Instructions for use syrup holosas for weight loss: recipes with raisins and hay from doctors, reviews losing weight

I is a natural medication, enriched With vitamin C, which is rose. Rosehip has long been used in folk recipes for the treatment of diseases such as malfunction of the stomach, liver and kidneys. The berries of this plant have earned the respect and trust not only among the followers of traditional medicine, but also among those who use conventional medicine. Many people use holosas for weight loss.

I: what is this drug?

I has a very wide range of applications. It is absolutely harmless and is assigned to even young children and pregnant women to enhance the body’s resistance to disease and the immune system. Produced product in the form of a syrup with a sweet and sour taste and dark brown color.

Its use is appropriate in the presence of the following diseases:

  • intoxication of drug and alcohol;
  • cholangitis;
  • hepatitis;
  • acalculous cholecystitis.

The drug is prescribed as a tonic and to reduce tension of muscle tissue in athletes.

Contraindications this syrup is almost there. The only thing it can not make people have a personal intolerance to substances that are part of the drug.

Side effects also a little:

  • heartburn;
  • allergic reactions.

Always helps:

  • restoration of the immune system;
  • the normalization of waste bile;
  • to maintain and restore the normal functioning of hepatocytes;
  • the reduction in body inflammation;
  • the prevention of chronic processes.

But in addition, this drug increases intestinal motility and has a diuretic effect, which occurs due to cleaning the body of harmful substances accumulating in it for a long time.

How can help lose weight?

Thanks to the strengthening of peristalsis and diuretic action, holosas removes from the body toxins in a natural way. Thus, there is a banal cleansing of the body, the result is a decrease in body mass.

But you have to understand that this weight loss not breaks down fats and is only a preparatory process before the weight loss. Amid the cleansing of the body accelerates the metabolism, which promotes rapid absorption of food and improve the exchange of substances.

Once in the stomach, food does not stay long, it is quickly absorbed and leaves the in a natural way, without having to be absorbed in the walls of internal organs. In the end, prevents the accumulation of fat. But to have accumulated fat began to slowly split, you need to exercise and follow the diet.

Recipes use holosas slimming

I can be used in pure form in 1 tsp half an hour before meals, three times a day. But the drug in its pure form is a weak effect, because the weight loss is slow. To enhance the effect can take in combination with various decoctions of herbs. Here are some recipes cleansers for weight loss.

The first recipe

Senna and I found for weight loss used for cooking stewed fruit, which should be consumed twice a week in the morning on an empty stomach at 120 ml, and then, for 5 hours, limit the intake of food.

To prepare the compote will be needed:

  • Senna in the form of granular leaves – 250 gr.;
  • can – 300 ml;
  • pure water – 2 liters;
  • white raisins – 200 grams.
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The raisins should be well washed under water, and then scalded with boiling water. After you put a pot of water on the stove and bring to boil. Then pour half Cup of boiling water into another container. In one pan pour the raisins in the second Senna leaves. The pan cover tightly with a lid and let stand in a warm place for about an hour.

Then decoctions need to drain, combine in one pan and add a can. The compote is ready. It is advisable to use it only on those days when you can be at home, because the compote has strong laxative properties.

The second recipe

This recipe used raisins, Senna, holosas for weight loss. But the raisins in this case need a black one. This tool is not suitable for weight loss and quick detox. Compote contributes to the normal functioning of the body, so the weight is normalized.

To drink this drink daily half a Cup a few hours before bedtime. And meals after eating the compote should not be. While preparing this drink:

  • you need to pour water 1,5 l pot, set on stove and boil;
  • in boiling water you need to add 100 gr. raisins and cook it further for 5 min.;
  • Senna then added (30 gr.) and on a slow fire, prepared for another 10 min.;
  • then the decoction should infuse for about an hour, strain and pour 150 ml can.

Making one for a drink for weight loss one of the recipes, you can throw a few extra pounds and strengthen your body, as always in the squad has a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients that improve health and enhance the immune system.

You need to understand that long time to brush your body in this way is impossible. Because together with harmful elements out of it and nutrients, the result is dysfunction of internal organs.

However, you can further receive the complications with the stomach. During the use of the drug soften under the action of the components of the stool and is easily excreted. That is, the intestines is weakened and does not work in a normal volume. Thus, the body is addictive, because you need to take breaks in the reception of funds.


On the drops I the vast majority of reviews are positive, this is due to several factors.

