Is it possible to lose weight while breastfeeding: diet and exercise during breast feeding

In people, there is a strong opinion: until a woman ceases to breastfeed a baby, lose weight it will not work. But this is absolutely wrong. For example, many women we will tell you how to lose weight nursing mother without compromising your health and the health of the child.

First, let’s consider: do we really need to breastfeed? Maybe if you put the baby on artificial food and sit on a strict diet, it would solve the problem best?

Do I need to breastfeed?

Those moms who have given this issue, we will address the book of psychologist J. V. Constantinople «Newborn. Education and care». Hardly anyone else could so convincingly and clearly explain that breastfeeding is not only providing the child with adequate food, but also a major contribution to physical and psycho-emotional development in the formation of all body systems: endocrine, nervous, digestive, immune. To deprive a child of breast milk can only mom who doesn’t know about the invaluable favor of the latter. But the most amazing thing is that breast-feeding does not prevent, but rather promotes weight loss.

Constantinople, itself being the mother of 7 children, said that after 9 months of breast-feeding woman loses weight in a natural way. Special symmetry happening on the 2 and 3 year breastfeeding. This is due to the depletion of subcutaneous fat depots, which are formed on the thighs, arms, stomach and chest. As a result of prolonged feeding they eventually spent, and the woman loses volume and weight.

PhD, doctor Michael Ginzburg in his publication «How to lose weight without counting calories or suffering from hunger» leads to the surprising fact, which confirms the written Constantinople. It turns out that there is only one condition when, despite adequate food, consumed their own fat body is breastfeeding. A day on the formation of milk can take up to 70 gr. subcutaneous fat.

There is ample evidence that during the first confinement takes place everything just so, according to Constantinople. Not adhering to any diet, yielding to fits of hunger and thirst, which, as usual, are lactating women, eating regardless of the time of day and not doing some special physical exercises for 1.5 years, they were able to lose 9 lbs. that is, the weight becomes the same as before childbirth.

Based on these facts, it is possible to formulate simple rules, observing that every nursing mother will be able to fairly quickly and easily lose weight.

How to lose weight while breastfeeding?

Until the baby is six months

First stage:

  • Try to consume up to 60 grams. fats daily. This number consists of all products, not only from such as sour cream, bacon, butter, etc. for Example, when you ate 150 grams. cottage cheese (fat content of 1.9%) and 250 grams. bananas (fat content of 0.20%), sum up the amount of substance of the bananas and cottage cheese, and get a 2.1 gr. And so, with all products throughout the day. Data on the composition of the watch on the box if no information — on the Internet.
  • At this time, breast milk is the only food of the child. Because menu mother must be varied and nutritious. Your body needs as «fuel» for the formation of milk a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. At this stage it is not necessary to practice low-fat diet, with fat content of milk depends directly on the products that uses a nursing woman, and this figure is important for children’s development.
  • Try to eat dinner before 19:00. If you want to eat after this time, you can drink tea without sugar with milk in unlimited quantities. It will remove hunger pangs and can help to maintain lactation in night.
  • Sausages and canned, pickled and salty foods are bad for you and for your child. It is advisable to eat fish, natural meat and fresh vegetables.
  • Limit your intake of smoked and fried foods. Instead, cook and bake without using oil.
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Then, when the baby turns six months and it will start to receive additional food, slightly tougher diet. The amount of fats in your diet gradually decrease, focusing on the usefulness and quantity of complementary foods child. If you give a kid a sufficient quantity of butter with cereals or vegetable with vegetables, the fats in your diet can safely reduce.

After the baby is six months to the end of lactation

Second stage:

  • The last meal must be finished before 19:00. After that, drink only green tea without sugar or water.
  • Simple carbohydrates (flour, sweets, potatoes, pasta) eat only until 12:00.
  • The amount of fat in your diet will reduce to 35-45 grams. a day. How to calculate written above. I can only clarify that the rule easily drawn from the usual cheese, milk, pastries, cereals, etc., because of the 2 similar products select the one where the composition of the little amount of fat.

Important! The body any woman has individual characteristics. If you feel that adherence to certain of the above rules causes the deterioration of lactation, then discard it before the time, until the baby starts to eat through the feeding.

By following the simple rules described above, for 5 months you can say goodbye as the accumulated «gain», and to lose about 3-5 kg compared to the weight that was before pregnancy.

For more ways on how to lose weight while breastfeeding

How to lose weight, if you do not want to wait this long period of time? There are several additional methods, which enable a nursing mother to lose weight at home while breastfeeding. Thus it is necessary to understand the following factor during lactation metabolism in women is much slower.

