Is it possible after a workout immediately is: how many times can you eat that and in any case it is better to eat

Everyone who carries out any training, interested in the question of what period of time before and after exercise do not eat. This issue is very important, but it’s hard for him to find a definite answer, because you need to consider many factors. Workout, the goal of the process — all this will help to understand and figure out a rational system of food intake.

Most interested in several questions and try to answer:

  • How long before the workout to eat?
  • How soon after exercising you can eat?
  • What kind of food it is better to eat before training and after?

How long before the workout can you eat?

Experts advise to refrain from eating before exercise in the period from thirty minutes to two hours. This variation in time suggests that some people have when training on an empty stomach vertigo that does not contribute to the quality of physical activity. Besides it is necessary to note that the caloric content of food and its composition may be different.

For example, two hours before the session, the body must receive adequate nutrition, which can not only maintain good physical condition, but also allow the muscles to withstand the additional load.

Thirty minutes prior to class can eat a product that contains carbohydrates. If people used to eat small portions, but often it is the experts recommend not to neglect this mode, and before class, and eat for half an hour before exercise.

Besides the individual characteristics of the organism play an important role. In the classroom we need to listen to your feelings and if it becomes clear that energy for full loads is clearly not enough, it before training to eat fruits or a small granola bar.

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If the person is used to tightly to eat, and a certain number of hours feels heaviness in the stomach, then it goes both ways. Or until he gets better, start exercising, or learn to eat right by changing the diet.

How long after a workout to eat?

How soon after exercising you can eat, directly depends on the type of classes.

Many trainees wonder whether there are immediately after physical exercise. This comes from the fact that after an intense workout, the body almost always makes it clear that he is hungry. And there are few people with strong will who can resist food after strenuous exercise.

After class, you can have:

  • Fish.
  • Eggs.
  • Chicken.
  • Cheese.
  • Turkey.
  • Beef.

It turns out that after some physical exercises aimed at building muskulaturnoy mass is not only possible, but necessary. For example, training bodybuilding or powerlifting suggest that exercising after strenuous exercise to eat protein foods. According to experts, these athletes developed protein shakes that help build needed in this sport a lot. Immediately after training to use them, it is better to solve on their own.

The same protein foods after a workout will be useful to those involved in the build of his body and wants to mark the relief of muscle.

Specialists recommend those who are undertaking exercise in order to lose weight, do not eat the first hour after a workout. If willpower and desire are not strong, you can stretch this period to a half hour. Because the classes are focused on burning fat, and the food will allow the body to function properly. So, all the effort will be minimized.

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Besides, it would be better to go on a healthy diet, which involves eating small portions, but more often than usual. This will accelerate the achievement of the goal.

The advice of nutritionists

Nutritionists say that the training and eating should be fully conscious because without proper nutrition it is difficult to achieve the desired result while working on your body.

So, is it possible to have all the same things that allowed themselves before, and can I get the forms? Response of physicians is unequivocal – no.

To get the maximum results from workout muscle mass, the doctors recommend to eat during class days food enriched with complex carbohydrates. These substances will enhance performance, and push aside the fatigue.

Before school nutritionists advise to eat at least an hour. But after intensive training is recommended to eat fruits even in the first twenty minutes after leaving the hall.

Now to be clear, is it possible to eat whatever you want whenever you want, if you want to achieve a positive result in the gym. Everything should be focused on getting the best result with the minimum effort. Therefore, the importance of what to eat and when to start eating, is in line with the selected program whole training process.