Kremlin diet for weight loss: a complete table menu for the week and for every day

Kremlin diet – is a method of correction of weight, which is based on restricting carbohydrate intake. This diet came from protein power, which was developed by a cardiologist from America Robert Atkinson in 1971. The main difference between the above diet is in counting carbs.

The essence of the Kremlin diet

Easy diet of American astronauts or the «Kremlin diet» has several options for their appearance. According to one version – the name she got from the astronauts, which were specially created. Other sources say that the diet was developed during the Soviet Union’s leading nutritionists only for high-ranking officials.

Long time diet was under the aura of mystery, as rules, recipes and tips to lose weight for over 25 years nobody has been disclosed. After the publicity, low-carb diet beginning to enjoy great popularity among all people.

The essence of the diet is based on the significant restrictions on the receipt of the carbs, as a result, for the shortfall of energy required for human life, the body uses internal reserves located in adipose tissue. Due to this gradual weight loss.

Eugene Black, the reporter of «Komsomolskaya Pravda», tried it on the menu «American astronauts» and wrote a book that presents a description of the menu (meals on days of the week), the table of finished dishes, the secrets of power.

No carb diet differs from many of the systems of power that «allows» consume «forbidden» foods. In this procedure, protein products (cheese, cottage cheese, fish, eggs, lean meats) can be consumed in unlimited quantities. And from the daily diet need to exclude sweets, bread, vegetables, fruits, concentrated juices, rice, potatoes.

Kremlin diet designed to adjust the weight without damage to the body. For dieters, food menu per day will be 30-50. E. to gain weight – about 70. that is, store the result at -80. E.

To know the number of points (1. E. equal to 1 gram of carbs per 100 gr.) in products by using a special table which designed the menu of this food system. In addition, to facilitate the calculation of points will be able to help the analyzer recipes that you can find online.

The most common mistake that slows down the process of achieving the desired effect is a violation of the conditions of the adjustment weight (spontaneous reduction or increase in scores in the daily diet).

The principal terms of the Atkins diet:

  • lead an active lifestyle;
  • not to podslushat any products;
  • to control the volume of carbs that are consumed in a day.

Pluses and minuses of the Kremlin diet

The main advantage of the diet is its high efficiency (minus 5-7% of total weight per week, 7-9% — in one month).

The advantages of the diet:

  • Normalization of metabolic processes. Limiting the amount of carbohydrates consumed helps the body to restore metabolism.
  • No need to count calories. A special table facilitates the carbohydrates part of losing weight and used to calculate energy value of foods.
  • The lack of hunger and sleepiness due to the digestion of protein.
  • The ease of use. Due to the fact that the Kremlin diet does not imply an hourly intake of food during weight loss can adhere to a routine schedule.
  • No need to buy expensive special powders and mixtures, as in the case of losing weight energy diets.
  • The removal of carbohydrates. While dieting during the month change taste preferences. Or rather, decreases the craving for confectionery products.

Despite undeniable benefits, this weight loss system has some drawbacks.

Disadvantages of the diet:

  • An excess of these substances causes ketosis. Carcinogenic substance, damaging the myelin sheath of the internal organs, can cause severe poisoning of the body. But this condition usually passes in a latent form without symptoms. Because the consequences of intoxication may appear only in 4-5 months.
  • The formation of ketone bodies. Lack of carbohydrates in the menu can help to ensure that for energy the body begins to use body fat. But the shortage of organic compounds in menu creates an incomplete combustion of fat in the body, it leads to toxic substances – ketone bodies.
  • Increasing the load on the system the urinary tract. Excessive consumption of protein leads to stagnant processes in the gallbladder and kidneys. With the result that the authorities appear oksalatnyh and urate stones.
  • Deficit of beta-carotene, calcium, vitamins and bioflavonoids. Meager consumption of fruits and vegetables provokes the appearance of conditions such as: tooth decay, brittle nails, teeth, bones, the formation of spurs on the heels, low immunity, bleeding nose, the appearance of «fill» around the mouth.
  • The lack of a daily menu dietary fiber. This diet for weight loss involves limiting your intake of plant foods where gluten is. Therefore, the stomach cannot properly perform the evacuation function. This condition is based on the appearance of the goiter.
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Having studied the advantages and disadvantages Kremlin diet, we proceed to the definition of the side effects of this method of weight loss.

Contraindications to the diet

During the transition to a protein-fat diet, in addition to the table of food with prohibited and permitted products, based on the number. E., you must consider the condition of his body.


