How to remove pop-postpartum stretch marks on my stomach: prevention and treatment

Surely, every woman preparing to give birth to and watched the ugly scars on his body, was worried about the question how to remove stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth. Sometimes, stretch marks appear due to some other changes in the female body, and such scars want to get rid of.

So what can be done to these disfiguring the female body scars, which are called «striae,» became less noticeable or disappeared altogether? Does modern medicine these issues or good result can be achieved in the home, we understand.

What can you do to stretch marks?

According to experts, to prevent virtually any problem preventative measures is much easier than to remove the consequences. Same is the case with stretch marks.

Stretch marks from pregnancy can be prevented if from the first months of gestation to begin to prepare the skin for impending change. Now in its twentieth week, it is the right time to put on brace and support underwear.

The skin should also not be ignored. You need to start tempering it with the adoption of a contrast shower. Treatment of skin and ice cubes. When freezing water, you can use medicinal herbs to the procedure to obtain the maximum positive effect. Not be amiss and rubbings after the water treatments with a towel.

For the chest will be useful to give her a break, taking air baths. Lemon juice will help to strengthen the skin of the breast, so you need to RUB a slice of lemon.

Any specialist will confirm the information that during pregnancy when active growth of the belly, you need to follow proper diet and avoid drastic weight gain.

The skin will be useful for regular lubrication of olive oil or a moisturizer that will keep its elasticity. But if after applying the cream to do more massage, you can get a double benefit from the procedure and significantly reduce the risk of stretch marks.

How to remove stretch marks after birth?

If preventive action is not performed, and to remove stretch marks is still want to start practical actions need immediately after birth.

At the moment there are methods of dealing with stretch marks after birth:

  • The comprehensive massage.
  • Surgical solution.
  • External manipulation.
  • Salon programs to eliminate stretch marks.

All these methods can be used separately or comprehensively, to completely get rid of stretch marks.


To produce the desired result, it is possible to massage independently at home and to trust experts in this area.

We can distinguish three kind of massage for stretch marks after delivery:

  • The manual massage.
  • Water massage.
  • Vacuum massage.

Houses need to start a massage with massaging the abdomen clockwise, but not Vice versa. The waist area you need to massage from the bottom up. The hips need to begin processing immediately from the knee and manipulation to carry out bottom-up. In the same way you need to work with the area of the buttocks. Performing these movements, you can achieve that in problem zones stomach, hips, buttocks will be an extra rush of blood, this will ensure the regeneration of the skin.

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To strengthen the effect of massage is applying the aromatic oils of the type:

  • Lemon, grapefruit, orange, lime.
  • Rosemary.
  • A nutty almond or a filbert.
  • Germ wheat germ.

Apply oil before massage, and after the water treatment.

Water massage is carried out with the help of a shower nozzle. Tiresome choosing the temperature of the water is necessary to direct the resulting stream on one and then the other problem areas.

Vacuum massage performed with a special apparatus, which causes increase blood circulation in all layers of the skin, which promotes rejuvenation of the skin.

Surgical solution to the problem of stretch marks after birth

When you need a short term to get rid of stretch marks, only plastic surgery can help in this difficult matter.

Experts recommend a technique called abdominoplasty. This method allows not mask problem areas in the abdomen, and delete them. As it is necessary to perform surgical intervention in the deeper layers of the skin, the operation is performed under General anesthesia.

After this procedure, the body remains inconspicuous scar that is polished by the laser.

External impact on stretch marks after childbirth

If you delve into the problem, stretching is the same as the wound that eventually heals connective tissue. But the process is long, and the resulting effect looks unsightly. So when stretch marks are red-purple hue, the recovery process with the help of external influences will be most effective. But you need to be patient, because only after three months of hard manipulations with his body to allow to see the first positive results.

And better to start with the special cosmetic products that the modern cosmetic industry produces in abundance just to solve the problems of stretch marks. The release form is varied, so will have to seriously ponder the choice, because it is creams and lotions, gels and lotions, it is easy to get lost. Pricing also allows you to choose as a budget tool, and a super expensive option.

Such means, of course, it is better to use as a preventive measure, improving the elasticity of the skin before birth, but if such manipulations were not made, there is nothing left to do, how to deal with the consequences. And if the body an adequate supply of reserve capacity, stretch marks after birth can be minimised, though this will take time and effort. And you need to consider that no manufacturer of such products does not guarantee that over time the stretch marks will disappear.

