Lose weight at home how to lose 5 pounds in a week reviews

The desire to look beautiful is not alien to any one person. But it can mess up weight. This problem is actual not only for women but also for men. Hardly anyone is willing to sit for weeks on a strict diet, in order not to achieve results. So many are trying to find a method by which you can lose 5 pounds in a week at home.

Weight loss without strict limits

Perhaps someone is surprised, however, there is a method that allows, without exposing your stomach diets easy and effortless to lose 5 pounds in a week. It is necessary to observe the following rules.

  • Water. We need to develop a habit of daily drink 1-2 liters of clean water without gas. It is desirable to do for half an hour before each meal, one glass. So you can run your stomach and simultaneously reduce the appetite.
  • A separate power supply. A good effect is split each meal into several parts. For example, Breakfast can be eaten at one time, and leave some portion for lunch. You can also do lunch, the rest of which you can eat at tea time. As for dinner, it will be rather modest. A few hours before bedtime can drink a glass of kefir or milk.
  • A proper replacement. It is recommended that instead of heavy meals to start eating light. So, you will be able to refrain from fried meat to boiled instead of burgers you can eat salad. Over time, try to stop eating fast food.
  • No harm. Make sure that on your table was chips, crackers, rice sticks and other snacks that do not bring the body to use. It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of salt.
  • A passion for the sport. Be sure to combine proper nutrition with any sport that you like. It can be as gym and dancing. But keep in mind that you have to, like to engage in a selected sport, so the effect of it will be the maximum.
  • The size of the portions. In fact avoid overeating is very simple: there is a amount of food that can fit on your palm.

Try to withstand such a diet as much time as I can. This will be enough to achieve considerable success. These tips are quite simple, but following them you will be able to lose weight at home by 5 kg per week without dieting. It is not excluded that this program will become your way of life, and then you’ll never worry about the problem of excess weight.

Getting rid of excess weight with a diet.

Many people very concerned about excess weight, often turn to fast diets. Their is only 3 types.

Mono —

In accordance with it, the diet should contain only one product. It can be bananas, apples or kefir. Even if you achieve success with this diet, keep in mind that it may have a negative impact on health. Eating monotonous food, your body will be deprived of many useful substances that must be supplied every day in the body in sufficient quantity. Besides, not every girl has enough willpower to go through the entire course.


The main principle of this diet is to reduce caloric intake to 1000 kcal per day. It is not surprising that a healthy woman whose daily diet has a caloric content of 2,400 calories, is experiencing severe stress, and sometimes may even fall into depression. With this diet you can for a short time to lose the necessary weight, but when you return to the same diet he not only persists, but everything is back to initial stage.

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Most nutritionists consider this diet is a great way to come to the desired weight. The main idea of the diet is to limit the consumption of carbohydrates contained in fruits, flour products and sugar. The diet includes healthy foods — cottage cheese, boiled chicken, fish and egg whites.

Protein diet is very popular due to the fact that they can very quickly lose weight, preserving muscle mass and holding for many months the result achieved. But can not do this diet without flaws: a person can feel the characteristic smell from the mouth, and also to deal with discomfort due to constipation.

Protein diet for women

In the framework of this programme meant the separation of food into several parts. Then the body would receive regular food, and you will not be bothered by a severe famine.

  • Start Breakfast with a glass of low-fat yogurt.
  • The second part of the Breakfast may consist of a serving of cottage cheese salad with fresh vegetables.
  • The third allowed Breakfast boiled fish with lettuce and slices of tomatoes.
  • The dinner begin with a glass of kefir.
  • Second lunch — 4 egg whites with lettuce.
  • For dinner you are allowed a piece of boiled chicken fillet (200 g) and 2-3 tomatoes.

If you follow this menu for the specified period will be able to lose the desired amount of pounds. This is the basis of the diet weight loss at home 5 pounds in a week. Subsequently, you will be able to choose for themselves the most appropriate meals that will help you more efficiently get rid of extra pounds.

The problem of excess weight in adolescence

Being overweight is a scourge not only of men and women, but children under the age of 12 years. In past years this would have caused many a surprise, but not today. Over the past two decades, there has been a lot of changes: there were computers, fast food, sugary soda, crackers and chips, and all this has led to obesity. Because even teenagers are becoming interested in effective diets that would allow them at a young age to remove excess weight without harm to the body.

If a teenager aged 14 years wondered how it is possible to lose weight quickly, then certainly most of us advise him to exercise or eat less. However, few consider the fact that we are talking about the child, the body which needs protein, fats and carbohydrates.

When the teenager exposes himself to certain restrictions of food, balanced on a menu he does not want to hear. So here should pay attention to the gentle ways to lose weight. This is the right approach, given that at this age the metabolism of the young organism running smoothly.