Game with the baby

To speed up the metabolism, you must exercise. Of course, taking care of the baby, playing and walking with him – this is a significant burden on the body. But to make perfect your figure, using only this method, will not work. Otherwise they would have all the women after pregnancy would be just perfect figure and this is somehow unnoticed.

The gym

Therefore it is necessary to remember about natural weight loss, but do not forget to go to the gym. You can do it only after 1.5 months after delivery, while best to start with small loads. The gym can be replaced with swimming, fitness, or some other form of exercise that you like. Incidentally, in the pool you can walk with your child and husband.

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Hula Hoop

If you have no one to leave the baby for a couple of hours in a day, you can do simple exercises at home. Many women the fat gathers around the waist and abdomen. To resolve this problem can help a hula Hoop. There are so many varieties, and materials for the manufacture are various, but for women after pregnancy best round with massage rollers.

At the first class, the day you can spin the Hoop, only one minute. Slowly increase exercise time with a circle to 10 minutes. This time will be able to allocate even a very busy woman, who gave birth to twins. At the initial stage, after exercise there may be bruising on the abdomen and waist. But this is some way to stop it. Bruising after a time, the will, and at the same time they lost and unwanted pounds. The hula Hoop can be used not only for the waistline but for the thighs, which are also a problem.

Exercises for the abdominal muscles of the stomach

For exercising at home remember a few exercises from school of physical education lessons. You can start to download the press, which constantly increases the number by one. Over time, you need to reach the 3 approaches 50 times. If you’re doing it, you can safely begin to measure dresses that was worn before pregnancy. The effect of weight loss should be noticeable.

Dietary supplements

Many women take biologically active additives. Supplements are positioned as a drugs that help you lose weight after pregnancy. But before you make that decision, you need to consult with a pediatrician and gynecologist. Just some Supplements are synthetic chemicals and not natural, can cause the baby allergic reaction. However, they can hinder the child’s stomach and digestive system, in General, a nervous system problem.

Many nutritionists do not advise to take these supplements for lactating women. They can create more negative consequences for the health of the child than to help a young mother to throw extra pounds.

Exercises during the divergence of straight muscles press

Briefly to say about the sport, starting with the sixth week after pregnancy, you can resume physical activity are those that were used in the last trimester of pregnancy. Excessive strain should be avoided. It can create health problems and the deterioration of lactation, because until the baby is 9 months does not need to practice active exercises.

However, gymnastics is still required as it is important to not only lose weight but and back trim and beautiful figure. Alas, the abdominal muscles of the abdomen during pregnancy weaken and forms a characteristic tummy. To get rid of it it can only be returned to the muscle tone.

Before you begin exercising, make sure that during pregnancy you have not received the rectus abdominal muscles (diastasis). If this problem takes place to be, you should do a fix. Why do special exercises and wear the brace.

The first exercise. Lie on the floor, above your navel cross your arms, pull with your fingers and press straight abdominal muscles in right position. On the inhale lift from the floor head, feeling how tense the muscles of the abdomen, as you exhale, take the original position. So do up to 5 times.

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The second exercise. Being parallel to the floor, rest on toes and forearms. This position is called «plank». Make sure that the look was directed at the floor, and the body as if stiffly at attention. Slouch and bend at the waist properly. Keep this position for one minute.

To begin abdominal exercises until, when the diastasis will be held. Women who undergo cesarean section, before you start training you should consult with your doctor.

If these aren’t problems, it pick the exercises which you like best: Bicycle, crunches, leg raises, body and any other. But we emphasize again that significant physical exertion (pulling up to chin knees, lifting both feet simultaneously and some others) in any case it is not necessary to practice for the first six weeks after pregnancy.

What else you need to consider while losing weight while breastfeeding?

Rules of weight loss while breastfeeding:

  • It is not necessary to observe the mono or exotic diets (like eating only seaweed or raw carrots) — so you can get the baby to trigger allergies or even poison.
  • If you want to lose weight while breastfeeding and still sit on a diet, drink more water! At least 10 glasses daily. The lack of water in the body can lead to increased body burdens of toxins and toxic substances in General, and in breast milk as well.
  • Don’t forget that diuretics usually improve first lactation, but then the volume of milk decreases dramatically. These methods while breastfeeding it is advisable not to use.
  • Do not take nutritional supplements that reduce appetite. They pass into breast milk and can unpredictably affect the still undeveloped body of your child.

In General, preferably longer walking briskly with the stroller and long distances, wear the baby in her arms or in a sling, and unbeknownst to you, somewhere to disappear unwanted pounds and you can easily restore your figure after pregnancy.