How to take liquid chestnut slimming recommendations and real reviews doctors

Today it is very fashionable toned body without excess weight, which a lot of people. And like anything bad, as people start to lead life the right way and attending gyms. But the topic of diet miracle drugs and pills has not been canceled. This idea hold fast advertising agents and sell magic potions for weight loss. Thanks to them we have to lose weight just every day, saying goodbye to fat deposits, without putting much effort.

And the desire to quickly and comfortably lose weight some trying to earn, not even thinking about the health of your body. Today for weight loss heavily advertised one of these magical tools called liquid chestnut. In this article, we will discuss if I can help it to lose 6-8kg in a month what they say about it’s reviews.

Liquid chestnut. Composition and description

This drug is made from the flowers or Paulinia guarana. Therefore, it is necessary to say frankly that directly Liquid chestnut — it does not «chestnut» and he did not «liquid». And why it is called that is unclear, because information about it is nowhere. It has the form of a powder from the fruit of the guarana plant. Its berries are very similar to coffee granules. Guarana has caffeine, just like coffee beans, but much more. The powder of these berries, as a food additive, is considered the great Energizer.

What is liquid chestnut?

In different sources the composition of the liquid chestnut define differently, but if to summarize, in this drug are:

  • theophylline — a group of organic compounds containing nitrogen of natural origin, creating a stimulating effect on nerve endings. Usually used for the pharmacological treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, has diuretic properties. Contraindications: hypersensitivity to caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, arrhythmia, epilepsy, gastritis, chronic hypotension, ulcer of the intestine or pancreas. Side effect: vomiting, nausea, irritation, burning, fainting.
  • guaranine — similar to caffeine, often, he is in the energy cocktails, as well as nutrition for athletes. Contraindications: high excitability, insomnia, glaucoma, hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system, renal failure.
  • L-carnitine — acid produced in the body. Its main task is to transport fatty acids to the site of their cleavage. Due to the carnitine break down fat cells. The amount of carnitine in the body all the time. Because a person is not required carnitine from the outside, and with further use, it will not increase the breakdown of fats, and only released in the urine.
  • theobromine — similar in its properties to caffeine and has similar effects on humans. The constant use of drugs and theobromine (100 g daily) may cause dependence, similar to alcohol. Signs of theobromine poisoning: frequent urination, itch, vomiting, nausea, epileptic seizures, heart arrhythmia, nosebleeds and a seizure of a heart attack. Also has a diuretic effect.
  • minerals. Saponins are a group of organic substances, and not an independent element because the word is in the plural form.
  • antioxidants — the elements that delays the oxidation of organic particles.

How dangerous is liquid chestnut?

As indicated in feedback from a variety of stores that sell liquid chestnut: the «Constant intake of liquid chestnut solves many health problems of the body.» But the FDA (Administration on the control of products and drugs) are no medicinal properties of guarana have not been identified. Scientists claim that guarana may not be used to prevent some diseases, diagnosis, and treatment.

There is also evidence that excessive consumption of energy with guarana drugs can sometimes cause some people have epilepsy. The greatest amount of daily consumption of guarana in — 3 grams, and this dose increase is not desirable, if you want to maintain your health. Also, in some contradictory sources saying that the Liquid chestnut in America is considered a safe product.

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Often in the reviews indicate that the liquid chestnut has no contraindications. But we would not recommend to count on it. As in liquid chestnut slimming is guarana, which is in its properties similar caffeine, and he, in turn, is a psychostimulant that causes addiction and habituation. And also:

  • irritates the nervous system;
  • improves heart function;
  • has a diuretic;
  • speeds up pulse;
  • narrows blood vessels.

Excessive amounts of caffeine increases the risk of tachycardia, arrhythmia, diseases of the breast, high blood pressure. Sometimes an overdose can cause seizures or epilepsy. Because if there are health problems, you will certainly need to consult with your doctor before you use chestnut for weight loss. Wherein the liquid chestnut is banned under 18 years, pregnant women and during lactation.

Contraindications to the use of:

  • arrhythmia;
  • prolapses;
  • gastritis;
  • a weak heart;
  • high blood pressure.

Side effects of liquid chestnut, exactly like coffee beans:

  • excitability;
  • bowel disorder;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • palpitation of the heart;
  • shiver.

That promise after the use of liquid chestnut.

  • Boosts the immune system. Increases endurance and activates the physical properties, rehabilitates vitality.
  • Removes body fat. Removes a natural way fat deposits from the body, increasing metabolism and energy expenditure.
  • Cleans the body. Normalizes the natural balance, removes toxins.
  • Suppresses hunger. Promotes healthy absorption of food and better digestion.

Not powder, but a magic potion that make life easier with weight loss, and even health restores. As we already mentioned above, therapeutic effect of liquid chestnut has not been proven. But in various forums «professional dieticians», write the reviews the same diagnosis made as a blueprint. The same happens with the sort of «real» reviews from consumers that have used liquid chestnut slimming:

«The most effective and healthy weight loss, is quite a complex task, it is impossible to lose weight in four weeks by 25 kg many say, especially without damage to the body. Liquid chestnut, because of its ingredients makes it easy to lose weight 4-6kg in a month, thus for 12-18kg in 3 months. The drug is recognized in America is absolutely harmless, which means no side effects. In our country, the product has a certificate. The result of liquid chestnut is proved by multiple tests. Because the extracts of this plant are capsules for weight loss everywhere, and this natural product, natural, effective and safe.»