For the tool to function, it must contain the list of substances that will help the skin to recover. First of all, this Retinol or vitamin a, which heals the skin. Need necessarily the presence of a mixture of three components is Hyaluronic acid and the two vitamins E and C, which stimulates production of body’s own collagen, which is so necessary for the recovery of the skin. Also can not do without the vegetable oils of the type of almond or cocoa butter. These fats help heal wounds and restore skin’s moisture balance. Plant extracts can also help those that are healing and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Salon programs to eliminate stretch marks

Modern cosmetics in your endless list of services can offer a lot of programmes aimed at getting rid of stretch marks.

For example, cold or hot wrap. It is done using essential oils, chocolate, seaweed, extracts of medicinal plants. Cosmetologists depending on the patient’s skin individually choose the type of wrap, and duration of sessions. But keep in mind that the procedure should be performed no less than seven times.

Popular treatments of mesotherapy that there are two types of drug administration. A special serum is administered by injection or applied to the surface and the treatment is conducted with oxygen under pressure. Since the injections are not all like the majority chooses the second option, which shows a quick result, unlike the first.

Many people ask whether you can stomach to get rid of stretch marks fast. Of course, you can, if you choose courses of ozone-oxygen injection. But as the injections are quite painful, not everyone can decide to tolerate the pain that lead to regenerative processes in the body.

Procedures radiolifting uses an electric current which heats the skin, stimulating repair mechanisms.

Another cosmetic procedure is able to free women from stretch marks is exfoliation. With the help of chemical substances is removed rugged stretch marks surface, this leads to the fact that the intensive division of the cell connections and the full restoration of the skin.

Over many years of successful laser resurfacing, this procedure has received the greatest demand and recognition. Using the laser system evaporates the top layer of skin, the full alignment with the tripe. After these manipulations experts launch regenerative processes of the skin that regains its former appeal.

Micro-needling also is well-established, besides, it can be done in beauty salons and independently at home. This procedure is that damaged stretch marks the skin is treated with special cocktails:

  • The plant extracts.
  • Of collagen.
  • Hyaluronic acid.

Time frame for such manipulations are directly dependent on the initial skin condition and desired result.

How to remove stretch marks after childbirth people’s recipes?

Is it possible to achieve good results using traditional recipes? Of course, you can, but you need to choose the right recipe to implement all the recommendations on its application and not to expect quick victories over the imperfection of the body.

The basis of natural remedy stretch marks come from castor, olive, or conventional sunflower oil are added extracts from medicinal plants, vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids. Only when prepare their own tool will be a hundred percent to be sure of what it consists.

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Many experts from most of the problems suggest the use of Shilajit. Generic stretch marks on the body also fall within the scope of the wonder-working means. You can use it in two ways. One way is when a portion must be put in water and wait until dissolved. The resulting stuff should be rubbed into the damaged area. The second method recommends to make the mummy cream. Need portion be dissolved in water, which have to measure out a teaspoon. When a homogeneous mass, it is necessary to add cream of about fifty milliliters. This cream should be stored in a closed container and once a day they need to miss the trouble spots.

You can prepare a homemade scrub, which are prepared on the basis of coffee, sugar or salt. Of fat to take olive or vegetable oil, you can use sour cream, honey or bath gel.

The resulting composition is rubbed into the area damaged by stretch marks. The effect lasts for about fifteen minutes, until the skin is red.

Natural grape juice is often used for the same purpose. Make lotions, lubricating the damaged area. But we need only natural squeezed juice, which can be a few days stored in the refrigerator.

You can prepare for fighting with the stretched skin hot compress. You need to take castor oil, which needs to be warmed up to that temperature, which cannot be burned. Spread desired areas of the body and covered with plastic wrap, stand fifteen minutes, then rinse. Aloe and vitamins A and E can improve the effect of such a compress.

Paraffin wraps are prepared with olive oil, diluted with a few drops of castor oil and essential oils. This mixture is rubbed into the skin, and then apply the dissolved wax through the cheesecloth. She wetted the cloth and fixed at the desired location. Everything is covered with cling film and wrap yourself in warm. When everything cools, the paraffin can be removed.

Of course, at the moment there are many ways of dealing with stretch marks, but we should not expect quick solutions to such serious problems as stretch marks.