How to quickly remove and tighten the sides and belly: effective exercises at home

Any girl dreams to be attractive is to have a healthy lush hair, beautiful figure, etc. But, alas, with age comes problems, and many girls are just afraid to look in the mirror. And all because of the fact that the stomach was big, the sides hang down, waist is not visible and the contours of the body far from ideal. Problem areas bring only disorder and therefore many women ask the question: how to tighten the abdomen and flanks?

Why waist appear side and bloating?

Where are the ugly folds around the waist and the extra inches? The reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon are many:

  • an improper diet. The lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, fatty foods, constant snacking chocolates – all this is not useful. Improper nutrition leads to the accumulation of fat deposits in the body, which over time begin to accumulate on the sides and belly. Therefore it is necessary, first and foremost, eat right, and then already to solve, how to quickly remove belly and flanks;
  • the imbalance of hormones, pregnancy and menopause. During menopause in women hormonal changes. This happens during pregnancy when the body begins to take care of future baby produces and stocks of nutrients. Pregnant begins to recover, its forms are rounded, but under the skin fat. During menopause a woman needs to constantly monitor their health and refer to specialists, if there are such problems. Specialist will tell you how to remove belly fat with the sides in the imbalance of hormones;
  • unwanted weight. Improper and unbalanced diet, the woman begins to gain weight, and fat is stored around the waist;
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse. Nicotine inhibits the metabolic processes, which is beginning to grow a belly. Consumption of alcohol in large quantities, especially beer leads to the formation of folds on the sides. Alcohol promotes the release of blood insulin and its excess leads to thickening of the subcutaneous fat layer. Decaying ethyl in the body creates a lot of energy drinks all the time accompanied by a snack, and the resulting energy is immediately consumed by the body. But during the digestion of food, metabolic processes occur slowly and on my belly and sides formed adipose tissue;
  • wrong way of life. Insufficient exercise, sedentary work, long sitting at the computer and stay near the TV in the chair – all this leads to the accumulation in the body fat.

Exercise – the key to a slim figure

Sports were always helpful and because regular exercise will not only improve overall health but will also slim your figure and give a good mood. Exercises for belly and sides a little long, but the benefits are huge. Naturally, these exercises are a lot and exercise all of them just do not get to add. But you can choose several exercises and perform them constantly. It should be noted that an hour before training and after it you can’t eat.

Below are some exercises that can help make your belly and Boca beautiful:

  1. Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees. Between the knees squeeze the towel. Lift the torso, and at the same time at the same time severely presses the towel with your knees. Linger for a few seconds in this position and repeat the above exercise 10 times;
  2. This exercise is also performed lying down, knees bent but feet should be raised to 60 degrees, hands behind head. Lift the torso and hold for a few seconds. It should be noted, the longer you’re in this position, the more effective is the struggle with fatty tissue;
  3. The following exercise for stomach and sides done in a standing position. Spread the legs slightly wider than shoulder width, slightly bend your knees, interlock your hands behind your head to the castle. Tilt your body slightly forward and bend alternately in different directions. Try not to backbend and not to rotate the housing;
  4. Lie on your right side, legs — closed. Straight arm, place it under his head, and the other hand in front of the body resting on the floor. Start slowly lift both legs off the floor, then return to its original condition. You must do these steps 10 times on each side.

Make a plan of daily exercise and the first results will be noticeable after a couple of weeks.

But the most important thing – continuing to do the exercises, if done from case to case, then we should not be surprised that the figure remains unchanged.

Now you know how to remove the sides and belly with simple exercises. Well, if you engage in sports equipment is an exercise ball, dumbbells and a Hoop. Yoga can also help to solve the problem with the fat.

Diet is a huge success in the fight against fat

In creating a beautiful shape healthy food also has an important role. Food has to be moderate and balanced, no need to overeat – especially at night. Various sweets, pastry and chocolate we should eat as little as possible or completely abandon them for a while. The diet for stomach and sides as effective as possible eat small meals no more than 4-5 times daily, caloric intake per day must be less than 25% of the total energy of the body.

Follow these guidelines during your diet:

  • do for the body’s fasting days. At this time, it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of still mineral water and yogurt. Useful and green or herbal tea. These days clean the body of harmful toxins and remove the weight;
  • it is not necessary to consume harmful drinks. This juice bags from the store, soda and alcohol. Instead, drink green tea, it will clean your body and eliminate extra calories;
  • properly cook food. In a diet for stomach and sides, equally important is the way in which cooked food. More healthy food, made a couple of baked grilled, stewed or boiled;
  • eat useful products. This unrefined plant oils, seeds and nuts in small quantities, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, cereals except semolina and rice, fruits, seafood and fish, white meat chicken, eggs. Salty and pickled foods, and cured meats are completely excluded from the diet;
  • reduce intake of sugar. The amount of insulin significantly affects the formation of belly fat, because you need to carefully monitor the amount of glucose. While selecting products you need to ensure that the small amount of sugar. Will help to regulate the amount of glucose chromium, zinc and garlic.
  • rest of the liver. The liver also plays an important role in burning fat, because when you diet it is not necessary to load. Carbohydrates, sugar, soda, caffeine, – all this greatly damages the liver.