Real reviews of doctors

The positive feedback from real doctors do about liquid chestnuts, you will never see. They argue that if there are any health problems (and today, rarely can be seen perfectly healthy people), then after a few days of use begin to appear the side effects.

People trying to lose weight through the liquid chestnut, in these reviews indicate a high urination (probably due to diuretic action), pain in the head, shaking of the limbs, palpitation of the heart, poor sleep. People who have used the full course chestnut for 30 days, talked about convulsions, seizures, epilepsy, hum in the ears, vomiting, often with blood causeless fury. Doctors do not recommend the use of liquid chestnut the people who have any problems with the body, especially the endocrine and cardiovascular system, ulcers, diseases of the liver and kidneys, and if there were recurrent seizures. Here is a question not about the damage to health, and the preservation of life.

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However, a lot of people believing in magical drug for weight loss, do not pay attention to the warnings and reviews of doctors, as well as contraindications, and are committed to the task at hand: losing weight without effort. As there are positive reviews, not paying attention to what these reviews about chestnut registered.

Can you help liquid chestnut to lose weight?

So, let’s proceed to the process of losing weight and determine if I can help in this chestnut. For starters, liquid chestnut does not remove the fat education, as they say. The fat is in place and not going anywhere, a certain amount of fat cells in a person is established at the genetic level. A thickening layer of fat is due to the possibility of proliferation of fat cells up to 30 times. And for weight loss fat leaves, while fat cell is shrinking to the original size, and it is similar to a deflated balloon.

When you return to the usual life-way, for example, after the diet and eat more calories than you spend, and the desired body, a hollow cage immediately replenishes inventory. Thus, all your efforts will be in vain.

At the beginning of the use of chestnut and indeed you may lose a few pounds that is often mistaken for early signs of weight loss and begin to believe that this drug can help to actually lose weight. Thus, and written a lot of reviews, seen first on the scales the weight loss, and let’s talk about your effect others. Liquid chestnut has diuretic properties and in the initial stages with only fluid comes out. While Tefillin in the composition of this drug for weight loss, is obliged to suppress appetite, and this actually can occur with prolonged consumption, but you may receive another effect is the absolute lack of a sense of appetite, which will need to heal for quite a while.

Therefore, we recommend to stick to albeit not very fast ideas of weight loss, but safe for the body. And it’s all quite simple to lose weight, you need to reduce the consumption of calories and physical activity. Thus, you will lose weight, but also fix the effect for a long time, not for a year, as with diet and various supplements. As there are a number of tests, claiming that guarana does not have an effect on losing weight people.

Also, the reviews indicate that guarana can help to lose weight if at the same time, observed a healthy and active lifestyle. Accordingly, there is a logical question, «Why do you have to take the chestnut, if in compliance with sports and healthy life style and so you can lose weight?». Only healthy food can help you get rid of unnecessary weight, and in combination with sports figure you will have a perfectly toned, not skinny. And you can do absolutely any sport that you like (dancing, fitness, running, etc.).

Explain the use of liquid chestnut slimming with exercise stress the fact that the composition of due to caffeine increases the activity and endurance. But then again, if there is no strength to practice, it is possible to take natural health energy, they will greatly increase efficiency, enhance immunity, invigorate and will fight sleep.

Real review of liquid chestnut

We found many contract reviews, anywhere talked about the fact that the liquid chestnut, is a great tool, and he can help you to lose weight with a reservation for a full list of contraindications and address of the store. Or only positive feedback, but only in stores that sell us this drug.

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To look for real reviews, you need to work hard, and here the picture is completely different. The result of weight loss, but there are side effect in the form of heartburn, bouts of anger, vomiting, pain in the head, high blood pressure, suppress the hunger, the roar in my ears, frequent palpitations, sleep disturbances, high urination, tremors, etc. because Of this the number of side effects of liquid chestnut can be assumed that instead of the guarana berry has used artificial caffeine.

Some examples of negative feedback

I used the drug exactly according to the recipe! Definitely didn’t overdose. And after 4 days was vomiting, headache, and arrhythmia. Health I normal. But that was before the use of chestnut. Withstood a week. The weight was off by 0.5 kg. the Cause of unable to determine, on Tuesday signed up to the doctor, pass inspection, who knows what.

Vika Moscow

Used two packs. The effect of absolute zero. Although there is a minus of 2000 roubles plus poor sleep and heartburn. Very disappointed.

Elena Odessa

Very disappointed. Used 3 months, took off any weight. Powder, among other things, gave either a mold, or moldy stuff. Plastic box with a dosage spoon included. Any certificate in the pack was. Drank 7 cans (from the heart ordered). Just threw away money. Yes, and hypotensive patients are not advised to use liquid chestnut, as well as high blood pressure. At the end of the course began to have severe pain in the head, it was increased blood pressure.

Marina G. Peter

In General, summing up, we can say that we are dealing with a suspicious shops where there were many mistakes and where all the time go through the «buy now only at a discount of 70%…», there is no information about the manufacturer and the specific composition of the liquid chestnut.

The reality about liquid chestnuts is that it to lose weight without doing sport can’t help, well, there is such a drug, which drank, sat in the chair in front of the TV and began to lose weight. Therefore, if you have interesting question «Can I lose weight using liquid chestnut?», the answer is an unequivocal «No.» But to ruin the health, as is clear, it is possible. Therefore, liquid chestnut is dangerous for the body and has contraindications, despite the fact that all are about its absolute safety for weight loss.