How to reduce appetite to lose weight, foods and exercises for achieving goals

Many people, especially women, used a strict diet, I noticed that after week-month after their completion the pounds rapidly come back. This happens due to the fact that all diets share the same goal — to reduce calories and force the body to use its accumulated.

However, all these diets don’t provide one big But — people still want to consume food in the same volume, because the appetite is not decreased. And as a result after a diet — a short-term result, the failure of the stomach, and in severe cases it can be severe disease.

The person who wants to get rid of extra pounds, the first thing to decrease appetite and reduce the size of the stomach, as it is interconnected. After all, the smaller the size of the stomach, the faster comes a feeling of satiety and as a result, the person consumes less food.

Ways to moderate the appetite and the stomach

Torture yourself and deny yourself favorite foods is very difficult, but you can make it so that you just didn’t want to eat. Because lowering your appetite is reduced and consumption of food and consequently reduces weight.

To reduce appetite need to:

  • Drink at least two liters per day of clean water. It’s important to drink water should be still, because the gases irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Should definitely take the advice about drinking a glass of water immediately after waking up. Water runs internal processes and wakes up the body. Taken half an hour before each meal a glass of water will help to forget about the heartburn, overeating and other troubles. Perhaps that is why many nutritionists and supporters of proper nutrition are advised to drink the greatest possible amount of food.
  • Excluded from the diet spicy food is a great way to reduce appetite. Because it is dressed with spicy dishes irritate the walls of intestines and stomach, in the end, the body requires to eat something. As a result the person consumes food even more, and this is unacceptable when losing weight. Will have to give up your favorite spices. And when your appetite and the quantity of food eaten will be greatly reduced, then you can gently start to season dishes.
  • Oddly enough, but to add to the diet of chocolate. But not some, and that is bitter. Unlike milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains less sugar and the person does not appear the desire to eat it as much as possible. But this is unacceptable in an effort to eliminate excess weight. Dark chocolate causes the need to drink more water, and reduces the desire for anything to eat. Thus, it is possible and delicious to reduce appetite. For a more vivid effect of the piece suggest to dissolve slowly.
  • The consumption of fruits and vegetables. Fresh gifts of nature fill the stomach and physically people can no longer eat. But if suddenly appetite you not lost, then you have psychological problems you are trying to jam sandwiches and sausage. You might need to eliminate stress from your life. Recommend on a dining table to put a plate with their favorite fruits or vegetables. If you experience feelings of hunger can quickly eliminate it with your favorite fruit. In addition to reducing appetite, fruits and vegetables contain huge amounts of vitamins and minerals in the composition, therefore, their consumption is not only useful for resolving excess weight but also revitalizes the body.
  • Sleep is an integral part of life of any person. During sleep our body rests, restores, calms and gaining strength. With his lack of person gets nervous, antsy and the result of trying to jam everything negative that happens in life. Improving the quality and time of sleep people reduces appetite.
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Herbs that reduce appetite

Decrease in appetite favors the use of herbal infusions, decoctions or teas. How to use them, a person chooses individually.

List of herbs:

  • Flax seed or oil. Many nutritionists recommend the use of grain or flax oil, as their use causes the body to cleanse and get rid of all the harmful and accumulated. Flax reduces appetite, but do not abuse them because it is a great laxative and, together with unnecessary substances the human body leaving minerals and vitamins.
  • Propolis is used in the form of alcoholic tinctures. In cooking it is quite simple, it is to make at home. Propolis, also as milk Thistle, perfectly coats the walls of the stomach and cleanses the body from raw food debris.
  • Milk Thistle. The powder of this plant is most often indicated for blockage of the liver. Milk Thistle promotes the resorption of stagnant substances. Purified liver works much better than the individual, therefore, observed weight loss and decreased appetite.
  • Marshmallow — a controversial herb that has been used for medicinal purposes, because it reduces food absorption. On the one hand, that’s fine, because one feels saturation and thereby decreased appetite due to the lack of hunger. However, if you abuse the body can come to exhaustion. Marshmallow has the property of enveloping the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. It is used for ulcers and inflammations, as it reduces the inflammation and irritation.
  • Bubble ficus — algae, which has lots of useful properties, including decreased appetite. Bubble ficus instantly restores the level of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids in the human body.

All herbs should definitely drink with great care. Before use, be sure to learn all contraindications. In most cases, herbs have diuretic and laxative effect, it is therefore not advisable to use them for a long time and in large quantities. It’s possible to drink more fluids to prevent dehydration.