All teenagers who are faced with excess weight and want, without exposing themselves to severe restrictions to lose weight, it is enough to observe some simple rules:

  • Follow the time you spend sitting in social networks. Don’t sacrifice your sleep, because it directly affects health. The norm for a teenager is if he sleeps in the day at least 8 hours.
  • If the teenager enough time to sleep, it has a positive effect on his appetite.
  • Urgent as may have been you, you always have to eat Breakfast, because this meal depends on your health.
  • Do not neglect dinner. During it, you should eat boiled meat with vegetables and a light vegetable salad without mayonnaise.
  • For dinner it is recommended to prepare boiled fish with steamed vegetables and low-fat cottage cheese.
  • On your Desk should not be sweet dishes. But if you are very hard to manage without them, then you can afford to eat a small amount of bitter dark chocolate.
  • Negatively on the health of adolescent is affected by junk food, sedentary lifestyle. But, following the above rules, you can quickly lose weight at home by 5 kg per week, returning a beautiful figure without dieting.
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Whatever method is used, weight loss you must not forget about physical training. Otherwise, after a couple of weeks after the diet you will begin to return former weight. Benefits even a simple intensive morning exercise. It will help you tighten the muscles, tissues will get more oxygen and at the same time slowly begins to burn your fat reserves. If you will not only eat right, but also regular exercise, pretty soon you will be able to lose weight at home 5 pounds in a week.

To verify the effectiveness of exercises you can, if you can perform the following complex, which is required for the diet.

  • Run. A very effective lesson that allows you to lose weight quickly because it takes a lot of unnecessary calories, muscle tissue become more toned, the heart begins to work better.
  • Aerobic movement. Very useful for the body, as do his strong and hardy.
  • Dancing. Pursuing this sport, can not only have fun, but also quickly and effortlessly remove excess weight. Due to dancing you will always be in a good mood, and it will give you a great psychological help in weight loss.
  • Breathing exercises. In this lesson, you should pay attention to people who have not appear during the day free minute to engage in the sports. This gym will need to be given very little time, and the effect of it will be very large: it will help to organize the work of the cardiovascular system and improve metabolism.


I am no different from other teenagers and show a lot of weakness for different sweets, chips and soda. But just two years ago, I was concerned about his weight. He is 70 kg with height 165 cm. to ignore that, I just couldn’t. I used on different diets, but nothing but ill health, I have not received. But the best way to lose 5 pounds in a week helped me out. Easy to not be here, especially those who are first have to abandon the usual food. While I’m not ready to add exercise, but I started walking.

Recently I stopped taking my parents money for pocket expenses, once again not to eat something that can harm my body. Now there will soon be a week since I walk around the side of McDonald’s, as well as shops that sell takeaway food. I loved physical education lessons, which I try to do all exercises with special desire. And by the end of the week I was amazed that we achieved the desired effect — I was able to lose about 5 kg.


By profession I am an accountant, and that means a lot of time I have to spend on the computer, I sometimes don’t even leave the office for lunch, snack satisfied on the job. So I could not pay attention to the fact that the stomach and hips began to bulge. This, of course, does not decorate the male body. My job takes up most of my time during the day. Because of this, I can’t even go to the gym. But learning about methods of weight loss 5 pounds in a week, I decided to make a change in your daily routine. Recently I began to follow the protein diet and regularly perform morning exercises. Since my house is near the site of the work, I get to it on foot.

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Of course, I could not fail to note the positive effect of this diet — I have improved not only the health, but the head started to work better. Although it’s only been 3 days but I already want to see how could lose weight. It turned out that my weight has decreased by as much as 3 kg. I just couldn’t believe it. Therefore, I expect to stick to a selected plan of losing weight. Therefore, I cannot write in his review: methods of weight loss at home 5 pounds in a week — the most simple and effective system.


I have had the experience of losing weight with egg diet. Then I had a baby and I needed to return to the original weight. Following the recommended diet, I was able 4 weeks to lose 7 kg In General, that’s fine by me, though I hoped to lose 10. As we approach the summer season, I decided to start eating healthy food. But first I decided to clear your body of toxins, so how did you know without this it is impossible to actively lose weight. This time I was able to reduce your weight by 5 kg. Hence, before you diet you should first cleanse the body, and, of course, yourself correctly to adjust itself to the process of losing weight.



To lose 5 pounds in a week is not an impossible dream, you need to have the strength to change your habits. And it concerns not only the food, although it plays an important role in weight loss. It is impossible for many months to enjoy slim figure, if you do not exercise. It is therefore desirable to at least begin to do morning exercises, because it will bring even greater benefits to the body: so not only your weight begins to decrease rapidly, but you will feel better.