How to use succinic acid for weight loss: features of use and instructions for use

All the people who once faced with the problem of excess weight, know how hard it is to reset it. You can sit on a strict diet to use drugs and not to achieve a required effect. But the people who used slimming succinic acid to assure that the harmony they could achieve without effort and in a pretty quick time.

What is the effect of succinic acid on the body

Succinic acid is a by-substance which is obtained during processing of natural stone — amber. The acid is quite useful for the body. In the pharmacies you can buy this drug in form of pills or white powder. The taste is a bit similar to citric acid.

Doctors produced studies that showed that during the ingress of succinic acid in the human body, the cells begin rapidly absorb oxygen.

Moreover, after the use of this tool increases the body’s resistance to negative environmental factors. The person becomes energetic, it is easier to tolerate stress, less pain.

In the human body all processes which are associated with succinic acid, regulate the hypothalamus and adrenal glands. On the body this drug acts comprehensively, it activates the kidneys and liver and clean out toxins and other unwanted and dangerous substances for humans.

This property of amber acid is especially important for those people who dream to lose weight. Because only by cleaning your body, you can expect a good effect from diet.

After applying slimming succinic acid increase metabolism, people are much easier to tolerate various loads, because this tool take and athletes.

Instructions for use

There are three ways, the correct application of succinic acid:

  1. A day you need to use 3-4 tablets, and so on for three days, on the fourth day, the application must be completed, it will be rest from it. On this day, it is necessary to cut the consumption of food and decrease physical activity. After the course you can repeat the reception.
  2. This method is suitable for those who are problems in the digestive tract. The use of succinic acid is required every day, one pill at mealtime three times a day. You can take a pill and immediately after a meal.
  3. Another way to take longer — one month. You need to use a special solution, which is prepared thus: in one Cup of water mix one gram of succinic acid is necessary to take it on an empty stomach every day before Breakfast.

The third method is not suitable for those people who have high stomach acidity or there are some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The solution is quite acidic, because after its acceptance it is necessary to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth, because it can begin to occur the tooth enamel.

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People who took for weight loss, succinic acid, and the reviews say that it helps even when not to follow any diets.

But to eat right still need to limit your intake of sweets, fatty and flour products, only in this case weight loss will happen quickly, but most importantly, without harm to the body.

Because the strict dieting people sometimes lose not only weight, but also harmful to health, and if any relief in your diet, the weight comes back double the amount.

Another very important point — the people who at least once sat on a diet knows that this time is often accompanied by depression, so, with the use of succinic acid about this «side effect» you will be able to forget. And on the contrary, increased resistance to stress.

Products with succinic acid

Those people who think even dietary supplements, medicine and do not want to use chemicals, there’s another option.

Succinic acid is also found in certain foods, but not in so large quantities as in the pills, but even a small dose will benefit the body.

Thus, succinic acid is in the following products:

  • wine prolonged exposure;
  • dairy products: yogurt and kefir;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • alfalfa;
  • barley;
  • products from rye flour;
  • unripe gooseberries;
  • brewer’s yeast;
  • oysters.

Use slimming succinic acid

From succinic acid there are many advantages:

  • From distributors or at the pharmacy you can buy succinic acid, which composition has the additional beneficial ingredients: minerals and vitamins. They will substantially strengthen its impact for weight loss and will benefit the body.
  • Succinic acid is not considered a medical tool, it is a Supplement and therefore, has a minimum number of contraindications.
  • Penetrating into the body, succinic acid in the beginning, looking for the places that most need her help, actively acts on them and eventually captures fully the body.
  • Even in a small amount of succinic acid has a positive effect on the body.
  • Does not accumulate in the human body, because of its overabundance does not happen.

If you follow the right dosage, its use will not cause harm to the body. To succinic acid is not addictive, because the courses can be repeated more than once, and having achieved the desired effect, you can begin to reduce the intake of the solution or easily abandon it.

It is pleasant to the taste, similar to citric acid, but because it is very easy to drink. Is in the human body, because it is not a foreign drug. In addition, it consists of natural elements and no chemical additives. And also has affordable price.

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Contraindications to the use of

To use for weight loss, succinic acid can be used only if you have no personal intolerance. To detect its presence can only be experienced by the way, drink a gram of powder or one tablet and watch the reaction of your body.

If you do not have an allergic reaction, and you feel fine, you can continue, weight loss. In addition to personal intolerance, there are several diseases in which it is undesirable to use this drug to lose weight:

  • glaucoma;
  • high blood pressure;
  • ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer or stomach;
  • ischemic heart disease;
  • stones in the urinary system and kidneys.

The dosage of this means has to be selected individually and preferably to consult with the doctor, he can assess the condition of your body.

In rare cases, immediately after taking the person begins to feel a warming effect and a little dizzy, do not worry, this is a natural reaction to the use of succinic acid.

It actively carries oxygen in the blood completely through the body. Most important, do not exceed recommended dosage, otherwise dizziness will not be easy. Daily four tablets is the biggest dose for weight loss can make people.

Also do not forget that after 20:00 should not take this drug because it creates an invigorating effect and you will be able to appear sleep issues.

Last time use this tool to 18:00 during the meal, by the way, it’s time to consume dinner, you and many nutritionists. Thus, the elimination of the unnecessary pounds will happen much faster.

Succinic acid for weight loss: reviews

If you go to your local therapist with the question, is it possible to use succinic acid as a drug for weight loss, it is likely that you will not be able to get a clear answer.

Simply no medical literature has not recorded it in the section drugs to pacify the sense of hunger or weight loss. More on the contrary, in some cases, succinic acid prescribed to children who weigh a little and eat poorly.

Therefore, we can summarize that directly succinic acid lose weight in large quantities can help but can be a great help in this process.

Speed up metabolism, create energy and desire to lose weight, heal the body and get rid of depression — only for this purpose you can use succinic acid.

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A very long time, could not lose weight. To whom I have not addressed, which door I didn’t knock. Because excess weight appeared health problems, had to refer to a dietitian. Run tests and according to him the doctor has prescribed to use succinic acid, sports and, of course, diet.

I was able to lose weight 11 pounds in one month, the plans and the subsequent plan to lose weight at least 40 kg. Sure this is mainly the merit of the succinic acid, as I previously sat on various diets, but at the same time absolutely no weight.

Katya Odessa

About succinic acid I heard from my grandmother, she used those pills to give vitality and vigor. Going to the pharmacy, I suddenly remembered my grandmother and decided to buy these tablets.

After a month of using succinic acid, I’ve lost 6 kg, that is, the effect really is, now I can say about it is opinion based on personal experience.

Lena Moscow

I went to summer in the village, where, naturally, their milk, meat and other high calorie foods. Come step on the scale, saw that 3 weeks I gained the weight by 9 kg and started to frantically search for different diets.

Caught diet with succinic acid, read the reviews and realized that it will be suitable for me. I started slightly, but then fully joined. Now, after a month of dieting I lost 8 kg, but my body began to look much better than when I weighed a kilo less.

Vika Kiev