How you can quickly clean the sides and belly at home: exercise for weight loss and cleanse in one day

To have a beautiful and toned body is a dream of many girls. But not all can boast of their sides, where there is excess fat or flat stomach. And because fat deposits are a problem for many women. Fat «settles» on the sides and belly and annoying. What can you do in these cases?

Why do I get the extra inches on the waist and abdomen?

It should be noted that when we consume excessive amount of calories, they will accumulate in form of fat deposits.

The reasons for the formation of extra inches:

  • consumption of food with high amount of cholesterol (food from fast food);
  • overeating;
  • stress;
  • a sedentary lifestyle.

Also fat formation on the stomach and flanks may be caused by a violation of the digestive system. When there is the periodic emptying of the stomach, the intestines will certainly accumulate stool. This increases the amount of toxins that the intestine enter the body. As a result, he begins to build up fat around the gut to toxins to protect the body. So, the appearance of fat around the waist may indicate problems with digestion.

What can threaten the extra inches on the waist and abdomen?

Fat is the cause of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer. Or rather, not themselves body fat and the metabolic disorders to which it leads. Fat effect so that decreases the insulin sensitivity of tissues.

That is, the fat in the abdominal area envelops all internal organs, filling the space between them. You should also know that a large belly may indicate the accumulation of fluid in the body. The most common cause of this disease are heart failure or diseased kidneys. It should be noted that the fat accumulating in the abdomen, may be the cause and violation of the sex glands. That is, the extra inches on the belly and sides is a serious health problem and they need to be removed.

Colon cleanse

Options bowel cleansing at home a lot, but for weight loss need to cleanse the bowel by enemas, and then restore it using the cake.


This is the most effective and affordable means of cleansing the colon at home. Alas, a side effect of enemas also known — constipation after purification. Because to do enemas is recommended only to those people who have, and so have the constipation and the bowels are not in order. Healthy people, I advise three times to think about the severity of the consequences.

A little bit about the effectiveness of enemas. Their effectiveness is underestimated only by those who did not. While some enemas you can remove up to 14-28 kg.

Before proceeding to describe the cleansing enemas, it is necessary to say that the food in the days of the purges has to be the only vegetable (mushroom, fish, vegetable).

General rules for cleansing enema:

  • Necessary conventional rubber hot water bottle, fill it to about 1.4–1.8 l of water add 1 tbsp salt and 1 tsp lemon juice or natural Apple cider vinegar.
  • To activate intestinal peristalsis, water is required at room temperature.
  • Water must be boiled, the amount of 1.4–1.8 liters. It will depend on growth — what it is, the longer the intestine and, consequently, more water is required.
  • Enema easier to wrap when you put it in a bath — in water body weight becomes easier and you do not receive the sharp pains below the stomach and bursting sensations.
  • For women note that the enemas when menstruation can not be done.
  • After completion of the course klezmania need to begin the recovery process — to settle with preparations that contain bifidobacteria (Bifidobakterin, Biovestin, etc.) healthy gut microflora and to start the consumption of oil with flax seed or oil cake.
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With the help of bran to cleanse the bowel and also to lose weight more almost nothing doing, no bath treatment, diet and any physical exercise.

The main value of bran is fibre. It is a nutrient for the normal intestinal flora, because bran is used in complex treatment of dysbacteriosis.

Swelling under the influence of water, fiber creates large amount of stool is more loose, it removes constipation and eases bowel movements. Regular consumption of bran can get rid of constipation and prevent their occurrence in future, after completion of reception of the bran.

It is the fiber used in the fight against unwanted weight: the food with a high content of fiber more slowly absorbed and creates a feeling of fullness for a longer period, in addition, increases intestinal peristalsis, reduces the absorption of nutrients and, consequently, the caloric content of food eaten.

In addition, the bran is up to 17% protein as well as magnesium, potassium, and other necessary and useful minerals. Potassium is important for proper operation of the cardiovascular system and output from the body fluid. Magnesium has vasodilator properties, so foods that contain it, include in the power menu in hypertensive disease.

Contraindications: bran is not desirable to use when ulcers, gastritis, enteritis infectious etiology and colitis.

As a rule, take bran finely milled powder. Half an hour before each meal, so three times a day, it is necessary for these 4 tsp of milled bran and eat it after drink several glasses of water.

The daily dose of bran — no more than 35 gr. Showing intemperance in technique, seemingly useful product, we run the risk amass abdominal distension, exacerbation of bowel disease, impaired bowel function, flatulence, and vitamin deficiencies — vitamins and nutrients will quickly leave the intestines that the body will have little to be absorbed.


