How to walk on a treadmill to lose weight: how to run on the simulator, the principle of weight loss

Without exercise to lose weight is very difficult. Jogging is a good natural stress and regular activity helps to keep the body in great shape. Not everyone has the opportunity to run in the morning or evening in the Park or the square, but this problem can be solved using the simulator with a treadmill.

It is a great alternative to exercising at the gym or at the stadium. The simulator is equipped with a treadmill, gives a lot of advantages if run properly. How to choose a trainer and how to run on treadmill to lose weight we will discuss in the article.

The choice of the treadmill

Most people today choose exercise equipment as a necessary item for sport at home. Often tend to buy for themselves women who watch her figure, you want to be healthy.

Trainer treadmill running in several directions:

  • helps to lose weight;
  • leads to tone muscle mass;
  • improves the condition of blood vessels;
  • strengthens the heart muscle.

When walking fast or running, accelerate the processes in the body. To run we all know from childhood is the inherent nature. To treadmill brought health benefits, you must learn to properly use sports equipment.

Treadmills can be of two types:

  1. Mechanical.
  2. Electric.

Each of them has its pros and cons. It is clear that the mechanical path is set in motion from running on it man. The movement is due to the efforts of the runner and works without connection to the mains.

In the electrical path, everything is much easier, the canvas moves with the integrated engine. In the absence of electricity electric treadmill will not work.

Mechanical equipment makes working legs, so there is a big load on the joints. Electric simulator has a built-in computer using the program, changing the angle and running speed.

How much and how to run on treadmill for weight loss

A treadmill is a source of cardio, but if you use it for losing weight then need to know a few basic rules. The pulse rate should be at 70-80% of maximum heart rate; fat burning zone in the range of 75-90% of the target heart rate.

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It is believed that best results in weight loss can be achieved if to do on the treadmill in the morning. Nature is arranged so that in the evening metabolic processes in the body are less active.

The simulator will be an effective kardiogramma if the cardiac rhythm is maintained in the zones of burning fat within 30 minutes or less. The running of the sports equipment treadmill can be of several types:

  • Monotonous in the fat burning zone.
  • Sprint acceleration.
  • With a large incline to simulate running on rough terrain.

Be sure to consider the fact that running will help in slimming down if you eat Breakfast 1 hour before Jogging on a treadmill. Breakfast should be loose, for example, porridge or other food with a high content of carbohydrates. With such food is better tolerated by the load and the slimming effect better.

Experts also recommend drinking at least 1 liter of water, because during physical exercise the body loses a lot of moisture. It is best to drink pure natural water, mineral without gas.

Next meal after running on the treadmill should be about 2 hours. The food must be balanced. The daily diet must not include junk food, you should eat more vegetables and fruits. It is not desirable to eat in the evening and especially before bed.

To achieve effective results will help perseverance and desire to lose weight. It is advisable to do 4-5 times a week, devote at least 30 minutes each workout with short intervals for rest. Experts recommend to exercise regularly and at the same time.

The basic rules of running

Any sporting activity should begin with a warm up, and run on the simulator is no exception. A little warm-up for 5 minutes will help to warm up the muscles and exercise will bring results.

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Best during the run to use an uneven rhythm on the sports equipment. This will give the maximum load the muscle. At the beginning of the classes is better to put the slow mode, after a time average, then 5 minutes on fast and again at average pace.

To achieve the maximum result in weight loss, you need to constantly switch from a medium fast rhythm. So, the body will become more resistant, the body will lose excess weight.

The first workout is better to devote not running, but walking on a treadmill. This will help the body to avoid overloads. The lesson should begin with the stepping load and finish the workout with a walk.

After a few sessions you can increase the load that the ratio of walking and running was equal. Can’t bring themselves to exhaustion, training should take place with a pleasant tiredness.

The heart rate during the run should be within acceptable limits, it is controlled at the control panel of the simulator. It is impossible sharply to finish classes, it may have a negative impact on the cardiovascular and respiratory system. The worst — loss of consciousness.

Important lessons are clothes and shoes. Definitely getting the sneakers designed for running. The right shoes will help to relieve impact loading of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Uncomfortable shoes can lead to injury. Clothing should be non-synthetic.

The room in which the training should be well ventilated with temperature at 20-22 ° C, and above.

Food and bad habits

If you have the desire to lose weight, then forget about crowded stomach. Carbohydrates give the necessary energy before a workout and after a workout, you need to take more protein. Protein and carbohydrates will help keep muscle mass and to lose weight using a treadmill.

Alcohol and Smoking are incompatible with sports classes, so it is better to determine for themselves what is important bad habits or a desire to lose weight.

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Alcohol slows down metabolic processes in the body, why all the workouts will be useless. What would you appetite, so I want to eat and the food is quickly absorbed.

Also it is better to forget about the sweets, but be sure to drink tea with sugar. In this form it is absorbed in catching up with weight. Sugar is a source of glucose, helps to run the brain and muscles in normal mode.

It is very important before the start of classes to ensure the absence of contraindications, consult a doctor. Health problems and initiative can lead to a bad outcome. Always need to lose weight without compromising health, then the weight lost will bring benefit and good mood.