Lose weight in a week: reviews of slimming coffee, the principle of operation and price

A way to get rid of extra pounds, described by the words: drink coffee for weight loss — lose weight in a week may seem like a fairy tale for someone who is not one year trying to lose weight. At such moments, I’d like to believe advertising that promises to effortlessly help to lose 5-10 kg, what man wouldn’t even have to get up from a comfortable bed. But when we come back to reality, realize that it is much harsher than our dreams.

To reduce the amount of body fat with the help of coffee , but will have to make some effort.

Coffee for weight loss

If you are familiar with coffee, you know that advertising for it was chosen Ksenia Borodina. Talking about this tool, the presenter was referring to the product created by the company «Leovit nutrio». This firm is known for offering a comprehensive system of power called «lose Weight in a week». The effect of weight loss is achieved by eating a low calorie balanced meals. In the list of products in this series was the coffee, which was introduced to Russians by the famous host.

The essence

To avoid disappointment, once you need to understand that slimming coffee is a regular dietary Supplement. Therefore, to achieve the goal will have a lot of work on yourself: to comply with the diet and exercise. But this buyers will find out after the acquisition of the asset, because this information is usually written in small print.

Coffee is positioned as a tool that will promote weight loss. And it is expected that the act will help to speed up metabolism and reduce appetite. It is meant to be a barrier to harmful for the figure of substances which must not assimilate the body, and this should help to slow down the process of fat deposits.

For most people coffee seem to be an invigorating drink. Producers Bud took that and decided to make this image good. They managed to create a coffee «fat burning complex», which has the properties of regular coffee. Additional qualities is the increased demand in activity, so the person who takes this drink, unwittingly starts to move more.

The peculiarity of this drink is low-calorie analogues, and other favorite foods and drinks «Leovit nutrio» is that it is designed to help people gradually move to a healthy diet. According to the company, this is very important because it allows to avoid disruption of food and helps a person psychologically prepare for a new way of life. Due to the fact that their products present a balanced composition of natural ingredients, while reducing the weight of the body is provided with all the necessary nutrients.

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Recommendations for the use of

If to speak in more detail about the operation principle of the system «lose Weight in a week», it includes three main stages:

  • training;
  • weight loss;
  • the result of consolidation.

Developers indicated that the cycle can take place not more than 3-4 times a year. Training lasts 7 days and its essence is to cleanse the body and infusing it with vitamins and microelements. It is mandatory, otherwise people will lose weight not as active and this can lead to certain health problems.

The beverage used in the following two steps. To the slimming effect was more pronounced, the manufacturer recommends to observe the following rules:

  • At the stage of weight loss you need to consume no more than 1200 kcal, and in the stabilization phase weight — in the range of 1500-2000 kcal;
  • Setting your menu guide should be a product line «lose Weight in a week»;
  • Mandatory for successful weight loss is smaller meals in the day should be 4-6 meals a day, and each time it is necessary to reduce the amount of portions;
  • The last meal should be two hours before bedtime;
  • Mandatory fitness classes;
  • During weight loss charismatic fasting days in accordance with the «Fasting day» «Express diet for 3 days». They are satisfied in the final stage.

If you try to find opinions of people who tried coffee for weight loss «lose Weight in a week», they will vary. Is a lot who in a negative way speaks about the product. The President of the company «Leovit nutrio» she urges Pilate not to trust them. Often the criticism against them comes from the fact that people simply didn’t follow the rules of using this dietary Supplement, and therefore could not achieve the desired effect.

Types of coffee for weight loss

Developing a system «lose Weight in a week», the manufacturer decided to make everyone on personal experience to ensure that you to gain slim figure is possible, not limiting themselves to the food. Given that all people have different tastes, the company decided to give them a choice.

So their product assumes two variants: black coffee and cappuccino. Both of these drinks contain the same active components. However, they are used with small differences, because the constituent support elements have different effects on the body.

Preparing this drink on the same technology as in the case of conventional instant coffee. In accordance with reviews, it is necessary to take a suitable container, put in it one teaspoon of concentrate and fill with hot, not boiling, water in an amount of 150 ml.

Slimming coffee black

According to reviews, so this drink worked, it must be taken twice a day 30 minutes before meals. The manufacturer recommends to drink it before Breakfast and lunch. Make it must be used with caution, as it contains regular coffee. Therefore, after its use can occur agitation and insomnia, especially in people who are sensitive to caffeine. Count on the the desired effect only if the man refuses of sugar. Drink black coffee for weight loss resolves with the diet sweetener and milk, but not desirable.

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This drink has an unusual taste, so not everyone will like it. Everyone who has tried this coffee, I noticed that it has a pronounced flavor of cinnamon. If you are not a fan of the spice, or generally very negative attitude to coffee, you should think twice before you purchase this drink. Note that make you will have it for at least one week. If after another Cup of coffee, you have hunger, then don’t let yourself eat to satiety, and arrange a small snack.

Cappuccino coffee for weight loss

According to reviews, this fat burning complex recommended to take once a day instead of any of the meals. By analogy with a black coffee, they can replace Breakfast or lunch, although it wouldn’t be terrible if you decide to take it in the afternoon.

Keep in mind that for effective weight loss with the help of this drink you have to drink it before meals, but not Vice versa. The calorie content of a Cup of coffee is small and is about 50 kcal.

Unlike black coffee cappuccino has a milder flavor. Many say that it is very similar to cocoa. Although he recalled some soap. To predict how you would react to the cappuccino, is difficult. American scientists say that after a Cup of cappuccino there is a strong desire to eat due to the presence of fructose. Therefore, if you decide to take this Supplement, get ready to fight the urge to eat.

The price of a coffee

If you really got tired very quickly, in addition to the reviewing part should know its value. The price of this drink is quite high. For everyone it is available in two types of packages:

  • usual Bank, which sells classic coffee. It contains about 150 grams of soluble drink. If taken in accordance with the recommendations, it will last for a couple of weeks. The price of this package is 800 R.
  • a box that contains 10 sachets each weighing 3 grams each. If you drink this drink without gaps, it will last for a week. The price of this package is 200 p.

Coffee «lose weight week» reviews

The company «Leovit nutrio» was for me a Savior, because their products helped me lose weight. I am a long time user of their comprehensive sets of nutrition. Among them was this coffee. In the result of regular intake of this drink I was able to lose about 9 lbs. I still have remained faithful to this brand of coffee, which helps me to keep fit.

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At 36 years old and I am very concerned about low blood pressure, so diet for me is difficult. The weight that I have is 61 kg, I was not very happy. Given his age, I would like to weigh at least 57. And yet I manage to approach your goal through regular intake of coffee «Leovit». With him I stopped jumping pressure, but most importantly, I see the result is obvious — every week it takes me 1 kg. So, I think that very soon I will achieve my desired 57 kg.


About coffee for weight loss I learned a few years ago and had already started to apply it. I was not disappointed in this drink because I have achieved the desired effect, which is preserved for a long time. However, later I stopped to watch your diet, and this became my blunder.



About the wonderful drink «lose Weight in a week» today, don’t know is it only women who are not interested in their figure. Many have been used this coffee, but not everyone is happy with the result. But don’t blame the manufacturer. As a rule, to blame the users themselves, because waiting that extra pounds will go away. You need to understand that this coffee is nothing more than the addition to the main activities that should hold people in the fight against obesity. Therefore, to this drink did not disappoint you, you should use it in conjunction with diet and exercise.