Products that reduce appetite

Products that reduce appetite are those that have a low calorie content. They fill the stomach, satisfy your hunger, but do not increase the weight and volume. Vegetables and fruits are shown to eat all people without exception, as they are the storehouse of vitamins and mineral substances needed by the human body.

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List of fruits and vegetables can reduce appetite:

  • Pineapple contains a rare substance — bromelin. He actively breaks down complex proteins into simple, which improves their digestion. Bromelain also breaks up blood clots, thereby improving blood pressure.
  • Citrus (orange, grapefruit, lemon). Oranges are rich in potassium, which removes all of the unwanted body fluids. But due to allergic reactions, not all shows orange. To compensate for the required daily amount of vitamin C required to eat about two hundred grams of orange. Grapefruit — the owner of not only vitamin C, but In which is vital to normal metabolism. You should only eat fresh grapefruit and in any case is not affected by the treatments. Because during the treatments you will lose all the beneficial properties of this valuable fruit. Lemon, like all citrus fruits is effective in the metabolism of proteins. But his power is more powerful compared to other citrus fruits that contains more acid. No wonder all the citrus fruit used in the diets.
  • Grapes. All the most useful contains in the skin of grapes. The grapes also removes unwanted fluid, eliminates toxins in the body.
  • Figs. If you ever wanted a sweet, but extra weight gain there is no desire, then be sure to eat the figs. He is the perfect replacement for simple carbohydrates, which we try to numb the feeling of hunger. Figs — a sweet fruit covered with glucose (white powder on surface). Glucose, getting into the human body, in the shortest time to digest and won’t have more than one gram.
  • Cabbage. From the diversity of the types is a preference for cabbage and Brussels sprouts. They contain a small amount of calories, therefore fill you up quickly and decrease appetite. Contained in cabbage tartronovaya acid, prevents the accumulation of fat.
  • Potatoes. Many reject it because of the high starch content, which activates the appearance of excess weight. But it’s actually far from the truth. The potato breaks down fats and due to the content of potassium removes unwanted fluid. Only properly cooked potatoes will bring benefits, not «French fries» or fried in butter.


Physical activity affects appetite and is able to reduce. However, all these exercises are psychologically. That is, exercise relax, take away the attention from food. During the execution of their man focused on her thoughts and dreams. During the execution of exercises is necessary to control the breath, they should be smooth and quiet.


  • Wave. To perform the exercise you will need a chair. Sit on a chair, straighten your back, then take a deep breath and pull your stomach. Hold the air for a few seconds and then slowly exhale. Repeat the exercise to reduce appetite fifty times at a slow pace.
  • Lotus. Sit in a chair and relax. Lean slightly forward, extend your arms forward with your palms up. Put one palm to another and stay in this state for five minutes. Breathe slowly, calmly, think about something good, dream.
  • Frog. Sit on a chair, lean forward, put elbows on his knees. Palm join together and aim in front of him. In this state, make slopes in one and other party fifteen times. Breath calm and steady.
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How to reduce appetite in the evening?

Human digestion is most active in the daytime, so all diets aim to use a basic amount of food at this time. A person deprived of daily food, in the evening eats a large amount, which ultimately leads to excess weight.

Recommendations for reducing appetite in the evening:

  • Walk. Make short slow walk before going to bed. It will help you to relax and get my thoughts in order.
  • Warm bath. To ward off thoughts about food can make a bath with fragrant oils, sea salt and foam. Turn on your favorite music and relax.
  • If you reduce appetite can not in any way, eat a fruit or vegetable, drink a glass of fat-free yogurt or eat a portion of cottage cheese. These foods will quickly satisfy your hunger, and you’ll forget about it for tonight.
  • Avoid sweets, as they only increase appetite. And after they use you for a long time can not calm down and sleep.


Most importantly WILLPOWER! It’s either there or it needs to develop. You must realize that food is not the meaning of our lives; food is just fuel. To fill the stomach need to eat fiber (anytime of day), vegetables, crude fiber; also contained in fruits (not juices).


Fought off the desire to eat I worked long and hard. I had to think less about food, to bring down appetite. To fill your head with dreams, unity with itself, but does question what to eat.


How to reduce the stomach and the appetite? Very simple. Drank water before meals ate more fruits and vegetables. At first it was difficult, but then it became a habit. So I lost weight and returned to Dobermann form.