Light diet for weight loss at home menu how to spare the body, contraindications

Despite the fact that people have long been familiar with the diet and have had time to try many of them, but often people do not think about whether they fit to the body. Not everyone knows that in the day the body needs to 37 micro — and macroelements. And if it is not provided at least one of them, this would put him in some rather difficult conditions. But is it possible to do something in this situation?

Where and by whom was invented light diet for weight loss?

With the concept of «light diet» the world has known you through Pevzner M. I. This man was known in the Soviet period, scientist-physician, who served as the organizer of the Institute of nutrition in Moscow, which has devoted much time to the study of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This man and initiated the development direction of clinical gastroenterology and dietetics as a science.

The concept of «light diet» beginning to come into use from 1921 to 1951. Then Manuel Isaakovich much time to the study of the properties of the gastrointestinal tract, trying to develop an optimal nutrition plan, which could be taken by people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases and diabetes.

However, in 1951 his work was stopped and all his works sent to the archive. But in 1956, all the documents were lifted from the archives, and after a long study of materials known then the concept of «table» was replaced with an official «diet» that was designed for people with diseases that are present in the list of Pevsner.

The concept and meaning of sparing diet for weight loss

Under gentle diet, you should understand the most appropriate power scheme for the patient, which helps him in the treatment of the underlying disease. The base of the menu are simple dishes and products, using which the human body will obtain the essential trace elements. Its main feature is that, by sticking to it, it is possible to minimize the harm to the part of the body, when the disease which is recommended to stick to a sparing diet.

If we talk about the essence of this power, the person is free to determine themselves the foods to provide the body with energy for normal operation. But the products should be such that they do not lead to an overabundance of this energy.

Based on a sparing diet lies a few fundamental principles: 5 meals, eating meals at room temperature, the correct selection of products tailored to the right way of cooking, allowing you to save the maximum number of macro — and micronutrients.

How is losing weight with gentle diet?

Most people are unaware that the body is a powerful chemical factory, which throughout his life busy with the assimilation of nutrients from food, as well as drafting the most important ones. If the body loses, at least, one such element, it has to operate in emergency mode to eliminate the gap. As a result, the body has to expend large amounts of energy.

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Throughout the human body tries to extract things are necessary substance in order to use them with other available elements to create the necessary formula. Such processes are for large expenditures of energy, and if a substance lacking in the body, the person begins to feel hungry.

But should we just abandon the diet how to get thousands of kilojoules remain unspent and gradually start to turn in stocks, and to put it in other words — fats. And most of the time there is not the idea that the body has to work very hard circumstances, when he deals with the accumulation of energy and then trying to transform it into fat.

However, in the case of sparing diet for weight loss all occurs absolutely differently. Here the body is not selective, so each substance from the food enters the body in full. And people will not feel acute hunger, because of which many diets are ineffective. A similar option is the safest, because it allows to avoid the accumulation of calories.

The first time the body spends in order to turn fat reserves into active energy. At this stage during a sparing diet the body receives all the necessary substances for its proper functioning.

But to people for a long time not gaining weight, this diet allows you to maintain the optimal proportions of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber, which are optimally combined within the framework of a sparing diet.

Daily menu sparing diet for weight loss

Water. For people who choose this diet, you must daily drink 1.5–2 litres of non-carbonated drinking water. If during this diet you have acute kidney disease, you can use water in any quantity.

Porridge. People have to eat daily 100 -2 00 gr. porridge, made with water. It is recommended to give buckwheat, oats, millet and lentil.

Yogurt. Daily rate of yogurt — 0.2 liters. It is useful to alternate this product with cottage cheese, yogurt.

Vegetable oil. It is useful to take every day for 2 teaspoons.

Butter. Every day, the body need to provide these products in quantities of one teaspoon. It is also useful to alternate it with fatty cream.

Milk. The daily requirement of the body is 0.2 liters. It is recommended to use low-fat milk, which is useful to alternate with low-fat dairy products.

Meat. The daily requirement is 200 gr. the lean meat. The most useful is beef, veal and poultry. This product is useful to alternate with fish, liver, seafood.

Vegetables. A day to eat 300 – 500 grams. vegetables.

Fruit. Daily rate — 1 — 3 savoury fruit. They are useful to alternate with the berries.

Bread. Daily dose – 5-10 g. bread. Bread can be any except made with white flour. Allowed to include in the diet of breadcrumbs.

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Tea. Every day you can drink one or two cups. People who don’t like this drink, you can replace it with chicory, rose hips or mint. A good alternative, they may be jelly, jelly and compote.

