How to quickly and effectively lose weight at home: principles of nutrition menu for weight loss 20 kg

Throughout the life of every woman cares about her figure. Unfortunately, few have perfect forms, so the majority wants to lose weight in the short term at least 20 lbs. If for beginners in weight loss to say that weight can be removed for 20 days, they say that this is impossible. However, any problem can be solved if to follow a special diet. The main thing — strongly want this and do my best.

To make it easier to endure hardships, you can spur various stimuli, such as the opportunity to move in a new dress or to show off at the beach, show off to friends. If you have one of these stimuli, then you probably can find enough strength to force myself to lose 20 pounds in a month.

Just exactly follow the diet and recommendations, and then after the first week you will lose about 6 pounds. However, the greatest joy you will experience when the end of the diet will see what results they have achieved.

What can prevent to lose 20 kg?

Frequent snacking throughout the day. Surely each of us has the habit of snack sandwiches and a Cup of tea or coffee at home and at work. However, few people think at this point, how to increase our weight, when we consume sweet bun or a slice of cake. So, if you care to get rid of 20 kilos in a month then you should forget about such snacks. It is also recommended to have a home inspection and «dispose» all the chips, crackers, sweet biscuits and scones. It is best to replace these products with fresh fruits or dried fruits.

Excess or lack of sleep. If you sleep too much or not enough, in any case, it will affect your health. This is confirmed not so long ago of the study: it was found that women who had themselves lost a few hours of sleep had higher odds (20%) to find themselves overweight and obese.

But if you have any strong desire to get rid of extra pounds in a month, then you need to rethink your Outlook on mode and sleep as much as is necessary for good health. Experts have confirmed the facts that during sleep the body releases a special hormone, melanin stimulating the breakdown of fats. However, we should mention one important point: try to refrain from snacking before bedtime, or in the evening, the body will not expend energy on the breakdown of fats and digestion of food.

The basic rules of the diet

Those who decided to lose 20 pounds in a month, you should first understand a number of rules must be followed:

  1. You have to change eating schedule: it’s necessary to eat every 3 hours, for example, at 9: 00, 12:00 and 15:00. Special attention should be paid to the last meal, which should be before 8 PM.
  2. Your day should begin with the fact that you should drink one glass of plain purified water, you want to add a little lemon juice and honey. This will help to run the stomach.
  3. Between the first and last meal should take at least 12 hours.
  4. To begin to lose weight faster, you should refrain from consuming milk, potatoes, coffee with cream and pasta.
  5. The rule is once a day to skip any of the meals. For example, on Monday you can opt out of Breakfast, Tuesday lunch, Wednesday dinner. This practice should be performed each day. But keep in mind that every time it always have to be different meals.
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Diet weight loss diet 20 lbs

The effect of weight loss with this diet is achieved including through specially compiled list of products which shall be the least high-calorie foods, primarily protein.

The largest share in this diet should consist of natural fruits and vegetables because they are rich in fiber, oxygen and water.

Fresh apples and fruits for weight loss

The fresh apples contains about 25% oxygen. Also they are rich in vitamins and is recommended for the diet due to the lack of fat. But to get from this fruit maximum benefit you should eat fresh apples right before the main meal. But to make them snacks at the end of lunch is a mistake.

Such a scheme of their use will speed up the metabolism and achieve satiety. The most effective use apples in conjunction with dairy products that perfectly complement each other.

For quick weight loss you can hold Apple-kefir fasting days. Their essence is that we need to abandon the foods that you should eat in day 5 apples, washed down with two liters of kefir per day.

In this case, one meal will look like the following: you need to eat 1 Apple, wait 20 minutes, and then drink half a Cup of yogurt.

  • such meals during the day must be at least 5;
  • for best effect it is recommended to arrange such fasting days no more than twice a week;
  • most suitable for this diet are green apples due to the fact that the concentration of sugar in them is less in contrast to the yellow and red apples, and the level of vitamin C and iron above.

