Magnesium: what products it contains, the normal item level for the body and the symptoms of its deficiency

In the life of any human health comes first, but a sedentary lifestyle, harmful foods, bad environment of cities leads to various diseases which can be avoided only in the use of necessary trace elements. Iron, potassium, copper and magnesium are some of the most important components needed by the human body.

Magnesium belongs to the trace elements, which affect virtually every system of life. Of heart disease vessels, diabetes, stomach ulcers can be prevented by maintaining adequate amounts of magnesium in the body, but what foods contain this trace mineral?

Properties and actions of magnesium

The element has a positive effect on the nervous system which is in tension. Magnesium is able to resolve problems and spasms of the muscles of the blood vessels, gall bladder or intestines. It increases the tonus and stability of the muscles of the heart to lack of oxygen and also lowers blood clotting. That is why injections of magnesium sulfate is prescribed for people who suffer from hypertensive crisis.

In old age this trace mineral helps to cope with a large number of diseases which are associated with vasodilating action, diuretic system, the gut and locomotor system of the gallbladder. Proper nutrition able not to develop many diseases or prevent them in early stages. Exerting a positive influence on vasodilatory action, magnesium contributes to the delivery of large quantities of oxygen. It is a great prophylaxis to prevent malignant tumors. A useful trace element increases the activity of many enzymes, which are responsible for the health of the cardiovascular system and normal cholesterol in human body.

The use of a sufficient amount of magnesium helps to maintain a safe condition of not only the neuro-muscular fibre, but also synapses, which are at places where they get the signal for muscle contraction. Insomnia, depression, diseases associated with stress, nerves, headaches, anxiety and restlessness can occur when a lack of magnesium.

In the Northern regions especially suffer from a lack of this trace element. In addition to many useful properties, it plays an important role in the formation of bones, tooth enamel and contributes to the rapid assimilation of calcium and potassium.

Many women suffer menopause hard because of the large number of negative factors, but here the problem can be corrected if you eat foods with a high content of magnesium.

Requirement of magnesium in the diet

The element can exert both positive effect and negative effect at excess usage. That is why you should adjust your diet in order not to overdose. On average, the trace element absorbed by the body at a rate of 500-750 µg, but these figures still have to be calculated individually. The amount of magnesium necessary for the body depends on sex, age, weight and various diseases.

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About the overabundance of magnesium may indicate hypotension or slowing of the heart rhythm. There is nothing to worry, because the trace element is output for several weeks with the urine and sweat. The process can be and accelerate, if you take drugs rich in calcium, which is an antagonist for magnesium.

Signs of a magnesium deficiency

A lack of magnesium can specify a whole list of different diseases and simple ailments. A write off, for example, headaches at work or bad weather, but in fact it is the lack of trace elements has a negative impact.

  1. The first symptoms of magnesium deficiency include headaches, brittle nails, hair loss, nausea for no apparent reason, and poor appetite. All these symptoms may appear with other diseases.
  2. The second list of symptoms included muscle spasms and intestines, quick fatigue, panic attack, or unfounded fear, depression, irritability. These symptoms more accurately indicate the insufficiency of trace elements in the body.
  3. If we talk about specific diseases, with insufficient content of magnesium is manifested tachycardia without justifiable reasons, anemia, atherosclerosis, the increase of calcium on the walls of blood vessels. Can occur and heart attack myocardium or to form a blood clot.
  4. The liver, kidneys, a malfunction in the gallbladder and pancreas. All of this points to the use of incorrect products with a high content of calcium and lack of magnesium.

If the trace long does not come into the body, the human body changes drastically. A few months gaining extra weight is formed cavities on the teeth can appear hypertension or hemorrhoids.

Causes of magnesium deficiency

The majority of inhabitants of the CIS countries suffer from a lack of magnesium, and this despite the good food. What is the disadvantage of this trace element? Alas, the problem arose not because of reduced consumption of wholesome food, and because of lower quality of products. For example, over the past five years, the content of useful elements and vitamins in apples has decreased by 80%. To solve this problem by eating a bigger number of products, but few will be able to eat 7 apples more each day.