To separate the fiber from plant foods can be used as a juicer. Fruit, vegetable or other plant is placed into the juicer, the juice is squeezed out and use or results, but the plant remains pressed is used for bowel cleansing, weight loss and favorable treatment of certain diseases.

Cakes should be eaten before meals twice a day, but no more than 3 tbsp at a time. To wash down their undesirable.

For weight loss at home it is best to use a cake out of beets. Just beet cake reduce the feeling of hunger. If you eat a certain number of cakes before eating food, the body will not receive from them the calories, since fiber is not digested when the stomach is full, and after eating cakes from beets decreases hunger. Using oil-cakes:

  • sorrel;
  • cabbage;
  • Hogweed;
  • Tripoli;
  • plantain.
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When a person has heartburn, it is possible to remove imiami apples or carrots. In diseases of the lungs it is advisable to take oil cakes of black radish. Data cake is also quite useful if you need to remove the stones from bile.

Exercise — the second stage on the path to a flatter stomach

After cleansing the colon, loss of volume and weight-loss you will certainly be guaranteed, but you need to put in the necessary tone and muscle. Especially during weight loss. the skin of the abdomen and flanks may develop stretch marks further struggle with which will bring you much fun as they are difficult to remove. So, gymnastics and physical exercises aimed at combating stomach is the next component of the developed system of losing weight at home.

The most effective ways to remain the torsion wrap and exercises. Warming up the muscle tissue of the waist Hoop, strengthening in them the metabolism and blood circulation, you will prepare the abdominal muscles to some muscle-building exercises. These exercises are to do leg lifts or body in position on the back. If you decide to have fit and beautiful belly, the exercises to be done every day, but these exercises will not take more than 15 minutes, so they should not be removed from the daily chart.

Variations of these exercises to date, there is a large number, and you can choose the most suitable for you and remove unnecessary ones. Don’t forget to control the number of repeats and tempo run all exercises. If exercises are given to you very easily, then increase the number of repetitions – so that appeared tired. Alternate lower body exercises with the rotation of the Hoop, not creating yourself any favors, so you can remove excess weight.

The first exercise for the press

Done lying on your back, knees bent almost to maximum. Thus, you are required heels almost get their buttocks. Well, when someone will hold your feet, as in the process of doing the exercises, they will begin to come off the floor that much heavier all manipulations. If this is not possible, the legs can be locked over the foot of a soft chair or sofa. Palm needs to keep the head, thus creating, from your fingertips reliable lock. Then try to reach your knees with your elbows. This exercise shows an excellent result for the upper abdominals, however, it can be converted to and oblique muscles, pulling your right knee to your left elbow and Vice versa.

First, do 25 reps for secondary muscle and the same amount for the oblique muscles, if you can more, do more, but do not forget that for once, flat stomach you will not be able to. In addition, try to perform this exercise as quickly as possible. The best option, when you exercise for one minute, and managing to make it no less than 45 times.

The second exercises for the abs

Lying on your back, you should simultaneously raise legs and arms. Thus, your main task, when performing this exercises will get your fingers palms toes. Repeat, no less than 205 times, but don’t forget it needs to be executed as quickly as possible. Thus, you will significantly strengthen your lower and to some degree upper press.

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The third exercise for the abs

The final exercise relates largely to the upper press. When executed, the position of the hands must be exactly the same as in the first exercise. That is, head to the castle. Then slowly lift your back off the ground. The back should not rise completely, just lift the top. Repeat this exercise 17-25 times, to sense pleasant mild pain in the area of the solar plexus.

Doing these simple exercises every day, a few weeks later, you will be able to see the result.

Though to achieve this task, namely toned and flat belly, you need to monitor your diet. The most important thing is to reduce your menu, the amount of fatty food. It is also very important to lead an active life a way of life.

Proper nutrition is the third step on the way to a flat tummy

Most importantly, do not only eat right but also not to overeat. Often overeating is due to an unbalanced diet. Eat given the time of day, respect the day, make your choice in favor of food rich in fiber, remove from your menu fatty and high-calorie foods to fight against excess weight as quickly as possible could lead to positive results. And most important: stop eating before bedtime! Food that is eaten after sunset, can not be digested, it only poisons the body. Proper nutrition is the key to the restoration of natural self-purification of the body and problems with the digestive system.

Also take care of the achievement of the necessary activity of water metabolism, drinking at least 2 litres of fluid every day.

Fulfilling all the above described guidelines, you will be able to achieve a positive effect for the shortest possible time. Choose for yourself a good motivation, and start classes while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.