Liquid chestnut: negative reviews and real consumer feedback

The ideal of beauty, widely advertised by the TV and fashion magazines makes many women too critical of their appearance. In particular, to its weight. Weight, indeed, spoil the figure and can cause the development of serious diseases. In such cases, doctors advise to adjust your lifestyle, pay attention to balanced nutrition, and thus to normalize the weight.

A completely different way to treat weight loss if for the weight loss people that are configured for the experiments with different diets, purchase medications, which include extracts from little-known plants. For example, actively promoted by different sellers liquid chestnut.

«Liquid chestnut»: the composition, the effects of the

For the person who wants to get a quick result from means of losing weight liquid chestnut, is important information about the real effect that it has. So you need to pay attention to the documentation containing information on the composition of the drug, contraindications. Most importantly, when choosing methods of weight loss to harm their health.

The drug «Liquid chestnut» and contraindications

The name «Liquid chestnut», actually coined as a marketing ploy to increase sales of the product for weight loss. The buyer should know what information about the registration of the trademark «Liquid chestnut» is not available neither in Russia, nor in Ukraine, nor in other countries.

In the Federal register biological additives it also does not appear, therefore, to Badam not carry it. The real product is not liquid. It has a powdery consistency. On different sites the product for weight loss liquid chestnut can contain different components.

The complete list includes:

  • guaranine, theophylline;
  • theobromine;
  • resin, saponin, amides;
  • magnesium, calcium, potassium;
  • B1.

Guaranine is obtained from the fruits of guarana, in powder, offer for weight loss, it is effective, «long lasting» stimulant improve the tone. Its effect on the body is identical to the caffeine in tea or coffee.

The amount of guaranin in the composition of the liquid chestnut, sold in a trading network, may vary. But keep in mind that guarana contains caffeine two times more than in coffee. So contraindications for this component must consider buyers have problems:

  • heart and blood vessels;
  • kidneys, liver;
  • suffering from insomnia or disorder of vision in glaucoma.

Theophylline contained in the liquid chestnut has a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system, but not as strong as caffeine. It strengthens heart muscle contractions, and also has a diuretic effect. Decreased appetite causes long-term use of weight loss products. Contraindications this component should take into account buyers with gastritis, by low/high pressure, arrhythmia, ulcer of stomach and duodenum, as well as teenagers.

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Theobromine increases physical and mental capacity, reducing fatigue, and lifting mood. Can have a negative impact in case of overdose liquid chestnut.

Saponins and amides — organic compounds found in guarana. They have different effects on the body, from harmless to dangerous influence. For example, an excess of saponins may irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.

Caution: the Maximum allowable daily rate of taking the drug for weight loss liquid chestnut dose is 3 grams. Its excess is strictly prohibited.

In case of symptoms indicating a deterioration of health, you must consult a doctor.

Real testimonials from doctors, nutritionists and buyers

The correct and safe way to lose weight can choose, seek advice from the doctor-dietician. Practice shows that the real result reach integrated measures, including:

  • proper nutrition;
  • useful exercises;
  • reception checked (certified) weight loss products;
  • mandatory consultation with a specialist dietitian.

Reviews doctor the use of liquid chestnut is especially important to know if the person has health problems.

There is one important condition on which I will draw the attention of the patient. This is physical health. Patients who are overweight, suffering from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, its use is prohibited. For real weight loss they need to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat less carbohydrates and fats, to harden the body.

Healthy patients certified liquid chestnut advise to buy in the pharmacy network. Its price -1200 roubles per bottle.

Elena D. Daniel, dietitian.

I was approached by a patient asking for help to normalize weight. He’s 27 years old, healthy. However, due to the extra pounds he manifests excessive sweating that delivers psychological discomfort. We have developed a customized weight loss program with the inclusion of the liquid chestnut. After passing the necessary tests, picked up a dose for ingestion. The daily schedule included more physical activity (Hiking, badminton). Weight loss until the desired result has occurred in a few weeks.

