How to take Polisorb slimming and cleansing: manual application reviews and price

«POLYSORB» is a group of sorbents, it is a finely-dispersed powder of light blue color. The drug has no taste and smell, because his acceptance does not appear problems. The main property of this drug is the conclusion of slags and toxins. Absorbing quality of «POLYSORB» are very high, for example, they are 160 times higher than activated carbon.

For weight loss used two kinds of the means of «POLYSORB» and»Polisorb Plus». There is also such a form of the drug as «POLYSORB VP», but it is used for veterinary purposes.

Composition, properties and description of the drug «Polisorb»

The basis of the drug is the active sorbent, which is of synthetic origin such as silica. It is used for quick cleaning of the body for obesity, allergic intoxication, poisoning, and other conditions.

During the ingress into the intestine, silicon dioxide interconnects toxic harmful substances of different origin, and after their excretes. Moreover, the toxins may be of exogenous origin, to get inside from the outside, and endogenous, that is, appear inside of the body. In addition, from organism products of metabolic processes – lipids, bilirubin, cholesterol, urea.

The additional material «POLYSORB» is represented by succinic acid. This ingredient increases cell energy production, increases efficiency, both mental and physical, normalizes cellular respiration and boosts the immune system.

Indications for use

The drug «Polisorb» has the following indications:

  • intestinal infection with viral diseases;
  • poisoning;
  • purulent-septic diseases;
  • dermatosis;
  • allergies;
  • jaundice in renal failure;
  • psoriasis hepatitis;
  • intoxication;
  • cleansing the body while working in hazardous industry;
  • diarrhea;
  • dysbacteriosis.

«POLYSORB» has strongly pronounced sorption and detoxifying properties, due to which can be applied at any state if you want a quick excretion of toxic substances of any origin. Studies have proven that «Polisorb» can reduce fever during colds without the use of fever reducing medications.

«POLYSORB» is not broken down in the digestive tract, not absorbed in body tissues and leaves in the same condition.

As «POLYSORB» helps to lose weight?

It is very important how to use «Polisorb». For weight loss tool is used slightly differently than in a normal poisoning. But as a «POLYSORB» helps to lose weight?

While the use of «POLYSORB» for weight loss, the following occurs:

  • the intestine is cleaned from the products of toxins, rotting, fecal stones and toxins;
  • blocks the negative action of free radicals, which prevents various diseases and aging;
  • from the body goes excess «bad» cholesterol;
  • normal stool;
  • in the intestine neutralizes pathogenic microflora;
  • in normal blood level of bilirubin;
  • out the excess urea and fat complexes.

Is the active action of «POLYSORB» in the body in no way affects the content of mineral nutrients. Unlike similar tools for weight loss the sorbent acts selectively and does not remove useful elements and contributes to the absorption of the stomach. Thus, «Polysorbat» restores the normal peristalsis. Using this drug will not have to feel the infamous laxative effect, which is similar to poisoning or indigestion.

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The method of operation «POLYSORB»

I wonder how the «Polisorb» for weight loss. How to use it properly? Powder, which is a drug never used in its pure form. It mixes with water and turns into a structure which looks like a paste with no taste and smell. The use of this composition might create some discomfort, but only because of the presence of abrasive elements in its composition.

Diluted in water, «POLYSORB» enters the intestine and it swells pretty quickly, 4 times becoming more in volume. Moreover, the stomach gives the brain a signal of satiety, thus reducing appetite and satiety need less food. This property makes it easier to tolerate different diets.

In swollen form of «POLYSORB» goes in the intestine and in its passage absorbs all the harmful elements affecting the body as a «broom». This «cleansing» can help you lose a few pounds. The cleaned intestine works more efficiently, which also helps weight loss.

How to use «Polisorb» for weight loss?

When used «POLYSORB» that compulsory learning required by the instructions for use. Reviews often noted the negative effects, but still it is advisable to get acquainted with the list of contraindications to use.

For weight loss the drug is used before each meal, one hour before meals, but no more than three times a day. To gain powder should be very careful as it is easily sprayed under the action of breath or with sudden movement, creating a cloud of dust. A single portion of the mixture consists of half a Cup of water and 2 tsp of the drug.

It is not advisable to do a mixture of «POLYSORB» in reserve, even when it is assumed storage of the solution in the refrigerator. One portion is mixed directly before use. The full course of the drug «POLYSORB» for weight loss is up to 14 days. If you wish to repeat taking the drug, you need to take a break for at least 2 weeks.