Simple polka dots has undergone change due to canning. Method of canning, as well as mechanical and heat treatment of products reduces the amount of magnesium twice.

The solution to this situation can be found. For example, to grow their own food in the fields, keeping only the standard methods of cultivation. That is, all vegetables and fruits should grow without any additives, which stimulate and accelerate growth. Better to eat a small Apple with a large amount of magnesium, what a great product, but without useful components.

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In addition, in many shops there are products that simply do not correspond to the amount of magnesium stated on the packaging. It’s not a hoax, and simple failure to comply with the conditions in which any food will lose its beneficial ingredients. This rule applies to all dairy, fish and meat products. Decrease of trace element affects not only the timing but also the transport methods. For example, when freezing of a large part of the useful components just disappears and this is especially true of meat and fish.

Magnesium deficiency may occur not only because of low quality products, but also manifestations of certain diseases.

  1. Stress is one of the main reasons because of which not only the magnesium, but a large part of the minerals is simply not absorbed by the body. Being in a stressful condition for 10 minutes, enough to spend the whole daily rate. In addition, such a fate can befall people who work in a seated position or are constantly on the computer. Unlike other diseases, the body loses together with magnesium and even calcium.
  2. Diuretics promote the rapid excretion of all useful components. They do not have time to be absorbed, so if you apparent lack of micronutrients, it is better to stop taking diuretics, drinking coffee and other drinks with similar properties.
  3. When excessive sweating excreted from the body, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.
  4. Kidney disease and diabetes also can cause reduce the amount of useful minerals.
  5. One of the main reasons for this is unbalanced food. That is, a large number of products containing calcium and minimal amount of fruits or vegetables.

Magnesium what foods contain?

To overcome the lack of magnesium in the body can be, if you balance the power, remove the excess food and add foods that are rich in these micronutrients. The high content of useful components is, in foods such as:

  • pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds;
  • sesame;
  • flax seeds;
  • beans or lentils;
  • chocolate and cocoa;
  • pine nuts;
  • walnuts;
  • seeds of wheat.

In case of the use of sunflower seeds, the body receives not only a large dose of magnesium, but also vitamin E.

Pine nuts have become famous due to the lack of cholesterol in contrast to peanut. They also contain large amounts of protein that is easily absorbed by the body and various vitamins, calcium and phosphorus. Walnuts along with peanuts and hazelnuts contain a small dose of cholesterol. They contain essential oil, tannins and a lot of magnesium.

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In the daily diet is recommended to include more and dark chocolate or drink a Cup of cocoa. It is not only delicious, but also useful for the prevention of the body. One has only to remember that with high levels of magnesium in the body, from chocolate and sweets containing this product is best to refuse. Chocolate is the number of useful components can be compared with yogurt or other dairy products.

Wheat are one of the most specific products, which are used to restore the balance of beneficial components in the body. Usually use wheat porridge, which is sold in any store, but cook it only for a few to save the maximum amount of trace elements. High content of trace elements can be detected in oat or buckwheat porridge. Buckwheat is particularly useful for people who suffer from diabetes.

For lovers of exotic cuisine suitable seaweed. This food is not for everybody, but the contents of magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine in it is just outrageous. Need just a few tablespoons of this product to fill the daily rate of useful components.

All other products contain only small amounts of magnesium and from them are:

  • mushrooms;
  • rye, corn, barley;
  • cabbage, beets, potatoes;
  • prunes, bananas;
  • marine fish.


Job, bad environment, a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet lead to the fact that the human body does not receive the necessary amount of mineral elements. That is why you should examine this aspect and special attention should be paid to magnesium, which participates in the operation of all systems. Health depends on the balance of magnesium. To enhance this component, you should simply take food rich in micronutrients, and to reduce the level of magnesium you should take drugs with a high content of calcium. These are the basic rules that will help pursue systematic prevention of the body.