  • Heart disease – hypertension, coronary disease, angina. An excessive amount of cholesterol enters the body with animal products, is often the cause of atherosclerosis. Therefore in the presence of these diseases need to refrain from adhering to this diet for weight loss.
  • Chronic diseases of the urinary system – kidney failure, glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis. Due to the fact that this power supply system provides intake of large amounts of protein, diseased organs can not quickly withdraw processed products of decay. Because of purine substances, which are in meat products, is formed uric acid. Its excess leads to the body to the appearance of gout.
  • Menopause. The lack of dairy products in the daily menu creates calcium deficiency. This condition is especially dangerous for women over 55 years during the hormonal changes the body, because the risk of osteoporosis, the process of menopause, increases three times.
  • Diseases of the digestive system – gastritis, ulcers, intestinal dysbiosis, metabolic syndrome, and constipation.
  • Diabetes. The presence of this disease does not exclude the possibility of using this diet. But in this case you must strictly adhere to the table. E. and to lose weight under the supervision of an endocrinologist. You also need to understand that for people with diseases of the pancreas, lack of carbohydrates in the menu often has negative consequences – the formation of diabetic nephropathy or hypoglycemia.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding period.

The observance of the Kremlin diet for more than a month causes shortage of basic nutrients and, as a result, disruption of metabolic processes. To compensate for the lack of minerals is possible by including in the diet of multivitamin complexes and biologically active additives.

The fundamental rules of weight loss on the Kremlin diet

Menu every day is the key to successful weight loss or weight gain, as well as strict adherence to the daily diet, regular exercise, a daily scoring.

  • Maintain salt and water balance. Daily dose of fluids – at least 2 liters. It is recommended to drink herbal teas, hawthorn, rosehips, ginger.
  • To remove from menu sugar, as in 100 gr. this product 99. E. of carbohydrates. During the initial stage of the Kremlin diet day menu is designed for 20. E., no more than 30. that is, 4 times less than the amount of organic compounds in 120 gr. sweets.
  • It is impossible to overeat. Despite the fact that the table of the carbohydrates allows the consumption of foods with a small amount of sugar, excessive consumption leads to negative consequences, or rather, the stretching of the stomach, weight gain, and slowing the digestive process.
  • To control the amount of consumed food. To exclude from the menu spicy, salty, fatty food. Do not forget that diet and alcohol is absolutely incompatible concepts.
  • To count the points. To make a menu for the day and for the week, and ready meals before consumption will certainly need to check on the number of points (. E.). Why you need to use a special table.
  • To assess their capabilities. Before you begin to observance a 14 day or monthly diet, preferably before it to develop a diet menu for one week and take the course. On the passage of this period, if no negative reactions from the body, you can start a full course of diet for 14 days.
  • To increase the consumption of unsweetened fruits, herbs, vegetables, fish, low fat meat lean varieties.
  • For the shortfall of minerals in the body to accept vitamin complexes.
  • The main condition weight loss is not to exceed the quantity of carbohydrates consumed (. E.) a day.
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Often 2 weeks on this diet accompanied by constipation and disorders of the stomach. To avoid this problem by introducing in the daily menu of 25 gr. wheat or oat bran.

The stages of the Kremlin diet

Phase induction Kremlin diet menu on 20. e

Most often the duration of this stage is 2 weeks. During the initial phase, the body adapts to the diet, start the process of digestion of fat. Start weight loss – reduced use of organic substances that contain carbonyl and hydroxyl groups, with the exception of menu, fruits, starchy vegetables, bakery, confectionery, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

The first stage: fats, proteins, green vegetables can be consumed in unlimited quantities. It is preferable to eat 3-4 times in laziness. Given that the initial stage of the diet is tolerated difficult, it is necessary to maximally diversify your diet with cooking of the foods that are allowed. Weight loss during this time will depend on the number of redundant pounds and ranging from 3-12 lbs.

Active weight loss

The main objective of this phase is to choose the rate and the amount of carbohydrates each day to prevent weight loss. At this stage, the weight loss program involves a gradual introduction to the daily menu, starchy foods – not more than 5. E. a week. If the increase in scores menu has slowed the weight loss, you must reduce the rate of organic matter to 3. E. a week. Stage 2 of the diet will depend on the speed of weight loss and continues until the final result will not remain 3-5 kg.