  1. Help effectively and quickly relieves the unpleasant symptoms (constipation, nausea, pain in the right hypochondrium, etc.), periodically appearing in people suffering from diseases of the biliary tract and liver. Taking the syrup on the attraction several days normalizes, arresting the worsening of diseases of the biliary tract.
  2. The drug is made from natural ingredients that attracts many people since it guarantees a high degree of safety and harmlessness of Help with a minimum probability and number of occurrences of side effects.
  3. Always has a toning and tonic effect, that is the prevention of colds, and also eliminates drowsiness, fatigue and other similar symptoms bothering people in the winter.
  4. Always promotes the excretion of toxins, and weight loss, which is beneficial to General health.
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Also due to these effects Can allows you to transfer high physical and mental stress. Finally, the drops I increases appetite in children, which is important for parents who are faced with the problem that the child does not eat.

The disadvantages of syrup of people think its ability to increase the frequency of urination and will dramatically reduce the pressure. But these shortcomings do not clean overall positive impression of this facility, as they can be transferred, and therefore the principal amount of feedback about the Always – positive.

Reviews on the use of Help for weight loss different. The positive reviews are written by people, not upon the Always high expectations, and soberly evaluating the situation, knowing that the syrup can only help to get rid of the accumulated fecal masses. Of course, the removal of fecal masses will lead to losing weight a few pounds, but significant effects will not show and will not make a person the owner of a slender body.

Negative reviews left by people upon this tool very high hopes, believing that I will be able to help them easily lose weight and make the figure slender. Naturally, this effect is not Always created, which disappointed people who left negative feedback.

Another category of negative reviews from people who I used to weight loss in combination with raisins and hay, causing severe side effects and discomfort such as dehydration, uncontrollable diarrhea, nausea, electrolyte disturbance, etc.

Reviews of doctors

Reviews about the physicians Can be divided into two categories. One category of reviews are written by physicians of evidence-based medicine. The other category of reviews belongs to doctors who are not very judgmental about all the drugs and take into account how the principles of evidence-based medicine and the results of observations for losing weight people.

The first category of physicians that any manipulation, examination or cure evaluated only from the standpoint of evidence-based medicine, often speak of Always negative. This is because efficacy is not proven in the studies done by the rules of evidence-based medicine. Additional observation of patients and factors this category of doctors, as a rule, does not take into account.

Another category of doctors usually speaks about the drug positively as, despite the fact that this drug has unproven efficacy, its use improves the condition of patients and eliminates unpleasant symptoms. And this is important, as treatment is not only drugs that eliminate the cause of the disease, but drugs to manage unpleasant symptoms. Because Always, relieves unpleasant symptoms, but certainly not to cure disease, according to this group of physicians is a useful drug which is justifiably used in the complex therapy.

Reviews of the compote of the Help, Senna and raisins

The juice from the Can, raisins and Senna, which is used for weight loss is both useful and harmful. Because the opinions of physicians about this method of weight loss is most often negative. As the combination of a Can, raisins and Senna can cause severe diarrhea, which lost electrolytes (calcium, potassium, chlorine, etc.), dysbacteriosis and dehydration. These disorders lead to disorder of digestion and metabolism, which may lead to a prolonged period of pathological weight gain.

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In addition, directly Can is a cholagogue, because it does not contribute to weight loss. Against the background of its application in relatively high doses, as occurs when using for weight loss from the bowel is all content. But the contents of the intestine is not excessive layer of fat, because the effect of weight reduction is achieved only at the expense of loss of feces and water.

For some reason, the child is beginning to stink of rot. Asked pediatrician and explained the situation. After listening, he suggested that the baby bend of the gall bladder and recommended I found. Fed baby for 30 minutes before meals, three times a day. Syrup pleasant to the taste, the child accepts it with pleasure. After about 2 weeks the smell started to go. On the background of the use of I noticed improvement in General condition. Always consists of rose, because it contains many vitamins, what is harmless and useful for children. Now in the fall and in the spring use it as vitamins.

Marina Krasnodar

This wonderful drug helps with weight in hypochondrium. It needs to be left for people with problem gallbladder or liver. Cold pressed hips suggests that all the minerals, vitamins and oils of wild rose are found in this syrup. We brewed the berries of rose hips in a thermos. Taken daily a glass. There was a lot of fuss, and the vitamins don’t like heat. Now, already 10 years, do a SIP of the can before bedtime. Sleep well, digest vitamins and not more.

Elena Moscow

Approximately 5 years of age suffer from cholecystitis, also deformed gallbladder. Because the stagnation of bile is constant. My salvation is Always. Its effect is great: it perfectly removes bile, leaving the feeling of weakness and nausea. Is a sense of bitterness in the mouth. Use it half an hour before eating, so it gives maximum effect and is better absorbed.

Alyona Kiev