How to take Reduxine light: instructions for use, pharmacological properties and price

According to statistics, excessive weight in our country today has approximately 50% of adults. And obesity leads to the development of dangerous diseases such as diabetes second degree. This pathology can lead to sudden death due to ischemia or heart failure.

Scientists have already developed a huge number of medications that help to combat excess weight, however, due to the high prices of their few uses. An analogue of such funds is a domestic drug Reduxine light.

The major components of supplements

This drug is available in capsule form, 500 mg. Reduxine light, which consists of vitamin E and linoleic acid, is very popular among women.

It also has auxiliary substances: distilled water, glycerin, citric acid, and even gelatin. Packaged the drug in plastic containers.

The main active ingredient in the drug for weight loss acts as conjugated linoleic acid. It has a very natural origin. Usually, it is obtained from vegetable oils: sunflower, hemp, safflower, pine, and grape seeds.

The main advantage of linoleic acid — a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the body. Doctors suggest to take it every day for 2 grams to:

  1. To normalize metabolism.
  2. To get rid of fat.
  3. To add a little muscle mass.
  4. To avoid re-deposition of fat.

Everything else, linoleic acid, changes the protein metabolism, which enhances muscle tissue after fat reduction. That is why the drug Reduxine light helps quickly pull the figure and make it more attractive.

By the way, the conjugate acid is found in many dairy products, fish oils, and red meat, but in small quantity. That’s why it is easier to apply in the form of supplements.

In addition to these advantages, linoleic acid is able to fight off cancerous tumors. In addition, it is a strong immune system stimulant, anti-cancer and powerful antioxidant. More to the advantages of its use include building lean muscle and burning fat.

The drug Reduxine light available vitamin E, known to possess antioxidant properties, is a fat-soluble substance, unnatural and even prevent the oxidation of cells.

This vitamin is necessary for all tissues and organs. For example, it improves blood clotting, is struggling with menopause and depression, protects red blood cells, has a rejuvenating effect.

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Features of the use Reduxine light

Before you start taking this Supplement, you need to first know the opinion of a specialist about it. Besides, you should know that the use Reduxine light can not ensure the correction of eating behavior, disturbed for psychological reasons.

Therefore, when eating, strong cravings for harmful foods and unbalanced diet capsule drugs are unlikely to help you lose weight. For this reason, the first step is to eliminate the main problem, and only then move on to the use of food additives.

Do not need to consider Reduxine light as an exceptional drug for weight loss. To achieve the best result, you need to exercise and diet.

It is also important to understand that to lose weight fast with a natural Supplement will not work. Medical standards weekly it is possible to lose up to 2 kg. In the case if obesity is absent, the receiving means is likely to go unnoticed.

How to accept Reduxine light

Doctors recommended for people suffering from obesity and various problems associated with excess weight. Such violations include problems with the gastrointestinal tract, metabolism, immune and endocrine system, and cardiovascular disease.

To pull the body to make it more sporty and get rid of the hated fat on the sides, you should drink a course Reduxine as a dietary Supplement. Every day I take 1-2 capsules with a glass of water.

The maximum dose is 2-3 grams of the drug per day. To use supplements should be evenly throughout the day. Apply Reduxine light preferably not less than two months, repeating a course several times a year.

Of course, it is desirable to achieve the best effect read the instructions for use and to consult with a nutritionist, because only a doctor will be able to find the right diet. Dropping pounds with capsules Reduxine light you need during the day, drink plenty of water.

Don’t forget that using this drug can only prevent the further accumulation of fat, burn existing pounds will not work. If you want to lose weight it is best Supplement to combine with exercise.

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When using supplements should abandon the use of alcoholic beverages. Take this drug is contraindicated to the following persons:

  • young people under 18, because they are allowed to eat only natural conjugated linoleic acid;
  • pregnant women and breast-feeding, since the drug was not tested.

Actually, before you decide to accept Reduxine light, it is better to consult a doctor.

Possible side effects

After applying the drug may dizziness, insomnia, headaches, dry mouth, nausea, irritability, swelling and itching.

Moreover, some problems with the digestive system. Sibutramine may increase the risk of heart attack in the cores.

While taking this supplements must adhere to the dosage. Excessive consumption of capsules can happen to overdose on vitamin E.

Differences Reduxine light from the drug Reduxine

Before you compare these drugs, you need to understand that they are completely different means. Different means from each other in chemical composition. Though they have similar name, but shared nothing between them.

Reduxine is a medicine, so it can only be purchased by prescription. A similar tool, usually administered to patients who, despite all the physical stress and dieting, can’t lose weight.

It is prescribed to take part of a treatment for obese people second class and above. But reduksin layt is a simple over-the-counter biological additive to food.

After reviewing the drug of interest naturally raises its price. Depends on the price Reduxine light from a specific package. So, in the same package can be 30, 90 capsules, 120 or 180 capsules. Accordingly, the price is as follows:

  • for packing 30 capsules — 900 rubles;
  • with 90 capsules the price is 1400 rubles;
  • if capsules in package 120, the price is 1900 rubles;
  • finally, at 180 capsules price — 2500 rubles.

Same drugs for weight loss

This biological additive has no analogues at the active ingredients. It is only possible to use a similar mechanical action of the drug in different dosage forms:

  • Reduxine-Met. This drug is used in the treatment of diabetes on the background of excess weight. Taking these pills reduces appetite, however, may lead to disturbance of insulin metabolism. High demand Reduxine-Met uses a beginner bodybuilders.
  • Meridia. This sibutraminebuy the drug is intended specifically for getting rid of extra pounds. It acts on the Central nervous system, activating thermogenesis, and helps to reduce appetite. Using Meridia a day additionally burned 100 calories.
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Even for weight loss some use Multi-tabs, Zinaxin, Aperol, Arterties, Altaians and many others.

How speak doctors about Reduxine light

Many nutritionists are good for this dietary Supplement because it has a balanced composition, helps to fight obesity and redistribute energy.

Linoleic acid, is actively involved in the processes that are responsible for hunger. But when cooking and storing food it is quickly destroyed, so the body begins to experience a shortage in it.

All this leads to the fact that people could not get enough food, because of what began there. Reduxine light just deals with the regulation of this process.

Reviews of physicians to confirm the safety and efficacy of this drug. They often compare it with other popular ways to lose weight, but Reduxine light differs from them in a more gentle composition.

However, doctors warn that you should not rely on this product for weight loss. To cope with the extra weight I need to put a lot of effort in the gym, besides balanced diet.