Another option is the use of «POLYSORB» for weight loss is a more individual approach. First calculate the required daily dose amount of 1-2 grams for each 10 kg total body weight. This amount of powder is divided by the number of meals per day and used each time for 30 minutes before a meal in a diluted state.

The results of the application of «POLYSORB» for weight loss

But really whether «Polisorb» helps to lose weight? Reviews about this drug to achieve the desired effect, confirm its effectiveness, but only in combination with a low calorie diet.

Maintaining a regular diet, you can count only on weight loss of 3-6 kg, but in this case there is no action on adipose tissue. Losing extra pounds is due to the removal from the body of excess fluid and decomposition products.

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If you combine the use of «POLYSORB» with exercise and diet, you can achieve a tangible effect. In this case, it includes the process of obtaining energy from fat «reserves», then there is loss. The use of «POLYSORB» in 2 times to increase the effectiveness of the diet. In addition, it can be used to consolidate the obtained effect. Why after diet few weeks you need to drink another course, but without the diet.

Side effects and contraindications

Contraindications «POLYSORB» are:

  • bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract;
  • time acute ulcers of the stomach or intestines;
  • atony of the intestine.

Also contraindicated the use of the drug if you are hypersensitive substances. Otherwise, the consequence would be the emergence of allergic reactions. Should not be used «POLYSORB» during pregnancy and lactation.

Very long use of the drug (more than two weeks) or overdose can provoke the appearance of side effects. Thus, continuous administration of a cleansing agent, disrupts digestion and reduces the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. The result is chronic constipation, which do not contribute to good health and weight loss.

With prolonged use and disturbed motility of the stomach, this comes from a lack of vitamins and minerals, which affects the condition of nails, hair and skin.

«POLYSORB» to cleanse the body: doctors and losing weight

So is it worth taking slimming drug «Polisorb»? Reviews losing weight naturally help you to form some opinion, but much more interesting to learn the point of view of nutritionists, doctors and psychologists….

According to doctors, to consider the drug «Polisorb» panacea from excess weight, at least, naive. If we consider the «bare» facts, the weight will decrease, but this does not happen with fat burning, but only because of the body will be a certain amount of liquid and the stomach cleared of accumulations processed foods.

Continued use of «POLYSORB» for weight loss may lead to dehydration and as a result to its weakening. Thus during the reception of sorbents stomach «wean» to work independently and to rehabilitate its functionality will be difficult.

Nutritionists, in principle, does not endorse the use of sorbents and advised to take them only in extreme cases, which can be a very large person’s weight and the impossibility of reducing the normal portions of food in a natural way. If a healthy person for a minor weight loss takes sorbents, the risk that after the deadline it will not be able to control the amount of food intake and lost weight quickly back.

As they say in the reviews psychologists, the use of various sorbents, including «POLYSORB», creates in a person a certain pattern of behavior. That is, the years the individual cultivates bad habits – abusing the rest and overeat, and then just fills the stomach inedible drug to trick the body and to reduce quantity of consumed calories. But…

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…sooner or later you will need to leave the «comfort zone» and to endure the feeling of hunger that occurs during the reduce portions of food. Fear not to cope with their appetite causes people to constantly use sorbents.

In General, make «Polisorb» as an independent drug for weight loss is undesirable and is unlikely to produce the desired effect. But the use of the drug as an additional component during comprehensive approach to weight loss is quite appropriate. The short use of «POLYSORB» can help to improve overall health and strengthen the effectiveness of the diet.

With the help of «POLYSORB» I was able to lose as much as 7 kg. Took the drug three times a day, for 14 days, did the morning light exercises. The body is perfectly clean, sport activities contribute to the shaping and effective weight loss, absolutely harmless to the body, and besides in a relatively short period of time. «POLYSORB» it’s a miracle drug.

Marina Moscow

I «Polisorb» used to combat acne. Read in reviews that the sorbents to remove harmful substances from this normalized normal metabolic process, and, accordingly, the skin condition gets better. Took the drug twice a day for two weeks at 1 tsp as a result of all the acne gone and face was clean. My weight during this period has not diminished, though, most likely used me dose little for weight loss.

Tatiana Samara

In one month, with the use of «POLYSORB», dropped 4 kg. Used the drug as additional funds for low-calorie nutrition. Used the preparation, and after 30 minutes began eating. It helped me easier to move restriction in the diet and do not suffer from the «hungry fainting». No side effects when used «POLYSORB» is not happening. During the use of this drug accustomed to small portions and therefore, even at the end of its use, eat small portions and not gain weight.

Vika Rivne