functions of the pancreas and stomach will recover much sooner.

Recommendations on diet in diseases

In the acute exacerbation of pancreatitis and gastritis the diet should be portioned, and the food — uniform. Eat small meals 6 times a day, while adhering to the same periods in between meals. Chew it slowly and well.

If you follow a diet during the week and over a longer period, «break» and afford something forbidden can be very easy, especially if you are on the mend. But can not do so, otherwise you will slow the healing process of the mucous of the stomach and pancreas.

When you diet during gastritis and pancreatitis it is important to observe these simple rules:

  • do not overeat, so as not to stretch the walls of the stomach and prevent ulcers, inflammation, congestion or heartburn;
  • eat often and regularly.

Acute exacerbations need to eat 6 times a day, and a week – at least 4 times. Compose your menu in such a way that the intervals between meals 3-4 hours.

Sample menu for a week

Gastritis and sometimes when connected pancreatitis menu for the week might look something like this.

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  • eat two boiled eggs, rice porridge on water and weak tea for Breakfast;
  • drink the jelly or whole milk for lunch;
  • lunch soup of vegetables, a casserole of potatoes, fish soufflé and stewed fruit;
  • in the afternoon of pumpkin juice and wheat crackers;
  • for dinner mashed potatoes with boiled fish and broth hips;
  • at night eat a loaf of bread, wash down with milk.


  • steam scrambled eggs or pancakes, tea for Breakfast;
  • for lunch, milk and baked Apple;
  • for lunch boiled chicken, barley and milk soup and jelly made from fruits;
  • afternoon tea includes nesdobnoe a loaf of bread, dry biscuits and jelly;
  • dinner rice porridge, fish and milk pudding;
  • tea before bedtime.


  • in the morning, scrambled eggs, buckwheat with milk, tea with milk;
  • second Breakfast – milk and baked Apple;
  • for lunch fish broth, boiled beef with potatoes and jelly with fruit;
  • in the afternoon cakes with broth hips;
  • for dinner, croquettes of fish, buckwheat on the water and jelly;
  • before going to bed yogurt.


  • Breakfast includes oatmeal, soft-boiled egg, tea with cream;
  • the second consists of a jelly;
  • for lunch soup with cream, pudding, steam cutlets of chicken and compote;
  • in the afternoon biscuit and a decoction of currant;
  • dinner boiled fish with pasta and infusion of rose hips;
  • yogurt before bed.


  • Breakfast includes scrambled eggs steam, porridge and tea;
  • lunch is pudding and baked Apple;
  • for lunch boiled beef with mashed potato, pumpkin soup and tea;
  • the afternoon tea jelly with biscuits;
  • for dinner fish souffle with carrot puree and jelly;
  • bun with milk at night.


  • in the morning, eat a soft-boiled egg with rice porridge, biscuits and tea;
  • on the second Breakfast – jelly;
  • lunch milk soup, chops chicken with carrot puree and fruit juice;
  • for dinner pasta with boiled fish and jelly;
  • yogurt before bed.


  • for Breakfast – scrambled eggs with oatmeal, tea;
  • on the second cake with jam and jelly;
  • for lunch – soup, fruit, pasta with boiled beef and tea;
  • dinner meatloaf with rice and milk;
  • at night yogurt.
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Time dieting

The above menu is a sample, more specifically it should be based on the recommendations of the doctor. Also the doctor will guide you how many days or weeks for gastritis and pancreatitis need to follow a diet. As a rule, the duration of the right diet depends on how quickly will stop all the symptoms and signs of disease.

If you have persistent problems with impaired digestive tract, it is best on a regular basis to observe the rules of proper nutrition. Otherwise, you can purchase pancreatitis in an acute form.

It is preferable to eat according to the schedule, do not skip techniques. The daily dose should be within such limits:

  • protein – 120 grams;
  • fats – 90 g;
  • carbohydrates – 350 g;
  • calories – 3 thousand calories.

If you want to be healthy and not have problems with GIT, choose the right products and cook them in a gentle way, bake or boil. Avoid drinking alcohol even in small doses. Then, gastritis and pancreatitis are not afraid of you.