How to remove belly fat and lose weight quickly after childbirth nursing mother at home

One of the most important and joyful events in the life of every woman is the birth of a child. But this seemingly joyous occasion is overshadowed by one disadvantage which affects not only physically, but on a newly minted mom. This unwanted weight.

A woman gives herself entirely to a child, forgetting about your beloved husband. For the first year after childbirth, many women not only can’t go back in the past, appetizing forms, but often gain even more unwanted weight. Once loved and loving husband goes by the wayside. And he begins to look at other, more well-groomed women. A child is a miracle and happiness, but do not forget about their appearance, because of the slut — wives the man will go to more well-groomed woman.

Almost all women face the problem of weight loss after pregnancy and the birth of a long awaited child. Each wants to lose weight quickly, effortlessly remove the extra inches and kilos, while not leaving home. After caring for the child full time you cannot make the usual charge, not to mention, it’s about going to the gym or to the gym.

Why do I have to remove weight after pregnancy and childbirth

Based on the famous phrase «you need to eat for two» expectant mothers during pregnancy allow yourself to eat correctly. As a result, imbalanced nutrition, impaired metabolism and unwanted weight. During pregnancy, women comfort themselves with the fact that after pregnancy they will all unnecessary reset. So, women are gaining unnecessary excess weight and after the birth of a child trying hard to clean it up. But you don’t give yourself slack in the power and does not burden yourself with excess weight.

Experts consider a normal weight gain during pregnancy in ten or eleven pounds. Often, however, have to deal with women during carrying a child in utero receive more than two dozen pounds.

Causes of weight gain during pregnancy:

  • In connection with the enlargement of the abdomen, the woman becomes more difficult to move, as a result, the calories obtained from food and are sent to thighs, stomach and waist. Formed ahead of the body fat layer protects the fruit from all kinds of external influences.
  • Heredity. The expectant mother during pregnancy should pay attention to parents. If both parents are fairly complete, it is likely that the woman will have to carefully watch what you eat, in order not to have severe issues after birth. Even a girl with the proportions of the model may grow stout if her mother at the same age scored overweight.
  • The body weight of a pregnant woman may increase not only due to the weight gain, but also because of fluid retention in the body. This is very common in pregnant women, so you should not lose sight of it.

From our experience, specialists recommend to start losing weight during the first signs of overweight. After all, if after the birth of a wanted child, run to your appearance for at least six months, you will not notice how the extra weight will lead you to obesity. And in ten years your weight will increase by a dozen or two yourself and you will not be able to reduce. Obesity will completely disrupt your internal system, your metabolism will become very slow and the only way out of this situation would be recourse to the doctor — dietician.

Why there are sides, and belly after childbirth becomes flabby?

Before how to get rid of belly and sides, which appeared after the birth, you should know why they are even formed. Many women after giving birth face sagging and distended abdomen, and it does not influenced by the age, complexion, or physical shape. Every pregnancy transforms the woman’s body, so baby was safe and comfortable.

The main reason for stretched stomach after childbirth the woman is omitted uterus. The scene is not one woman, even the skater bikinithe. After giving birth you need to wait a while and the uterus returns to its normal condition, so seeing loose skin on my stomach after a couple of days after the completion of the family, do not despair. If a woman to pods played sports and had a flat tummy, after the contractions of the uterus its the usual type of press back in place.

Another reason unpresentable appearance of the abdomen is stretched muscles and accumulated, for the safety of the fetus, weight. In this case, waiting will not help, they need physical exercises. The speed of elimination of the abdomen after childbirth depends on the willingness and desire of the woman to a toned figure.

How to lose weight quickly nursing mother after childbirth, proper nutrition?

Mom breast feeding little kid, definitely forget about the fast methods of losing weight. It is in this period in the hands of women not only her health but her newborn baby. Therefore, during lactation woman is forbidden to strict diets, plastic surgery, any dietary supplements. Safe for health is the option of weight loss, in which monthly body weight is reduced by one kilogram.

You should pay attention to a breastfeeding woman:

  • The first step is to organize the food. A young mother very difficult to care for the child and to monitor their own food. Therefore, because of the frequent skipping of meals and malnutrition is a set of extra pounds. Due to the fact that the body does not understand, what time is the next meal and generally will be able to eat, he begins to stock up on food in advance. In order to keep this from happening a woman should start to eat small portions but often and preferably at the same time. For example, during feeding of the baby. So, the body will not experience stress and therefore will not accumulate calories.
  • Eating for two you need to strictly monitor the quality of the products. Young mommy required to use milk, cream, cheese and other dairy products meat, fish, poultry fillets. Of course, all of these products are required to be in the diet of lactating women, but it is worth noting that newborn for proper development is not important fat product. The main role is played by microelements and vitamins that come together with food. With a balanced diet the child receives the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins, while nursing mothers will not have to overeat.
  • Diet for lactation should be limited consumption of sweets. Completely, of course, should not give up. Therefore, the desired Goodies to eat only on a full stomach, and in any case not to replace a full meal.
  • Too frugal mommy will not let go to waste a spoonful of porridge or soup. So, the baby was malnourished cooked a gruel and in order not to throw a woman eats her. These are the «podjetje» make your stomach and hips more voluminous and stand in the way of a return to ideal forms.

