How to set yourself up for weight loss: advice of psychologists as to discourage the desire is there, the rules firms up

In recent years significantly increased the number of women who are not spared the problem of excess weight and because of it they get frustrated. Some are so close to the heart to take it, often get depressed and have lowered self-esteem.

If you have extra pounds should not be in vain to survive, must begin to act. First of all you need to properly adjust psychologically to the weight loss. However, many women have difficulty because few people with this sign.

How to set yourself up for weight loss

Attempt to acquire a slim figure with hunger strikes, diets and restrictions, though, and give close to the desired result, however, it is saved very long.

So, if you want to excess weight forever left you, you need to use an integrated approach, first and foremost, you should create a special internal attitude. Then you will have more chances that you will win over your problem.

If you don’t want to dream about what tomorrow will begin to work on yourself, then you will need to create the right mood. The easiest way to do it if you stick to the following instructions:

  1. Decide to lose weight. First you need to understand what you want to get rid of excess weight. Someone wants in this way to improve their health, and someone to become more attractive in the eyes of others. Preferably all the reasons that prompted you to start the fight against obesity, to depict on paper.
  2. For example, there may be this sentence: «I want to lose 15 pounds» or «I want to remove fat from the belly.» Try to think about what you life will be when you achieve the desired. It costs you consider as the main stimulus that will allow us to move you to your goal.
  3. Regularly check your recordings. A good trick is to hang in a prominent place the photographs depict people with a slender figure. Watching them day by day, your mind will only get stronger the desire to buy the same appearance.
  4. You should create the right attitude to diets that do not have for you to be torture. You need to learn to treat it as a way that will allow you to gain health and beauty. This you can achieve only if the process of losing weight will bring you pleasure.
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Expert advice

Usually enough for two weeks to eat diet food in combination with training and have formed a habit to live a healthy lifestyle. The most difficult task is to stick to a diet in winter.

So, to help you start losing weight, go on a proper diet in the warmer time of the year when you were prepared psychologically.

  • Regularly encourage themselves to observe the regime of the day. Every person regardless of gender should sleep for sufficient number of hours to be able to recover after another hard day’s work.
  • Using the recommendations of a psychologist, if your ability was not enough to solve the problem. In the process of working with a specialist you will have the opportunity to meet people who have faced the same problem as you.
  • In the process of talking to like-minded you are less likely that you will not survive it. And, being surrounded by people who are motivated by a goal that you and you will have the desire to look stronger and to demonstrate to all the indomitable strength of will. Then you day by day you will notice how obesity is becoming smaller.

How to think thin according to the method Sytina

One of effective methods that solve the considered problem, is the method of Georgii Sytin, who not only has a psychotherapeutic effect, but also healing properties.

This method has the ability to speak and to encode person. Also he is credited with properties of hypnosis, although a lot is people who do not believe in the efficiency of the methods of this expert.

However, those who decided to trust him and never complain about the results. Most important thing is to master the method Sytina. For this you can use the following methods:

Reading material and listening. Many people choose this option because to get acquainted with the method in various situations: on the way to work or during your lunch break.

During the study text recommended breaks, then you will be much easier to absorb information. After reading each successive block of information it is necessary to speak it.

No less convenient is the option of listening materials at home or on the street:

  • after receiving a new scope it should be clear and confident voice to speak the information. The result of the effect of programming;
  • in some cases, you may need to repeat certain points several times to make them hard to remember;
  • it is very important to try to ensure that information is well deposited in your memory, then you will pretty soon notice how your attitude has changed.
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During familiarization with the fundamental principles of the method need to be very careful, trying not to miss a single detail.


The easiest way to understand what was going on in the method of psychological preparation Sytin — study video. So, you will be able to more quickly understand what you need to do.

These videos contain 25-th frame, which has a hypnotic effect on the subconscious. Watch these videos very useful, as it can change the mood of the person.

Often people not watched the video, is facing great difficulties in forming the right attitude. However, this problem almost goes away when met with this video.

How to think thin and not break

Many women often break down during weight loss, so you need to understand how to avoid it. For this, first of all, you need to make for themselves a special strategy that will help you follow the installation on weight loss.

It could be based on any individual points, but we should bear in mind several important rules:

  1. Don’t be depending on friends or parents who are not satisfied with your new lifestyle. Often it is necessary to observe a picture when mom can’t watch her adult child confines himself in food and invites him to eat something tasty, but harmful from a position of proper nutrition.
  2. Also it is worth to mention the visits when often has to do with tea cakes harmful. Therefore, upon receipt of such a proposal, refuse it and explain to others that you no longer have the desire due to the fact that they began to live differently.
  3. Not to respond to the influence of advertising. It often happens that thanks to advertising people have the desire in times of famine to eat candy bars or drink soda. Many buyers do this, however, you must keep yourself in hand and to be resistant to provocation, for you advertising needs to be simple the picture that should not be associated with the desire to buy the product.
  4. Each day to study your notes that tells what goals you want to achieve in the process of weight loss. It will allow you to stay in shape and to have the power to remember the setting on weight loss and to cope with the desire to eat. To make this technique more effective, it makes sense to print it out and hang in a prominent place.
  5. Good effect on mood has a mirror the size of a full-length, which hangs on the wall. Then the person to see their reflection and to ask yourself what is more important to him. An extra incentive can provide the slim girls which will help continue to work on myself.
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If at some point you still failed, don’t worry. Realizing their mistakes, return to the process of losing weight. Even though you showed some weakness, however, because of this you should not lose your desire to lose weight. The main thing — do not blame yourself for such an act. If you will think less about the case, soon all will forget about it.

Excess weight can not worry about the girls, so they pay much attention to what they eat. However, not everyone is so easily able to change yourself. It all depends on the right mental attitude, and he, as a rule, is often missing.

So for any person who wants to become more slender, you must first develop a suitable strategy that will help to change your relationship to food.