Kefir diet Larisa Dolina diet days, diet, menu, exit and basic rules

Larisa Dolina — famous singer — for a long time trying to lose weight, but nothing worked. However, her tenacity and perseverance brought success, because she finally found «their» diet. Help to lose weight psychotherapist Dmitry Saikiv, developed quite a long time kefir diet, which became popular thanks to Larisa Dolina.

The basic rules of the diet

Staple diet is kefir, drink it daily. There are three options menu later, select one. Diet for quick weight loss takes a week, but if there is a need, the second option can be extended for up to two weeks without consequences for health.

In addition to the developed scheme of the meal must be guided by other rules.

  1. The volume of water consumed during the day should be reduced to half a liter.
  2. Before each meal, take a herbal extract at a dose of 4 pieces of glass.
  3. You need to eat six times up to 18 hours.
  4. This diet should be combined with daily walks and evening active walk in the fresh air.

Valley diet for quick weight loss

All three types of kefir diet among themselves similar. The difference is the amount of food consumed and the menu. The proposed schemes should be added daily water intake of 0.5 liters and before each meal drink an infusion of herbs, performing a few SIPS. In the morning for the whole day brewing herbs such as St. John’s wort, calendula, chamomile.

The first variation menu

Calculated kefir diet Larisa Dolina 7 days. In the course of it every day, the girls shed 1 kilogram. The power supply circuit of this variant is not designed for reception by hours, so it is suitable for those who can’t eat by the clock. The following products should be consumed per day, divided into portions.

  • For the first day diet should eat 400 grams of potatoes, cooked in their skins and kefir 1% of fat in a volume of 500 ml.
  • The second day consists of the ingestion of sour cream (200 g), which is taken 15% fat. This day is also used kefir in a volume of 500 ml.
  • For the third day of the diet should eat low-fat cottage cheese, which you need to eat 7 large spoons, and also drink kefir (500 ml).
  • On the fourth day in the diet appears chicken breast. It is cooked without adding salt, use bathed in yogurt, kefir, take in the amount of 500 ml.
  • On the sixth day drink only kefir should be consumed 1 liter.
  • The seventh day implies acceptance of 1 liter of carbonated mineral water.
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The second variation menu

This version of the diet Larisa Dolina for quick weight loss can practice for two weeks. In the first week you can lose up to 5 kg, while the second — up to 3 kg.

Eat should be the alarm clock. The meal is every two hours, starting from 8am and ending 18 hours.

  • The first day should eat 400 grams of potatoes, baked in their skins without salt added. To add to it, 1% kefir — 500 ml.
  • On the second day take kefir (500 ml) instead of potatoes eat low-fat cottage cheese (400 g).
  • The third day eat any fruit except banana and grapes, the total number should not exceed 400 g Fruit to pour the yogurt.
  • On the fourth day allowed diet of boiled chicken without adding salt 400 g, is added to the yogurt in the amount of 500 ml.
  • On the fifth day again eat fruit (400 g), drink a half liter of yogurt.
  • On the sixth day is permitted only mineral water without gas, in a volume of 1.5 liters.
  • On the seventh day, eat 400 g of fruits, except grapes and bananas, washed down with 500 ml of 1% kefir.

If you still have the strength to continue on the same diet, in a week such a menu can be repeated, and yet eat as before, limiting the amount, excluding the consumption of fat. This week you can get 1 kg, but the second part of the diet is able to remove a few pounds and fix the result.

The third variation of the menu

This option involves adding to the scheme 1 liter of mineral water without gas. This technique is suitable for those who are afraid of dehydration.

  • On the first day of the diet is allowed to eat dried fruit, which you need to consume 300 grams, you also need to drink kefir (500 ml), plus drink mineral water.
  • The second day eat potatoes, you need to eat about 10 pieces, also on the day, stretch the liter of mineral water and low-fat yogurt.
  • On the third day allowed to eat green apples ( not more 10 pieces), add, as usual, kefir and mineral water.
  • On the fourth day allowed a piece of boiled chicken no salt added, to this plus mineral water and yogurt in same quantity.
  • The low fat cottage cheese up to 1 kg use the following for a fifth day, adding to it all the same yogurt and mineral water.
  • On the sixth day you can eat 1 liter of sour cream 15% fat, use it with yogurt. For a day drink a liter of mineral water.
  • Fasting is the seventh day. Rapid weight loss is not far off, limit this day only mineral water and yogurt.
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The Japanese diet is not so easy, so out of it easily. Experts advise to go with caution, because dietary restrictions can play a cruel joke. Disappeared extra pounds may reappear if after a tough diet to pounce on the food, making up for lost time.

Out of kefir diet Larisa Dolina for quick weight loss in several ways:

The first is to limit fatty foods, alcohol, sweet dishes throughout the month. After this time you should consume this product in moderation. You want to reduce your usual portion by 30-40%. The daily menu should include:

  • fish, steamed or boiled
  • beef,
  • fresh vegetables and fruits.

The second way out of kefir diet nutrition under the scheme. For example, you can take as a base this kefir diet, adding the first day to the potato salad, as snacks are fruit. The next day instead of 400 g of cottage cheese to eat 300, but add coleslaw, two eggs, an Apple. On the third day to allow myself the chicken broth. Using this method gradually in the diet will be all the food.

There is also another technique out of the diet. According to her, instead of yogurt consistently need to introduce other products. First aid, of course, come vegetables and fruits, after, are involved in the process the eggs at the end of the week it is already possible to use fish and meat.

When you exit any dietary restrictions should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Increase fluid intake to several times. You can include in the menu of juices, tea green and black.
  2. We should not abandon the daily use of kefir.
  3. Daily eat vegetables and fruits.
  4. For cleaning the body before meal you should drink some water or green tea.
  5. Do not forget about physical exercises and walks. Join a gym to «pump up» the shrunken chest.
  6. In the period of the diet is prohibited to consume high-calorie foods such as fried potatoes, butter, mayonnaise, pork, fat milk, and others, can harm podtyanuvshy figure.
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The effect of diet

Kefir diet, like other low-calorie power system gives good results. It becomes indispensable when you need to lose weight in a short period of time. It is used when you want to lose weight before the trip to the sea, to various secular events when you want to wear a dress that already doesn’t add up.

With the help of kefir diet Valley can reduce the waist by 1.5 cm, and weight to lose 5 pounds. It is considered a good result. However, many «puffs» and experience the diet for yourself, claim to have dropped to 9-12 kg, as the weight goes back on and step out of it, if done correctly.

After diet notice many positive transformations of appearance and health. So, improving performance of the intestines improves condition of hair and nails, fades the greasy Shine of the skin. All observed within the first month after you quit the diet increased efficiency.