How to quickly lose weight after pregnancy and childbirth with exercise

In losing weight the most effective part is the physical exertion for which a woman will need to work hard to find the time to accomplish this.

The simple exercises in order to lose weight fast after birth:

  • Maintaining cleanliness in the house. A clean home has a beneficial effect not only on the newborn, but the weight loss belly and sides. The woman spends a significant amount of calories for cleaning dust and dirt in the house.
  • Walk in the fresh air will also be useful for mommy and child. But it’s not easy to move the stroller on the balcony, and walking on the street and wheeling the stroller in front of him. Walking is excellent physical exercise that will result in the order of the hips and reduce sides after childbirth. For weight loss will be enough to go at a relaxed pace, no need to strive to go faster, as it is fraught with consequences in the form of your drops or upside-down carriages.
  • Replace on the bench with the other moms useful simple exercise. Put the stroller next to the bench, the woman will be able to do push-UPS from the bench, on the Playground, do some crunches to reduce belly. And many simple but effective exercises to perform outdoors you can find many videos on the Internet. To view them, simply open any search engine and in the search enter the query «exercise in the fresh air after giving birth video.»
  • Carrying baby in a sling and a backpack — kangaroo. Walking with baby will help to remove the stomach and hips after giving birth, because during walking, the weight of the child gives a great load on the muscles women. For uniform load on all the muscles in the position of the backpack with a child can change one by one, first the front, then move back.

Effective exercises to restore the figure after childbirth at home

After delivery, women striving for the ideal forms, sometimes forget about the health or doing ineffective exercises that do not bring the desired result. To perform the exercises you need to perform accurately without the use of heavy weights, as this may deprive you of the ability to feed her baby. Training in emergency mode lead to the cessation of milk production.

Technique exercise:

  1. Exercise for the press and eliminate the sides. Take a horizontal position, lying on his back. Slightly lift the hips and torso. Carrying out sharp breaths, your belly will rise and fall. If you find this exercise is too difficult, then, to facilitate allowed the knees bend slightly. The exercise should be for fifteen seconds, then daily increasing the time.
  2. Exercise «Planck» will strengthen the muscles of the whole body, but the main emphasis will be spent on the problem after childbirth the sides and belly. Starting position — lying on his stomach. Then you should rise above the surface, resting on elbows and toes. The back should be kept straight and to ensure that hips do not SAG down and not bulging up. In this position, hold for thirty seconds. Weekly increase the time by 30 seconds.
  3. Exercise, firming and strengthening the lateral abdominal muscles are similar in design with a strap. But the difference is that the need to rely on the forearm and one foot.
  4. Squats give the load on the abdominals, thighs, buttocks. Through this exercise, your glutes will become toned and the thighs will remove cellulite. Starting position: legs are a little wider than shoulders, hands can take on the waist or cross over the head (select the option more convenient for you). Squat down, stay in the position where your buttocks are at knee level, then rise and occupy its original position. During the execution of exercise is important to ensure that the knees during the squat did not go beyond the level of socks. To start, repeat the exercise for three sets of ten times. Weekly, try to increase the number of repetitions.

What you should know before exercising?

Despite the fact that your desire to remove excess weight, the sides and belly is incredibly valuable, we should not forget about your health. So before you start losing weight you should know what you should do, and what will remain strictly prohibited:

  1. Speedy deliverance from the hated sides and belly should not be attributed to General weight loss. To exhaust the body korada women different diets stupid and harmful. In addition to the danger, the disadvantage of diets is the fragility of the result. During lactation doctors contraindicated to consume fatty, fried and smoked food, which in itself is a kind of diet. Observing her, the woman who gave birth is able to gradually return to its normal shape.
  2. To engage in any physical activity young mother only six weeks after natural childbirth and three months after cesarean section. Because excessive exercise could increase the internal pressure, the divergence of seams, and so forth. But, nevertheless, completely idle is not worth it, for this time it is not necessary to limit yourself to movements that also promote weight loss. Also women can purchase a special shapewear, which has properties to tighten the skin on the stomach and keeps the muscles in a light tone.
  3. With the ban on physical exercise, a woman has every right to practice yoga by performing simple asanas and exercises with the breath. An additional help is to perform these exercises in the fresh air. Thus, the body moms will be filled with air, forming the milk for feeding and burning calories with oxygen.
  4. You should avoid clothing that will draw the abdomen, flanks and thighs. Give a preference to the clothes of a free cut, which will be worn over slimming underwear.
  5. Include in your diet fresh pineapple, grapefruit and celery root. As these products have excellent fat-burning properties. To avoid allergies in the baby limit yourself to one drink per day.
  6. Set yourself in a positive way, before you start to lose weight. Currently it is scientifically proven that bad mood and negative thoughts that prevent to remove problem.
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