How to take l — carnitine for weight loss: what is l-carnitine buy, l carnitine dosage for weight loss

When a person is involved in sports and didn’t pay attention to strange phrases such anabolics, fat burners, proteins, creatines, l-carnitine and so on. Now all these names are familiar to all who in any way associated with a gym.

Advertising of all these drugs is shouting to us that without them you can not do in achieving the ideal body shape. About l-carnitine even legends about its usefulness and indispensability. Especially this product is recommended for active weight loss because it adds strength and endurance.

What is l-carnitine and what is it?

L-carnitine is another name for vitamin B11 (also called l-carnitine or alicantina), which our body produces independently, however, provided that the power is correct, balanced, and mostly consists of animal protein.

The drug l-carnitine looks like small white crystals, odorless. Apply this product to the metabolites or drug metabolism. Carnitine is not necessarily a necessary part in the process of life, however, its function is considerable. It provides a normal metabolism, which provides protection of youth and health. Based on this, l-carnitine is not considered a Supplement.

Carnitine has two main properties:

  • the transport of fatty acids into the blood stream
  • energy production.

These properties allow the processing of proteins and carbohydrates in the shortest possible time, also conducive to weight loss, by eliminating excess body fat. However, it is necessary to take into account that l-carnitine is not always having the desired effect, which is why you should learn all the nuances of his reception.

How to take l carnitine for weight loss

The person with an average body type in the body is present twenty-five grams of l-carnitine. For an adult who does not lead an active lifestyle and not involved in sports, daily allowance is 350 mg of alicantina. But as soon as increased physical activity, immediately increases the need for vitamin B11 (half to two grams per day). Athletes, in turn, take about eight grams per day.

The highest amount of vitamin found in beef meat, followed by pork, chicken breast, dairy products. To fill the daily steps necessary to lose weight a person needs to eat two kilograms of beef per day. It is very difficult to perform. So it makes sense to use a fat burning Supplement l-carnitine.

To penetrate into the muscles and to fully internalize the l-carnitine needs time equal to three hours. The drug performs its function not only during sports, but also long after its completion. The daily dose divided into doses of two hundred grams and take them throughout the day. On training days is recommended for an hour before classes begin drinking five hundred milligrams supplements. The remaining daily dose was divided into two portions.

On training days consume alternity recommended in the morning, evening and before exercise. On non-training days in the morning and in the afternoon. Fat burner in the morning, you should drink half an hour before eating, so the body will get the maximum effect from the drug, not relaxed meal.

Regimen of l-carnitine depends on what form of issue you purchased it

  • Syrup of vitamin B11, it is recommended to take three times a day for five milligrams. Athletes the dose is increased to 15 ml. the Maximum period of time during which accepted l-carnitine — a month and a half, then adjourned for three weeks. After a course is repeated at will.
  • Capsules and tablets are taken two or three times a day, in portions of 500 mg, athletes and 1500 mg at one time. Course duration — up to six months.
  • The powder is mixed with water, the volume of half a liter. With a smaller volume of water used, the drink becomes cloying.

The duration of the course any form of release of alicantina should not exceed six months. In one year you can go from four to six courses.

What if l-carnitine is not working?

It happens that person wants to lose weight, playing sports, taking carnitine, but the effect is not received. In this case you should revise some points, maybe you are doing something wrong.

Secrets of carnitine for weight loss:

  • To calculate the correct dosage. In order to lose weight and obtain the effect of the drug need to use a day not less than one thousand two hundred milligrams. If carnitine is taken only for weight loss, take the dose should be increased in 2-4 times. As professional bodybuilders during competition, or training him to use up to seven grams a day.
  • The time of receiving l-carnitine. For weight loss Supplement is most favorable for half an hour before eating. At this point, you should definitely pay attention, as the drug is partially associated with food. The schedule of carnitine depends on whether you train that day. On non-training days split the daily dose into portions on average, two hundred grams to four or five times. and in the days when you have training — the main portion of 500-1000 milligrams you need to drink just before class, and the remaining dose is divided evenly in two or three divided doses (e.g., 200 grams, 200 grams before meal, 200 grams before afternoon tea, 500 grams one hour before workout). Carnitine is required to be consumed an hour before exercise, as the drug begins active only after this time, after entering the human body. And ends its effect after three hours after ingestion. L-carnitine has the property of accumulation, therefore, more efficient daily regimen than a one-time use immediately before training.
  • The conditions under which the drug will work. For weight loss using l carnitine, its inclusion in the diet. In addition, one must calculate the necessary dose and drink it in portions during the day, it needs to properly and balanced diet and do physical exercise, specifically aerobic. Aerobic exercise is characterized by heart palpitations and consequently increase heart rate.