Eggs. It is recommended to eat 2 pieces twice a week.

The above scheme is designed for a person weighing 70-80 kg. For people with more weight is necessary to Supplement the diet with grains. For people with a smaller stature it is necessary to exclude from the menu of porridge and bread.

Sample menu sparing diet for weight loss for a week

The first day

  • Breakfast: bread with honey, a bowl of cereal and a Cup of tea.
  • Second Breakfast: a couple of slices of bread with butter, a few apples, low-fat cheese or cottage cheese.
  • Lunch: broth made from chicken or beef (150 gr.), sea Kale and a Cup of tea.
  • Afternoon snack: carrot juice, biscuit or cereal biscuits.
  • Dinner: yogurt, liver (not more than 150 gr.), salad vegetables.

The second day

  • Breakfast: bread, porridge and a glass of milk.
  • Second Breakfast: vegetable and fruit juice and cottage cheese.
  • Lunch: milk soup, steamed vegetables, a few pieces of bread and a glass of tea.
  • Afternoon snack: yogurt or other fermented milk product, a piece of bread.
  • Dinner: a few pieces of bread, baked fish, a glass of tea.

The third day

  • Breakfast: tea with milk, sandwich with butter, cheese.
  • Second Breakfast: fruit or as a replacement for the juice of them, sponge cake, prepared on kefir.
  • Lunch: soup, boiled vegetables, steamed meatballs, salad and a glass of tea.
  • Afternoon tea: some toast with butter, two tomatoes.
  • Dinner: bread with honey and a glass of milk.

The fourth day

  • Breakfast: a sandwich with butter, cereal and a Cup of tea.
  • Second Breakfast: a Cup of yogurt and fruit.
  • Lunch: broth made from fish, fish as a main dish, salad vegetables and a Cup of tea.
  • Snack: liver, vegetable salad.
  • Dinner: milk and biscuits made from cereals.

The fifth day

  • Breakfast: a Cup of yogurt, porridge.
  • Second Breakfast: a few eggs, vegetable salad.
  • Lunch: soup, boiled beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables, a Cup of tea.
  • Afternoon snack: cottage cheese combined with fruit, which can be replaced with a casserole.
  • Dinner: a sandwich with butter and a Cup of tea.

The sixth day

  • Breakfast: sandwich with butter and a Cup of tea.
  • Second Breakfast: a Cup of yogurt and fruit.
  • Lunch: soup, fish dishes, steamed, porridge and a Cup of tea.
  • Afternoon snack: yogurt, cereal biscuits.
  • Dinner: milk, a few pieces of bread.

The seventh day

  • Breakfast: any citrus, cereal.
  • Second Breakfast: cheese sandwich, salad vegetables.
  • Lunch: soup made of mushrooms, some eggs, seafood salad, a Cup of tea.
  • Dinner: a sandwich with butter and a Cup of tea.
  • Dinner: fruit, Cup of yogurt, biscuits, cereals.

A list of products that should be excluded when a sparing diet

During a sparing diet for weight loss should especially pay attention to the menu, because from some food groups need to give up:

  • products that have a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system;
  • sugar;
  • white flour and any baked.
  • fast food, any food fried in oil.
  • fresh baked goods made from yeast.
  • chocolate;
  • any bean;
  • condiments, especially spicy.
  • foods prepared with preservatives.
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Rules compliance sparing diet in diseases

If you have diabetes. Along with the basic recommendations necessary to reduce the consumption of animal fats, egg yolks, liver and carbohydrates.

In diseases of the heart. You must limit the intake of carbohydrates. Also need to reduce the intake of fats, fruits can be consumed in small quantities. Tea is a drink, not.

When kidney disease. From the main menu eliminated to the minimum protein, tea and water. Any meals without using salt.

For gastritis. If the disease runs with high acidity, it reduces the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. At low pH restrictions on the consumption of raw vegetables and fruits no. Especially careful you have to be with meat, fish and seafood, which can only be consumed in ground form.


For people who care for their health, it is necessary first to review their food. This problem has interested scientists for a long time therefore people, which used a varied diet, are familiar with this concept as light diet. The main attention is paid to the selection of the right combination of ingredients that can provide the body with all the necessary elements.

Although it was originally intended for people suffering from certain diseases, it is also useful to healthy people to prevent and for weight loss. Although there are some limitations.

There is a list of products that have to limit or completely eliminate. Because the preparation of diets it is necessary to consider the human condition: the presence of certain diseases can also force to abandon certain products or reduce their use.