In the framework of this diet is permitted without restrictions eat fresh vegetables:

  • radishes;
  • cauliflower;
  • kohlrabi;
  • broccoli;
  • lettuce;
  • peppers green;
  • carrots;
  • celery;
  • beets;
  • spinach.

The advantage will be that the body will have to spend on their digestion of more calories than the amount that they bring to the body.

So, if you want during the diet to lose 20 kg for the month, you should be sure to include these vegetables in your diet. They are especially useful in fiber, which has a positive effect on the stomach and has a cleansing effect on the body and remove from it the harmful toxins.

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Valuable vegetables are cucumbers, which are approximately 90% water. And they need to be consumed with the peel, which is rich in nutrients.

Broccoli is prized due to the presence in its composition of vitamins: A, B2, C, E and PP, and also calcium, iodine and iron.

During the diet for weight loss 20 kg useful to use any citrus fruit, primarily lemons, grapefruits, tangerines and oranges. Their use is to reduce insulin levels and appetite. If your table will regularly present fresh grapefruit, you can quickly adjust your figure and will gain a slim waist.


Oatmeal is one of the most popular diet products which has many useful properties: in addition to helping to cure diseases of the stomach it has a preventive effect. Thanks to this product you can quickly get rid of excess weight. However, to bring the maximum benefit, it is necessary to prepare correctly. So here’s a tip: boil the water, adding no salt, no sugar. Restrictions on its use during diet no.

Dairy products

A great help in achieving this goal during the diet you can bring dairy products with low fat content. First of all such qualities have cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and yogurt. If you use these protein foods every day, you can quickly get rid of extra pounds.

Green tea

This drink is valuable because it allows you to normalize metabolism in the body and cleanse it from harmful toxins. In order to achieve tangible effect, you need every day to drink 4 cups of this tea. To your desire to regularly drink this drink is not weakened, it is possible to report the following fact: when ingested one Cup of green tea burns about 80 calories.


To improve the results for fat burning, you can, if will add to dishes such seasonings as ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, hot pepper, garlic and onion. Especially here we should mention ginger, which effectively acts on the metabolism, which is of particular importance during weight loss.

Take it as a Supplement to conventional tea. This drink is especially useful and will help you quickly remove the excess 20 kg. you can Also use any other opportunity that the ginger is present in your diet permanently. To do this, you can add it to any dish that you usually prepare.

Hot pepper slimming

Spicy varieties of pepper, including white, red and black, considered by many as a condiment, capable to give a spicy taste to various dishes. However, with their help you can during a diet to get rid of 20 kg. the Positive effect is due to the acceleration of digestion and enhance the metabolism. And pepper works very quickly, about what one knows firsthand, because when eating dishes in which it was added, we immediately feel a strong heat.

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Hot pepper is a versatile spice that can during the diet for weight loss to add to almost every dish. But even with them it is necessary to comply with the measure, because if you put too much, you can ruin your stomach.


If the body has a lot of glucose, it could be one of the causes of weight gain. To slow glucose you can use cinnamon, which normalizes its level. To use cinnamon in the diet for weight loss you can in various dishes — cereals, as an additive to coffee and diet cakes.


This seasoning has a special name, known in the circle of experts — women’s spice. The reason is simple: because it is often used for cosmetic purposes. Turmeric may help those who have a weight problem. For this it is used in slimming diets as a Supplement in the preparation of meat and fish dishes, it also is appropriate and in the vegetables.


To lose 20 kilos — it is quite possible for a person who has set for itself this goal. Of course, if you do not have a strong incentive, the woman will not be easy to agree to the restriction of certain foods and change your diet. However, those people who are willing to make some sacrifices for gaining a slim waist lose weight 20 pounds is not a very distant dream.

First of all, you need to arrange the diet, because it also depends on how quickly be assimilated nutrients and also be the fat burning process. It mostly depends on those foods that we eat. The best advice is to replace harmful products with useful protein, however, not always this is enough. Therefore, it will not hurt to add to the diet a special group of products that stimulate the process of fat burning.