How to remove fat deposits from the sides and abdomen: diet, workouts for women, body care

The human body is very difficult. All the systems in it are in dependence from each other. Therefore, it is impossible to solve any problem for recovery of the body without considering the peculiarities of functioning of its systems. This fully applies to the issues of weight loss. So, to remove fat from the sides and belly it is impossible solely by diet and exercise. To cope with the task only by applying a comprehensive approach.

It should be understood that in the fight against excess weight half-measures are not allowed. If you decide to remove fat from the sides and belly, you have to go to gym, start to eat properly and to respect the day. No diets, miracle supplements and special «burning» fat underwear will not lead to the desired result without a systematic approach to solving problems.

And whether you want to lose fat?

Take a look at the most men. They don’t get upset if on their sides a pair of three pounds of fat. Why? Because there is a belief that by a certain age a man must have «a solid tummy.» Naturally, this shape significantly reduces men’s attractiveness to women, but many men are still reluctant to remove the excess fat.

Women respond to any event more emotionally. And if it comes to the female figure, here every extra kilo is perceived as a catastrophe. The increase in waist makes women frantically searching for a way to remove the fat on the sides and belly.

Let’s not forget that any fat is unnecessary weight. On moving have to spend additional power. In addition, it is quite a serious load on the spine and joints. Excess weight causes early wear and tear of the heart, as it has to pump larger volumes of blood.

Doctors noticed that people with big belly less mobile, as the fat acts as a ballast, limiting physical capabilities. It is believed that fat also limits the thinking ability of humans, because excess weight causes fatigue.

Finally, the fat accumulates not only on the abdomen and flanks, but also inside the body. He squeezes internal organs and tissues, leading to disruption of their blood supply. This always entails the development of various diseases.

As you can see, the reasons to remove fat from the sides and belly a lot.

Causes deposits of fat on the flanks and belly

Before you begin to combat the problem, you need to find and understand its origins. Otherwise, diets, sport and different restrictions will not be effective.


They are very often the main reason that people start eating. Eating allows escape from negative thoughts and to lighten the mood. But similar stress-related eating is not a physiological need. People may not be hungry, but to set the mood still eat and excess calories will cause excess fat reserves.

Women in stressful situations, prefer sweet foods. Sugar relaxes them, and allows you to cope with unpleasant emotions. At the same time, sweets are simple carbohydrates that are digested very quickly and are deposited as body fat.

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Men are often indifferent to sugar, but they have a problem with alcoholic beverages. Drink in the view of many men – the best cure for stress. They do not think that alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories. Add to this snack and get a huge amount of energy coming into the body during the feast. Naturally, the excess will settle on the sides and belly.

Power purged low quality

It is no secret that the majority of products imported to our country from abroad, in European countries banned the sale due to the mismatch between the different standards adopted in the food industry. Imported foreign products contain substances detrimental affect genetic baggage and the human immune system.

I think that the domestic manufacturer produces the best food? Do not flatter yourself. Most domestic manufacturers to reduce costs and increase profits adopting the technology of foreign competitors. Because of this, butter is replaced by margarine, etc. of Such products a high-calorie, but have low nutritional value. Man, to be satisfied, it eats more food than he needs. As a result, the flanks and abdomen fat is formed.

How to fight the fat on the sides and belly?

Of course, with normalization of the supply. To be removed from ration flour products, sweets, oily food. But most importantly, you will need to make a diet so that the possibility of overeating have been eliminated. If the person gets up from the table slightly hungry, the fat does not threaten him.


This meal should be complete. Quality Breakfast will save you from wanting to make a snack. In addition, it will provide the body with energy for the first half of the day. Portion of food should be small. Not more than 300 grams.

Lunch and day nutrition

Nutritionists recommend eating fractional: 6-7 times a day. This food is more useful than saturation to dump 2-3 times a day. If during the day begins to overcome severe hunger, then you can afford a light snack of fruit or nuts.

Day is better to eat foods rich in fiber:

  • Grain.
  • Fruit. Ideal green apples.
  • Legumes.
  • The raw rice.
  • Vegetables.
  • Greens

Various sauces, mayonnaise and pickled products are best forgotten. At least until then, until you leave the fat on the sides and belly.