The correct use of l-carnitine for weight loss gives a person:

  • the increase in the rate of fat burning.
  • lower hunger levels after exercise.
  • the reduction of the time needed for muscle recovery and strength.
  • increases the efficiency of the muscles.
  • regular intake reduces the risk of injury.
  • improves blood flow to the extremities.
  • the body receives more energy due to the efficient processing of glucose.
  • produced a greater amount of endorphins (hormone of happiness).

Indications and contraindications to the use of

L carnitine is a drug, not harmful to human health, however, consultation should be undertaken for people with diseases of the kidneys, heart, blood vessels and so on. Overdose of this Supplement to incredibly difficult, but a side effect similar to an overdose of vitamins, in the extreme case the person happens to upset stomach. Levocarnitine as a member of the metabolism in the body, prescribed to patients with the following diseases:

  • cardiovascular
  • liver
  • pancreas
  • endocrine

Also, the drug is recommended for both children and adults with reduced appetite, poor concentration and memory. It is advisable to taking this dietary Supplement for people suffering from overweight.

Shown the drug vegetarians, whose lack in the diet of meat is not enough vitamin B11. Athletes for endurance and rapid muscle recovery and strength. Trainer in gyms recommend the use of levocarnitine for drying the body.

Side effects

It is generally accepted that vitamin B11 is harmless, since a certain dose produces the human body itself. And produce toxic to a substance our body will not.

Undoubtedly, to side effects include increase in appetite, which is quite logical. Because one loses more energy. This can be easily addressed correctly to adjust workouts and nutrition.

During many years of scientific research has not discovered the development of serious diseases. But, nevertheless, the use of large doses (more than fifteen grams per day) can cause stomach upsets. The body with long-term use does not get used and still produces the maximum possible amount of their own. Therefore, the l-carnitine is a Supplement that gives a real results in the fight against excess weight.

Contraindications to the use of l carnitine

Before drinking any weight loss supplements, you should consult with a specialist. Though l — carnitine is one of the most harmless additives, do not forget about your health.

Contraindications to:

  • idiosyncrasy
  • Allergy
  • insomnia and perevozbujdeniem.

What L carnitine should you choose?

Currently in sporting goods stores, you can find the Supplement of l-carnitine of different types, namely:

  • liquid
  • capsules
  • tablets
  • powder.

Before not looking to take from the shelf the first available under the arm, it is necessary to understand, than they differ, in addition to its appearance.

Liquid l -carnitine

Liquid vitamin B11 is presented to buyers in the form of syrup, ampoules and just ready to drink beverage. The latter is very practical to drink, it does not require any extra manipulation, but the disadvantage lies in the large capacity where the additive is. Therefore, the portion before use to measure a measuring Cup.

L carnitine in the form of syrup needed to dilute with water in the proportions

The drug in capsules is the same as the ready to drink Supplement, but divided in portions and Packed in small containers. In contrast to the first embodiment is divided and there is no need to measure dose measuring Cup.

L — carnitine in a liquid state faster than other forms of product processed by the human body. However, there is a greater number of additives, colors and flavors. Accordingly, the price of liquid vitamin B11 above.

L-carnitine tablets

The drug is much lower in cost than a liquid. Also pills are much less digestible by the human body than in the liquid form or capsule. Tablet alicantina should be taken with water or juice.

L-carnitine capsules

Supplementation capsules are similar to tablets. Capsule be sure to drink non-carbonated mineral water or juice. The body quickly metabolizes the drug and promptly exerts its effect.

Powder form of release alicantina

Pretty simple issue fat burning supplements. Before use, dilute the desired measure of powder with water, shake well until powder is dissolved and drink. The complexity of use is in the measurement of the desired chamber of the powder. Here not to do without measuring spoons or cups. The effectiveness of l-carnitine powder is great. But the price tag on this form of issue is quite democratic and is in the middle price range this fat burner.

What form of issue the most practical, up to him on the basis of personal characteristics and employment. Not the kind of vitamin B11, which will bring the fastest results. The effect obtained from the supplementation depends on your discipline, diet and regular workouts.

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