Low carbohydrate diet for weight loss menu for each day, description and recommendations of this power system

Protein-carbohydrate meal plan its main aim has forced the body to rapidly break down carbohydrates, as they contribute to the formation of fat reserves. If there is insufficient carbohydrate in the human diet in the body is fat burning. The principle diet menu diet this: on the first day you eat a balanced food, where the same amount of protein and carbohydrates.

In the 2nd and 3rd day eating mostly protein, as the 4th – carbohydrate. In subsequent days, the food is alternated thus: two days on the proteins one carbohydrates. When you eat carbohydrate foods, it is likely that you will notice a slight weight gain, it happens due to the fact that carbs hold water, but the next day, the balance comes back to normal. In this diet, the weight loss, though slow, but is stable and stability.

Low carbohydrate diet for weight loss

This meal plan gives you the opportunity to lose weight in one size per month, but the basis of weight loss is the preservation of the body carbs at a reasonable level, as carbohydrates are a source of energy. There is even a special method of calculation of carbohydrates called «karyogamy». Low carbohydrate diet for weight loss not appropriate for dancers or athletes, as they always require energy to study.

Those reserves of energy that the body gets from carbohydrates stored in the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen, you can constantly store about 1500 calories. And when the desired amount of calories increases, the surplus transformered into fat.

Because the diet is one rule: the body is obliged to do a reasonable amount of calories for each eating, in this case, you will receive calories, which soon uses your body, and there will be those unnecessary calories that turn into fat deposits. Of course, protein is important, but for successful weight loss require carbohydrates.

The power supply circuit of carbohydrate alternation based on 170 carbognano a day. Of course, you can always doubt the amount of carbognano that you use, but carefully observe the amount of carbohydrates is written on the packaging of certain foods you eat.

Menu carbohydrate diets for weight loss

Diet for quick weight loss all the time, highlight a group of products that you should exclude from your menu, and low carbohydrate diet is no exception. Any girl is obliged to remember the main rule that the body may require additional fats, but in additional sugar, he never needs. When you reduce sugar consumption, is automatically reduced and the amount of calories.

If the diet includes large amounts of complex carbohydrates, increase physical activity, you will soon realize that you have successfully lasted a few days without sugar and you will be able to continue in the same pace. In most of the products is natural sugar, for example, it is in vegetables, fruits and milk, because the body without such products may not exist, but without the added sugar, from the outside, easily able to do, and it positively affects your health, you will soon see how this will affect the condition of your hair, nails, skin.

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For any diet is a meal plan, and it is absolutely forbidden to do snacks in between main meals, this is one of the main and hard rules that will guarantee that the diet will bring a positive effect weight loss. And even when you think that you hunger to faint, and in the first phase of this diet as you will not leave, not to make a mistake, as the body is a sufficient layer of fat that can support its work and no snacking between Breakfast and lunch.

Fat for your body is fuel, and if you continue to eat foods that don’t allow to use the already accumulated fuel. Your main goal is to make these resources work for you, and stocks work only when the body is experiencing a lack of them. During the meal itself, you can afford to eat a scoop of ice cream, and chocolate, and is not affected so in the figure, as a regular snack between main meals.

This diet proves how important for the entire body carbohydrates, because they need to stay in more detail. There are two types of carbohydrates:

  • complex carbohydrates can slowly increase blood sugar, and can be used in many foods as energy for the body from them will last for a long time. These products include bread, flour, pasta, whole grains, rice, vegetables, beans, peas.
  • simple carbohydrates, they quickly increase blood sugar levels, but also power after they disappear very quickly. These carbohydrates are sucrose contained in fruits and vegetables, fructose (fruit, honey), lactose (milk, yoghurt), glucose (vegetables, honey, fruits), maltose (barley, grain).

Do not forget that the body is vitally necessary to obtain proteins, because it is not necessary to abandon protein foods. Proteins also are of two types:

  • complete proteins;
  • defective proteins.

A complete protein is composed of 8 amino acids, related to the main. Their importance lies in the fact that directly the body, they can not form, and to draw only from the products entering the body. For example, low carbohydrate diet for weight loss menu, you have to be to in the diet were meat and fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. With any eating any of these products shall be ingested. Protein rich vegetable products, seeds, wheat germ, soy beans.

