L-carnitine (alternity): description, usage instructions, reviews and features

L-carnitine (alternity, carnitine, l-carnitine) is a natural substance responsible in our body for metabolic processes and is able to promote the regeneration of muscles. Also it activates the metabolism of fat and improves the appetite. Basically l-carnitine is used by athletes to improve overall health and accelerating recovery after exercise, and for weight loss. It also replenishes the energy reserves in the body and helps to recover quickly after a serious burden on the body or brain. This Supplement is also prescribed to elderly people to improve memory and attention.

What it is and how it works?

L-carnitine stimulates fat metabolism, thereby slowing the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates in the body. It is also proven that it helps to normalize body weight and accelerates regeneration of nerve tissue. For people with heart disease l-carnitine helps increase resistance to physical stress. L-carnitine is also indicated for people with hypoxia, as has antihypoxia action.

There is also evidence that l-carnitine improves the viability of male sperm and in some cases helps fight chronic fatigue syndrome.

Carnitine is produced in the body and performs several vital functions:

  1. He transportorul fats inside the mitochondria, which is the process of splitting. Thus, lack of carnitine does not consume the incoming fats.
  2. Protection from apoptosis («suicide» of cells).
  3. Protection of the nervous tissue.

Since l-carnitine is a natural substance and is produced in our body, the question arises: what will happen with its lack, and it may be a lack of this substance? Studies found that l-carnitine does not apply to the essential substance and its deficiency can be caused by only genetic disorders or certain diseases (chronic renal disease or prolonged use of certain antibiotics).

So, alkanity shows the following groups of people:

  1. People wanting to lose weight.
  2. Athletes who want to build muscle and increase your results.
  3. People with heart disease who want to improve their health without interference or exercise.
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Taking l-carnitine is best combined with the intake of vitamin b complex: B3, C, B6, B9, B12. It is also better to try to take the amino acids methionine and lysine, as it will increase the natural synthesis of l-carnitine and you don’t have to constantly use this Supplement due to the fact that after the cessation of its application weight is typed in again. Natural synthesis, of course, much better, so worth several times to think, you need to buy, and whether you want to do.


Feedback about the reception of this substance are mostly positive, and many who have tried to take l-carnitine, you can see the result is obvious. However, to see the result in losing weight or weight, you must combine the supplements with exercise and not be tempted to eat much, as alcornites increases appetite. And don’t forget that every body works differently, whereby the effect of supplementation can vary.

For example, you can gain weight or lose weight slower than other people, and this is due to the different fat metabolism. So do not expect instant results and you need to wait a bit before making conclusions.

Some say, the most effective intramuscular injections, administered in the buttocks before training. The intramuscular method of administration of any drug is considered more effective than oral (in the mouth), but fraught with the problem of contamination via the syringe, causing many to abandon it. And many say that the relatively high price for l-carnitine is justified.

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To make it convenient for drug l carnitine instructions for use and indications for admission listed below.

Usage instructions


In addition to the active ingredient — l-carnitine in the composition of dietary supplements consists of several substances: magnesium stearate and calcium hydrogen phosphate. Both substances are harmless to the body and does not interact with it. They are there as components of pills intended to retain the active substance.

Side effects

Usually in compliance with the instructions for use there are no side effects of the drug. There are isolated cases of intolerance and allergies. Contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Forms of release and dosage

Available in the form of capsules, tablets and syrup. Typically, the vials do contain more concentrated the substance, and because the price is more expensive of tablets and syrup.

Usually take 250-300 mg 2-3 times a day. At high physical loads, increase the dose to 500-1500 milligrams and also take 2-3 times a day or before exercise. You should not use the Supplement for more than 6 months. Do not also combine carnitine with food intake. If you are taking tablets, and syrup, the dose of supplements is 5 milliliters three times a day, and athletes — 15 ml before exercise. If you bought capsules, there are a few guidelines for the use: the capsule does not open, swallowed whole and washed down with water. The dose count based on the weight of the active substance (carnitine) in the capsule.

Where to buy?

Buy l-carnitine in pharmacy, sports nutrition store or right here at some gyms. The price of this Supplement varies depending on method of production and the concentration of the active substance.

What else?

If you decide to lose weight or undertook the conquest of sports tops, or just want to get in decent physical shape, l-carnitine supplementation you certainly will help but not forget about physical activity. This can be as exercise, regular easy running, which will also help you expend energy that is needed for weight loss. Since this Supplement speeds up fat metabolism, and has you will want more so don’t forget to watch your diet.

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L-carnitine is ideal for those people who eat a little but still not lose weight. If you have no progress, should think and start taking l-carnitine. Do not be afraid for the side effects such as allergic reactions or illness that may occur in the course of taking the pills: the efficiency of the drug is proved by the large number of studies, and it will work, if you follow the foregoing is not to reduce the calorie content of the diet (if you feel slight hunger) and continue to train at the same pace, and better this pace to increase.