Kefir diet for weight loss, Larisa Dolina 7 days: results per day and reviews

Diet, about which we will talk in this article called “star diet” and she became widely known through the Valley. The singer quite a long time had a overweight: more than 22 kg was unnecessary. Almost 25 years the Valley has tried to lose weight by different methods, but nothing really came of it. How surprised fans of the singer, when one day the Valley appeared at the concert younger and thinner!

After some time, giving an interview to a major domestic title, the singer admitted that she was able to lose weight through diet. The resilience and perseverance of the Valley were able to help her achieve amazing results that just shocked the audience. Today the Valley for 50, but it’s at the expense of a healthy diet and exercise plan remains in great shape.

After the interview, the singer many have begun to look, what is this miraculous kefir diet Larisa Dolina. There were a lot of rumors. Some have argued that the singer has developed his own diet, which is suited only to her, some that she complied with the usual milk diet. However, the correct answer is quite different. Valley of the lost through the power supply system Dr. Saykova. Singer advised this diet Ruslan Gorobets, author of the popular song “Weather in the house”. Dmitry Saikiv is a popular psychotherapist, who developed the menu for the discharge of body weight loss and relatively recent. But kefir diet has gained popularity due Valley.

The principles of operation of kefir diet Larisa Dolina

The staple diet, as the name implies – is kefir. It should be consumed daily. There are three options of weight loss, a person needs only to choose the right. The power supply circuit is designed for a week, if necessary, increase the diet up to 14 days without any harm to the body.

In addition, it is necessary to observe also some additional rules. The amount of water consumed should be reduced by 3-4 times, up to 500 ml. Before eating drink a quarter Cup of herbal infusion. You also need to eat up to 6 times daily and be guided by the rule of “not eating after six in the evening”.

Meals on this diet must be combined with active walking and Hiking. If you still have strength, when dieting, you can walk to the gym, but this “exploit”, with a limited food menu, not many dare.

Kefir diet Larisa Dolina: three different options

All versions of loss diet Valley similar. They differ only menu and the volume of used products.

In addition to the proposed schemes, it is necessary to drink a pint of water daily and before any consumption of food to carry for a few SIPS (0.5 ml) of the herbal infusion. Infusion is recommended to brew in the morning for the whole day. Suitable herbs such as calendula, chamomile, St. John’s wort.

The first option

The diet lasts one week, after this the power supply system, according to women, they lose weight up to 6 kg, and some even up to 10 kg. the Hourly system power is not because this option, you can choose those people who can’t begin to eat according to the clock. Suggested diet for each day should be divided and consumed throughout the day.

  • The first day – potato menu. 400 gr. (5 medium) potatoes, cooked in their skins; half a liter of low-fat yogurt (max 1%).
  • Day two – graviola menu. 200 gr. (6-8 tablespoons) 14% sour cream and yogurt with the same measure of fat.
  • Day three – cheese menu. Seven tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese and half a liter of kefir with low fat content.
  • Day four – chicken menu. Chicken fillet boil without adding salt (600 g.). Meat, drink low-fat yogurt (half a liter).
  • The fifth day – vitamin menu. The day you need to eat a pound of carrots or 1 kg green apples. Don’t forget the pint of kefir.
  • The sixth day handling. You can use only yogurt (a liter throughout the day).
  • On the seventh day. It is desirable that it was a day off because the power supply system, in addition to one liter of still mineral water, there’s nothing else to eat.
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The second option

Another option is the diet that you can follow for 2 weeks. Judging by the reviews, during the first week of women lose weight to 5.5 kg and the second up to 4 kg.

Power system implies that the person who wants to lose weight would be to eat foods are clearly on the arrows hours: 8: 00, 10-00, 12-00, 16-00 and 18-00.

  • First day – potato menu. 400 gr. potatoes cooked in their skins without salt, half a liter of yogurt.
  • Day two – cheese menu. Cottage cheese with a small amount of fat (one pack 400 g), half a liter of yogurt.
  • Day three – fruit menu. You can use absolutely any fruit except bananas and grapes, but not more than 400 g., all fruit washed down nonfat yogurt.
  • Day four – meat menu. You need to eat boiled chicken, without salt added (400 grams), and remember about half a liter of yogurt.
  • Day five – fruit menu. Again, you need to eat fruits (400 g), which is necessary to drink 0.5 liters of yogurt.
  • The sixth day handling. Can be consumed only half a liter of still mineral water.
  • The seventh day is fruit menu. 400 grams of any one fruit (except bananas and grapes), yogurt.

If you have the strength to continue this diet for another week, after the first 7 days need to take a break. You can eat, as before, but reduce the portions and not to eat fatty. For a week’s break, you can get 1 kg, but the final part of the diet will allow to lose weight a lot more and fix the result.

The third option

The latest version of the diet is that the food system is added to a liter of carbonated mineral water. This option is suitable for people who worry about dehydration.