Extension diet

During this time, you need to slowly add foods with lots of carbohydrates – 10. E. (starchy vegetables, grains, fruits, legumes, nuts). It is very important to include one new product a day, this will give the opportunity to monitor the reactions of the body. If you add foods with carbohydrates weight loss does not occur, and Vice versa, the weight is typed in, it should immediately be removed from the diet. At this stage is to develop a power supply system of the Kremlin diet menu for each day, which will allow to maintain the resulting form and improve the effect of 3-5 kg.

For many people, this time an optimum amount of carbohydrates– 60. E. on the day. To the «dangerous» foods include: potatoes, pine nuts, carrots, beets, barley, rice, almonds, bread, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, beans, lentils, banana, grapes, mango, strawberry, watermelon. Therefore to introduce these products in the menu for each day should be very careful — one day, at a moderate volume. On average, this diet is the third stage lasts for several months.

Diet for the whole life

After achieving the desired result we must direct all efforts to preserve the effect. The Atkins diet assumes that low-carb nutrition throughout life. At the last stage it is best to give preference to carbohydrates, fats, and proteins carrying the most good. These products include: dried fruits, sprouted grains, whole grains and dairy products, vegetables, berries, seeds. To maintain the effect of weight loss you need every day to count the number of points the carbs and sure that the result of adding the allowed foods weight began to rise. Dynamics of body weight gain more than 3 kg talks about the need to return to past stages of weight loss.

During the entire time of weight loss need to pay great attention to sports, giving flabby muscle tone, enhancing energy level, accelerating metabolism, improving mood, stimulating the bowels and strengthening the ligaments. In addition, moderate exercise is a good remedy for improving mood and lifting of immunity, especially important during a change in the usual menu.

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Kremlin diet for 2 weeks

Given the great popularity of this menu, excluding the consumption of animal products, consider one of the variants of the Kremlin diet, which is adapted to vegetarianism.

For beginners weight loss, the number of points that can be consumed in a day must be 45. E., and in the future, this figure can be gradually reduced to 20. E.

First day:

  • Breakfast – boiled cauliflower – 200 gr. herbal tea;
  • lunch – soup made of beans (250 gr.) and mackerel (70 g.), Apple juice – 250 ml;
  • snack – grapefruit;
  • dinner – boiled cabbage – 170 gr. shrimp – 150 gr., herbal tea.

Second day:

  • Breakfast – stewed zucchini with mushrooms – 170 gr. herbal tea;
  • lunch – boiled fish is 170 gr. pickled cabbage – 120 gr., herbal tea;
  • snack – juice of carrots – 250 ml;
  • dinner – carrot juice – 250 ml, boiled mushrooms – 130 gr., a cucumber.

Third day:

  • Breakfast – one Apple, tea from rose hips;
  • lunch – buckwheat – 120 gr., sauerkraut – 80 gr., boiled mushrooms – 80 gr., green tea;
  • snack – ginger tea;
  • dinner a cucumber.

The fourth day:

  • Breakfast – sauerkraut – 170 gr. infusion of hawthorn;
  • dinner – herbal tea, squid «a couple» — 250 gr., cooked rice – 70 g.;
  • snack – shrimps (5 PCs.);
  • dinner – one Apple, boiled perch fillet – 120 g, green peas – 120g.

Fifth day:

  • Breakfast – stewed cabbage – 130 gr.; boiled shrimp – 170 gr. herbal tea;
  • lunch – mushroom soup – 300 gr.;
  • snack – grapefruit;
  • dinner – boiled mushrooms – 140 gr. herbal tea.

The sixth day:

  • Breakfast – orange juice – 250 ml;
  • lunch – soup of vegetables, based on zucchini, carrots, peas, cabbage – 250 g, green tea;
  • snack – pine nuts – 50 gr., one Apple;
  • dinner – boiled mushrooms or cabbage – 120 gr., green tea.

The seventh day:

  • Breakfast – one tangerine or cranberries – 60 g., green tea;
  • lunch – boiled cauliflower – 70 gr., squash soup – 200 gr.;
  • snack – carrot juice – 250 ml or one Apple;
  • dinner – green tea, boiled shrimp – 120 gr., sauerkraut – 160 gr.

After a week of dieting, weight loss may reach 4-6 kg, for weight 9-10 kg required Kremlin diet menu for 10 days, which will include the same steps for each day.

Summing up, I must say, the Kremlin diet – is the perfect solution «naidennykh» problems. Basic conditions for this method of weight loss: counting each day of carbohydrates consumed (. E.), not to overeat, nothing podslushat, drink more than 2 liters of water daily, to a regime, without any change in the daily menu.