How to use Flaxseed meal for detoxification: benefits and harms, contraindications, how to take

Flax flour is a product of natural origin, which is produced by a simple technology. As raw materials it uses flax seeds, which are subjected to the method of extraction of oil, resulting in a powder.

Many people know this flour is not only an effective medicine, but also as a valuable food product. With regular use can not only quickly lose weight but also to improve the condition of skin and hair.

The benefits of Flaxseed flour

Despite the fact that in the process of manufacturing the seed is subjected to degreasing and grinding, it does not lose the useful properties of flax. But the result of such treatment it is completely cleaned from oil. Ground seed contains oil is not more than 50% of its volume in flour it is completely absent.

Flour rich in vegetable protein, so it is recommended to apply to people sitting on a hard diet, or switched to a power supply system that does not involve the presence of animal fats.

Linseed meal is widely used as an effective means for the treatment and prevention of such common diseases as:

  • atherosclerosis of the coronary and peripheral vessels.
  • varicose veins;
  • bronchitis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • gonorrhea, and others.

According to the results of universities studies were able to establish that, if you regularly add flax seed powder in ready-made meals, it will help to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate glands.

Useful properties of flax seed meal, benefit from the use of which can be felt by every woman regardless of age:

  1. By eating flax seed in the reproductive age, the organism is provided with all the necessary materials to successfully carry out the conception and prevent diseases of the endometrium.
  2. Good for pregnant it can bring that provides the necessary power to the body for the normal development of the fetus.
  3. If it will make breast feeding women, it will help them to increase lactation.
  4. The application of this useful product at menopause can reduce the number of hot flashes, relieve pain in the bones, repair the signs of irritability and anxiety.

The use of this product can men: to feel better can those who have problems with potency. Flax seed is a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have a positive impact on the blood circulation in the capillaries and increases the amount synthesized by the body testosterone.

How to take Flaxseed meal

The positive effects of taking this product is that the normalization of the chair; the elimination of symptoms characteristic of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, dysbiosis, cystitis, urolithiasis, nephritis. The removal from the body of toxins, burning fat.

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The choice of regimens must be based on the goals you want to achieve:

  • In the preventive purposes this is a useful product used as supplements in various prepared dishes (dumplings, cakes, bread, etc.) in an amount of not more than 3 tablespoons a day.
  • This product perfectly cleanses the body: this drink is prepared from yogurt which is added 3 tablespoons of flour. Take it instead of Breakfast or dinner.
  • For the treatment of certain diseases. Take in the form of a drink made from yogurt or water. To achieve the desired effect it is necessary to drink within two to three months. While determining dosage should be based on the type of disease.
  • Flax flour can help you lose weight. This prepares the drink for which you want to the yogurt add one tablespoon of flour. Take a drink instead of dinner.

Purgation flour flax

Contamination of the body of the slag formations takes place for various reasons, the most common of which is the consumption of bad foods, sedentary lifestyle, impaired digestion in the intestine.

The resulting breakdown products are released into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. In such conditions increases the likelihood of various dangerous diseases. Effective method of withdrawal from the body of toxins is the colon cleanse.

For this purpose, the flour of linseed, which copes with a stagnant formations, slag, and various parasites. Another useful feature of flax seed is the restoration of microflora in the gut. Usually it is accepted as part of the beverage prepared from fermented milk products.

The duration of treatment is 3 weeks, and during it increase the product concentration in the beverage. To do this, adhere to the following scheme for calculating the quantity of product in a glass of kefir:

  • first week — 1 tablespoon;
  • second — 2 tablespoons;
  • third — 3 tablespoons.

Useful properties of this drink will appear, if taken on an empty stomach in the morning, replacing them with a first meal. In the absence of yogurt you can substitute other fermented milk product, fermented baked milk or yogurt.

Pursuing a course of purgation, necessary for day to increase the amount of clean water, the basis of the diet should be fresh fruits and vegetables as well as greens, it is advisable to adhere to a balanced diet.

Cleanse flax meal kidney

Flax flour is a great cleanser of the kidneys. This is done as follows: you must take 3 liters of pure water and boil it. Further, in the water you need to put 4 tablespoons of the product. To turn on the fire and at the first sign of boiling remove the drink from the stove.

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The duration of treatment with this tool is 2 weeks. Drink it regularly every two to three hours.

You also need to observe the rules of healthy nutrition: the diet should not be heavy and fatty foods, hot and spicy food, preservation. Also fall under the ban coffee, pastries and spirits.

The use of Flaxseed meal for weight loss

Most people who begin to use this product, as a rule, think it’ll help get rid of excess weight. To achieve this is quite simple: you must add it to ready-made meals, soups, pastries, etc., that will help to make them less caloric.

However, you can use other ways, which help to speed up the process of weight loss. You can prepare a drink from a glass of dairy products, in which you want to add a tablespoon of flour.

The primary alternative could be the following recipe: take a half Cup of warm water and add one tablespoon of flour. The drink should be allowed to stand 10-15 minutes and then pour boiling water to the brim. These drinks need to be taken instead of dinner, until you reach the desired result.

Contraindications and harm of Flaxseed meal

When you purchase this product you must be very careful and not to trust the description that is specified by the manufacturer. As a rule, there is as the only contraindications individual intolerance.

However, this is not true. Serious complications can occur if applied when there is gallstones and bladder.

Depending on the ingredients that are contained in flax seeds, the harm from the use of Flaxseed meal can be as follows:

  1. The first use of dishes prepared with the addition of this flour, one can experience the unpleasant discomfort due to bloating and flatulence. So, to avoid such unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended that in the early days not to use more than one spoon a day. Subsequently, the dosage increase, bringing it to the required standards.
  2. Since flax has the ability to absorb water, its use can cause the effect of mild dehydration. This can be avoided by increasing the intake of fluids.
  3. Among other components in the composition of flax flour contains a small amount of cyanide. Due to the small volume it benefits the body because it positively affects metabolism.

But in case overdose occurs, the risk of poisoning. Therefore, to avoid this, you must take the product in a pure form in an amount of not more than 3 tablespoons a day. To minimize the possible damage you can, if you add this product to dishes, which will be subjected to heat treatment.

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As a result of exposure to high temperatures is the destruction of cyanogenic glycosides, and this reduces the likelihood of unpleasant consequences. Encouraging is the results of a study conducted in the United States: after heat treatment of the product prepared with the use of flax flour, to fully preserve the useful omega-3 acids.

Interesting given the results obtained during the study in a research Institute of Canada. It involved 30 children and adolescents aged 8-18 years. They were offered food, which in the preparation has added two tablespoons of flour.

Before the experiment, all subjects were diagnosed condition, the results of which were all identified high cholesterol. Therefore, the planned treatment duration of 1 month was to normalize the cholesterol levels.

Expectations scientists were not fulfilled: even after adding in food, flax seed cholesterol in the blood remained the same. Simultaneously, decreased levels of «good» cholesterol and increase levels of «bad».

On this basis we can conclude the following: before giving children foods that are prepared using Flaxseed meal, you should consult with your doctor.

Flax meal is not only nutritious but also an excellent means for the treatment of many diseases. It has excellent cleaning effect and is used by many women for weight loss.

However, not all people this product can benefit due to the presence of certain contraindications. Therefore, before you appoint, you must assess your condition.