  • First day menu of dried fruits. The diet includes dried fruits (300 grams), yogurt, 1 liter of water.
  • Second day – potato menu. In the diet – 10 boiled potatoes, 1 liter of water kefir.
  • The third day of the Apple menu. You need to eat 10 apples (green), drink half a liter of yogurt, 1 liter of mineral water.
  • Fourth day – chicken menu. In the daily diet – boiled chicken no salt added (about 1 kg), 1 liter of mineral water, yogurt.
  • Fifth day – cheese menu. Low-fat cottage cheese (about 1 kg), yogurt, 1 liter of water.
  • Sixth day – graviola menu. 1 kg of sour cream with a fat content of not more than 12%, 1 liter of water kefir.
  • Seventh day – discharge. You can only kefir and mineral water: 1 liter of water and yogurt.
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Out of the diet

Diet is considered to be complex, and out of it is hard-going. Nutritionists recommend that in the first week after the diet to not eat a lot because there is a chance to regain dropped weight.

There are several ways to get out of the diet.

The first is to limit sweets, fatty foods, alcohol for 30 days, and then, use these products in moderation. Usual portions must be reduced by 35-45%. It is best to daily diet was boiled meat, fish and fresh vegetables and fruits.

The next version of the diet – eating in a specific pattern. For example, as a basis to take your diet, but add in the first phase of “exit” to fries vegetable salad, and in between eat fruits. On the second day to eat 240 gr. cottage cheese, and not 400, but at the same time, add the menu, 2 eggs and a salad of cabbage, some apples. On day 3, useful the broth from poultry. So, you need to slowly enter into the diet of other products.

There is another way, it must consistently change the kefir, one of the meals on other products. Better to start again with fruits and vegetables, after adding eggs, and fish and meat only at the end of the week.

During the diet, whichever way you picked, it is necessary to observe some rules:

  • not to exclude yogurt from the daily menu;
  • do not forget about walks and physical exercises;
  • significantly increase the amount of fluids you drink (all suitable: green tea, juices, juices from packs, diluted fresh juices and black tea);
  • before eating drink a small amount of water or a few SIPS of herbal tea for cleansing the body;
  • be sure to eat every day vegetables and fruit.

When you exit the diet forbidden to use butter, fried potatoes, mayonnaise, pork, milk fat and other harmful to your waistline products.

Contraindications and side effects

The main result of diet is an effective bowel cleanse. Sometimes the body is faced with dehydration, since the amount of fluids you drink is reduced to 0.8 l of water, and yogurt is considered a diuretic. Losing weight in the reviews say that with much fat goes the muscle mass, for example, women say breast reduction.

Low-calorie menus significantly slows down the basic metabolic process, therefore after the diet to lose even 2 kg will be difficult. However, due to an unbalanced diet in people who don’t drink additionally a complex of minerals and vitamins, can disrupt the process of protein production, to appear, problems with the immune system, cause problems with the skin. Women may delay or failure of the menstrual cycle.

Weight sharply goes, because you can see the problem of stretch marks. Beauticians with low-calorie diet is recommended to use anti-cellulite creams.

However no contraindications to the kefir diet is almost there. Only that problems can appear in losing weight inflammation of the gallbladder – menu without the fat aggravates this disease.

Results diet and reviews

The diet is quite effective. However, as with every low-calorie meal plan, this diet is indispensable if you want to lose weight quickly. It is often choose to dramatically lose weight before a variety of secular events, before the rest of the sea when you want to be irresistible and get into the dress so that it does not bulge at the seams.

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How many kilos can you lose weight with diet Valley? This will depend on your metabolic processes and what kind of exercise was used. It is believed that excellent results are lost 4-6 kg and reduction in waist size by 2 cm, But many women who adhere to this system, talking about much more weight – up to 10-14 kg, because the weight continues to go over a couple of weeks with proper diet.

The positive effects of weeks on the low-fat yogurt include better digestive tract. Women in the feedback note and improvements in nails and hair. Many on the skin is greasy luster. During the month, following this diet, many people have observed improvement in health.

Tough, but effective! Tried with my mom on a diet. I had the 4 day diet, I ate potatoes with herbs and salt and cheese put sour cream. The result threw the 2 kg And mother for a week a strict diet plus 1 day mineral water has achieved stunning results — minus 11 kg! So if You have enough willpower and patience, the diet will help to get rid of unwanted pounds.

Elena, 26 years old Moscow

Choose kefir diet Larisa Dolina for a number of reasons. For starters, it is quite effective in 7 days I’ve lost 3.6 kg. it’s also safe, which is important. And most importantly I love yogurt, so to me this diet is only a joy. Need to lose another 3 kg, plan to repeat in a week.

Larisa 35 years old Rivne

Quite a useful Japanese diet, kefir stomach doing a good job, I lasted a week, dropped 2.4 kg. Feelings after the diet incredible, the mood positive all the time. On the last day of fasting made a day off, never went anywhere, just lay on the couch with some water, read useful literature, so eating it seemed to me many advantages, but this approach required quite responsibly, not to cause harm to the body. Diet Larisa Dolina enjoyed it.

Marina 41 Tula