Facts in support of the meat products that the meat has to be in the diet 2-3 times a week, fish 1-2, and neither fish nor fowl not need to fry, as there are many different options to cook tasty these products are, for example, to cook in a double boiler, bake or saute.

When carbohydrate diet for weight loss need to be careful with saturated fats, and also track fats of animal origin because meat from which you want to prepare must be vegetable, and milk it is desirable to select skim. There are «good» sources of fat, for example, seeds, olive oil, but they can be better, if the menu they are every day to be in large volume.

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But without them it is impossible to imagine a diet, since in many ways these oils have a favorable effect on the condition of the hair and skin, but all the girls care about the issue of hair care. That is, when during the diet began to lose her hair or changed the color of the nails, it only indicates that she made the wrong menu for each day and is not included in the diet products required.

Peculiarities of the diet on carbohydrate diet

During the diet forbidden to use ready-made meals from a box or prepared food, that’s rule number one, which will allow you to stay in shape and achieve positive weight-loss results. Rule number two says about alcohol – can’t drink daily more than 250 ml of wine and stronger alcohol is necessary and not to exclude from the menu. About sugar we have already said above, but repeat that it is impossible to include in the menu extra sugar.

Also avoid desserts, low-calorie yogurt and diet coke, all this is just a rant and advertising tricks, but actually these products bring harm to the body.

On carbohydrate diet for weight loss once a week to arrange a holiday, but that does not mean that you need to eat the most harmful products, just in this day in diet can include those forbidden foods that you missed over the past week.

Diet for every day

In the day should consume up to 3 servings of foods with high amounts of protein, 4 of fresh fruit. Drink a Cup of nonfat milk, if you like, drink soy, it is not high in calories. Add every day to the norm 1 tsp of butter.

Low carbohydrate diet based on meal, which is called striping, and combined low-carb days with protein, the menu also has a high carbohydrate days, and days of rest. Due to this gentle treatment you will not cause stress to the body, and set it up for normal operation in a specific range of eating, because the effect achieved when the diet will be sustainable.

How to make low carbohydrate diet for weight loss more effective?

Low carbohydrate diet is perfectly combined with physical exercises, sports exercises, but only in tandem this way to lose weight will be able to give the woman a perfect figure and help to fight cellulite. By and large, the process of getting rid of excess weight is a process in which the body uses as energy its fat stores.

That is, depleted glycogen, and the body has nothing left, because it recycles the existing fat. But there is a caveat, probably the body will not accurately read the signals of non-food from outside, for example, deem that you have a difficult situation, and will, on the contrary, to accumulate and accumulate fats. But it is provided in this diet method alteration.

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System menu options includes protein, loading and unloading days. In the first days you must eat only protein foods, and a discharge time to reduce the use of products to a minimum, in other words, to fast on this day.

A menu for every day

Consider weekly diet:

  • Monday is fasting, because for Breakfast you can eat an Apple, drink a glass of mineral water. On the second Breakfast drink unsweetened coffee and 60 Gy. low-fat cottage cheese, lunch – vegetable soup. Certainly must be a high tea, for example, drink 0,5 l of tomato juice. At dinner time eat low-fat cottage cheese (60 g.).
  • Tuesday – protein day, for Breakfast take a breast of chicken boiled without salt, and salad vegetables. At lunch eat cheese and drink coffee without sugar. Lunch baked zucchini and baked fish, and snack-salad with shrimp. For dinner, cheese and a Cup of yogurt.
  • Environment is also protein a day, for lunch, fish on the steamer with vegetables, snack – roasted vegetables.
  • Thursday, Friday – protein days, you can repeat the diet on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Saturday should be a carbohydrate food, Breakfast, chicken breast and 60 grams of rice, the second Breakfast – boiled fish and baked potatoes (3 pieces), lunch – soup with lean fish, snack – salad, dinner – cheese.
  • Sunday – protein day: Apple-carrot salad and cheese for Breakfast, boiled chicken for lunch, dinner – vegetable salad with baked fish, and roasted vegetables at lunch. For dinner cottage cheese with Apple slices.

As a recap, we can say that low carbohydrate diets for weight loss is effective and safe, if you do not have any contraindications due to diseases of the heart and kidneys. During these diets, the body gets all its needed minerals and vitamins, and you just feel good.