Of course weight loss acquired five bottles of liquid chestnut (the price of one pack with certificate — 990). Bought on a trusted website. Substandard counterfeit not have the necessary for weight loss properties, and can be hazardous to health.

Oleg Ternovoy, dietitian.

Anyone who wants to buy for weight loss liquid chestnut, I advise you to consult an experienced dietitian. A review of each patient will always be highly individual. For some liquid chestnut «phoney», while others praised it, others criticized.

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Some reviewers meet complaints of various ailments. Therefore, all wishing to lose weight recommend starting this procedure after talking with the doctor and received clarification on the use of liquid chestnut.

Alla Stavitskaya, dietitian.

The opinion of the customers about the product can be divided into three categories — neutral, positive and negative. The reason for the neutral impact on the body composition of liquid chestnut experts explain individual differences or the fact that the product is a fake.

By nature I tend to be overweight, so constantly watching so as not to add extra pounds. Liquid chestnut purchased at a pharmacy with a certificate of quality. For a course on the advice of the doctor bought the required number of vials of the drug. In two months dropped 7 lbs. I Note that regularly are engaged in fitness, and diet close to the dietary. My opinion on the drug, rather neutral. Without an integrated approach to the problem of being overweight, the result will not reach.

Svetlana Egovtseva, 35 years old, Kazan, Russia

Negative customer reviews

Opinion about the negative effects of liquid chestnut can not guard attentive to their health. Besides responsibility for health, in the case of independent measures for weight loss, is up to us.

Acquired liquid chestnut slimming on a special website. The consultant advised for my case to buy five packages. With postage costs the price was $ 5 500 R. Carefully reviewed the instructions and started taking the powder. It’s been three weeks. The result is a zero grams weight loss. But its sedative effect is too much. You have an appetite, and gaining strength is not particularly felt. Of course, dissatisfied.

Tatiana Rodionova, 29 years, Saratov.

The liquid turned chestnut brown powder. On the third day I started to get sick and dizzy, although did everything according to instructions. About side effects it does not say anything. Had to stop taking. The condition returned to normal. The result — money on liquid chestnut wasted.

Price: 1900 R.

Alexander ivaneev, 40 years old, Tula.

Had read positive information about liquid chestnuts, and not even thought to look for a negative review. In the end, unable to share, disastrous experience, when instead of liquid nutritional supplements had to make a kind of gruel with a strange taste and weird smell.

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Of course, my couple of extra pounds seem not quite so critical. No, to lose weight with overseas vegetation I won’t. Better ours. So earn trust

Price: 1900 R.

Catherine Samson, 38 years old, Kaluga.

I bought a tool for weight loss «Liquid chestnut» on the advice of a friend. She warned me about the need to comply with the dose to avoid health problems. However, the pressure still jumped a little. After three weeks managed to lose 2 kg and a half — 1 kg. Someone say that, but my opinion leans more towards the negative side.

First, there is an overall weight loss and problem areas, for example, the belly is not pleased. Second, the technique of liquid chestnut causes increased sweating. This in itself is unpleasant. Until the harmony is still far. The next stage of weight loss want to agree with your doctor. Without the expert is correct shape is unlikely.

Angelina Belova, 34, Perm

I hope my negative feedback will help to avoid frustration in the liquid chestnut. Castroviejoi powder is no different pleasantness. I understand that the basis of it is biovolokno and the juice of an Apple. Taste Kislenko, not very tasty. Healing fiber gets stuck in the teeth.

In the bottom left something like the dried peel of apples and shavings from a stump. No effect was felt.

Price: 1488 R.

Irina Kuznetsova, 31 years old, Saint-Petersburg.


A healthy person leading an active lifestyle in the best case, liquid chestnut will not harm. But to rely on advertising slogans about the miraculous properties of guarana still not worth it, as well as to strive for rapid weight loss. This method of weight correction will not advise no one experienced dietitian.