Remember, it is not necessary to adhere strictly to the diet. We just need to be moderate in their desires. And be sure to be physically active.

If you decide to remove fat through diet, choose one that not only accelerates the burning of fat, but also helps to cleanse the body. It is rice, buckwheat and kefir diet.


In the evening it is better to leave the products with a minimal amount of fat. That is, better to give preference to fruit or vegetable salads. The latter is better to season with olive oil.

Many «experts» recommend for weight loss do not eat after 7 PM. It is fundamentally wrong. Eat after 7 PM. It is important to remember that the last meal should be no later than 2 hours of bedtime.

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Physical activity in the fight against fat

To get rid of fat on the sides and belly it is very important not to get hung up on diet. In itself, the limit the supply will undoubtedly bring some benefit, but we should not forget that changing the diet is stressful to the body. Therefore, in order to keep the organism has switched to economy mode, you need to actively do sports. The greatest fat-burning effect is running. However, it should be remembered that fat people first need to reduce your weight at least 100 kg. otherwise, the shock load while running will lead to injuries of the lower limb joints and spine. All the rest are recommended to run at least fifteen minutes a day.

Accelerate the burning of fat in the flanks and abdomen is possible by adding to aerobic training exercise. Thus it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  1. To home exercise was the effect, the person will have to do at least three times a week.
  2. One exercise should consist of 3 approaches. Rest between sets should not exceed 1 minute.
  3. Before exercise you need a good warm up. Workout not only warm up the body and protect against injury.
  4. Exercises should be performed smoothly even breathing.

Women can recommend Pilates. This is a modern trend in fitness gives good results.

Training of arms, neck and shoulders

  • The palms of the hands close on the back of his head. Obtained a lock, you should try to tip the head forward. It should resist the inclination straining the muscles of the neck. This exercise works the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back.
  • Stand with your back to the wall and arms out to side parallel to the floor, after taking them a weight of not more than 1 kg. Prostite in that position for several minutes. Repeat the exercise 3 times.


  • Sit on the floor and raise the floor one leg. No matter it is bent or straight, the main thing is to keep it in this position as long as possible.
  • Elevation of the legs above the floor . They should be crossed. Upper leg puts pressure on the lower.

Legs workout

  • To stand on chains for at least 5 minutes. Sometimes it can be hard to keep the balance, so performing exercises can stick to the wall.
  • A half squat with your arms outstretched. In this position, you need to stay for at least 1 minute. This exercise is excellent loads of muscles-extensors of the thigh and lower back.
  • Sitting on a chair to spread his legs, but arms to resist this movement.
  • Sitting on a chair trying to get feet. Again, hands trying to prevent this movement.

In the last two exercises train not only the muscles of the legs, but and arms. It’s very good, because the more muscle groups we use during the lessons, the more effective to burn fat.

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With regular exercise, described above, will increase the strength and endurance. Home exercises will not be enough for effective weight loss. It is therefore recommended that, over time, start to visit the gym.

You also need to pay attention to the fact that locally it is impossible to lose weight. That is, if you say that to remove fat from the sides and belly is possible with some special exercises – do not believe. You can download the press before losing consciousness, but losing weight will be all body evenly. And possible waist reduction due to simple compaction of the muscles and no local fat burning.

How to accelerate fat burning?

Diet and exercise is the basis for effective fat burning. However, there are several simple ways to speed up getting rid of excess weight. They represent a complex of procedures on care of a body.

The first thing we need to make the skin supple. If you forget, then after getting rid of the fat we get sagging skin. And this is no better than fat on the sides. To increase the elasticity of the skin by using a scrub and moisturizing.

The scrub can be made from coffee beans. Grinded coffee perfectly cleanses the skin and tones it. For moisturizing you can use a cream with citrus oils.

Do not deny yourself of taking baths with essential oils. Enough 5 drops of orange oil to the bath to significantly reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat.

To speed up the metabolic process, you can resort to massage. With the kind of massage you better decide yourself.


At first glance it seems that to cope with the fat on the flanks and belly hard. In fact, we just need to overcome yourself. Survive on a diet of just 20 days, she will become a regular daily diet. Devote leisure time to physical exercise and after only 30 days you’ll love them. But most importantly, you will gain the body you have always dreamed of and forget about the fat on the sides and belly.