Examples of diets for a beautiful figure

The right diet can help you to quickly clean the sides and belly, to observe them easily and they are quite simple. Most popular diet: carrot and liquid.

Liquid diet

To meet this power need 14 days, as is the load on the kidneys and if all the time to eat, it will lead to health problems. Diet is the intake of liquid foods – cereals, broths and soups.

Also included are yogurt, herbal teas, natural juices, milk, tea and water. One dish eaten charge their points.

For example, a Cup of yogurt – 15 points, for porridge or broth – 25 points. The whole problem is that you have to eat meals of no more than 150 points.

Carrot diet

It can help to reduce weight in few days 4 pounds, and you will not lose vitamins and minerals.

In the carrot contains a lot of fiber and is a great body cleansing. Morning this diet begins with a Cup of low-fat yogurt, which helps to better assimilate the carrots in the stomach. After grate 3 large carrots and Apple, add orange and grapefruit.

Pour the salad with lemon juice, it can sweeten with honey, but not very carried away. When consuming salad dressing it should be thoroughly chewed. For dinner you can’t cook salad, enough glass of carrot juice. This diet is 4 days, not more. Slowly enter into the diet of familiar food, but also eat fried and fatty, not worth it.

Additional procedures for a beautiful figure

Some women have no time to exercise or just lazy to do them, but they are still wondering how to remove belly and flanks, and to do it quickly. There are several additional options for how to do it.

Massage problem areas

Massage can help to remove problem areas, and still have fun. It can be done both independently and in salons. Trouble spots produced the mechanical action of the massage, which will contribute to the warming of upper and deep tissues of the muscles and subcutaneous fat layer. In the massaged areas accelerate the metabolic processes and fat deposits begin to disappear easy on the eyes.

Massage will bring a lot of fun, relax and lift your mood. If you are wondering how to remove the sides and belly by yourself by using a massage, it is necessary to massage the problem areas before physical exercise, it can help to quickly cope with fatty tissue.

Procedure electrolipolysis

It’s a way to get rid of fat with current. Electrolipolysis is a special cosmetic procedure that is performed in different clinics and salons, and it gives the ability to activate metabolic processes in the body and effectively remove fat. The current breaks down the fat deposition in the course of this procedure, and fat, hence, eliminated from the body.

Electrolipolysis may be a needle electrode. When the needle electrolipolysis in the fat under the skin are small needles, which act as electrodes. But for best effect it is necessary to undergo these procedures, to consolidate the results produced different additional treatments — mud wraps, anti-cellulite massage and so on. Typically, these procedures are produced in the same salon.

Radically change your lifestyle

Try to lead an active life and to move more. You need to quit Smoking. A long presence on the street will enrich the body with oxygen and it activates the metabolism processes, which in turn helps the breakdown of fat in problem areas.

You also need to build a dream, when a man is not getting enough sleep, he constantly feels fatigue, which greatly harms the body. The body tries to help the host and in response accumulates the fat that is an energy source and get rid of him very hard.

Water treatment

Trips to the pool are also additional weapon in the fight against fatty deposits. Because preferably a couple times a week to visit the sauna, steam room or pool. If you’re wondering how to remove the sides and belly without a visit to these institutions here will help and water therapy at home.

We must RUB during shower the sides and belly hand in a tight glove. You can perform a kind jets, which direct the spray shower on the problem areas. After water procedures should be rubbed into the skin of these areas anti cellulite cream.

Rid of toxins

It happens that fat in the area of the sides and belly are accumulated due to the many toxins in the body. In this case, you will be able to help enema. But before you begin this procedure, you still need to consult with your doctor regarding contraindications.

If everything is OK and there are no contraindications for enemas start to eliminate toxins. What we need to do a cleansing enema in 1.6 l water, add a spoon of salt, but directly procedure do a day for 14 days.

Now you know how to remove deposits of fat in these problem areas and tighten the figure. But for maximum effect it is necessary to work hard, because nothing is not given for nothing, but in the future you can be proud of your correct body proportions. In addition, the above recommendations can help to organize the work of the body and raise you mood.

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