Menu of a separate food for a week for weight loss, table and recipes for every day

Overweight nobody paints. Moreover, the excess fat of violating the internal processes of the human body, and he becomes unable to perform its basic functions. Excessive excess weight threatens the health and shortens life expectancy. Therefore it is necessary to revise habits, lose weight, restore ruined metabolism and bring order to your appearance with minimal loss of health.

Quite a famous way to lose weight — a separate power supply. Experts from different countries are United in the opinion and argue that the separation of power helps to eliminate excess weight and restore health of the body. In the Foundation of separation of power is the position — not to mix foods that require conflicting conditions to digest.

The main and Konovalenko taboo — not to combine in a single meal of carbohydrates and proteins. Slonovaya is this requirement, because the Association of carbohydrates and proteins underlies the preparation of many culinary dishes all over the world.

The author of the system of separation of power says that for a proper processing of carbohydrates is necessary acidic environment, and protein required for alkaline. Combining proteins and carbohydrates in one meal, we are forcing the body to create alkaline and acidic conditions at the same time. The result is digestive environment neutralizes and food consisting of carbohydrates and proteins at the same time, processed only partially. Not fully-processed food forms of hateful fats, toxins and salts that have a tendency to accumulate in the body and provoke the development of many internal diseases.

The advantage of a separate food

Like all food systems are separate there are also supporters and opponents, so you can highlight the pros and cons of this system.

The advantages of the system of separation of power:

  • The possibility of losing weight once and for all. During the transition to a separate food the person is obliged to control the quantity and quality of food consumed and in this regard, daily supervision to gain again the weight is not possible.
  • Restoring proper digestion and metabolism.
  • Improving the health of the person in connection with the reduction of weight and well-functioning internal organs.
  • The ability to make your menus. With the developed table of people who decided to go to a separate food, not driven into the frame to a rigid diet. It is free in the choice of food.
  • The nutrients received from food are absorbed most effectively, therefore, for saturation of the body need less amount of products. So, with the help of separation of power people get rid of extra pounds and gets all the nutrients needed by the body. Therefore, such a power will not hurt no body.

Disadvantages of a separate food

Many disadvantages of the system of separation of power is different, so for some, they have no sense at all, for others it is a significant hardship. And before moving on it is important to study them:

  • Go to a separate food at a time is not possible, as it is a huge stress to the body. Therefore, the transition to the system occurs within two to three months.
  • Not to everyone’s taste, and many can’t get used to the new taste of food. It would seem that the same foods that were consumed earlier, but now in the diet there are completely different combinations.
  • Stranger have not only to new combinations of food, but also to the mode, because the meals should take place at a certain time every day.
  • At first, while getting used to the system of separation of power the person experiences constant hunger. The main thing here is not to dwell on it and distract myself with classes or work.
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On what basis is the separation of the products

For practicality, all foods are divided into three categories, depending on the environment in which they are processed as efficiently as possible:

  • In the acidic. These include the following foods are all protein foods (eggs, fish, chicken breast, soy products and so on), semi-dry wine, juices, berries, peanuts, fruit tea, cheese with low fat percentage, citrus fruit.
  • In the alkaline. Foods with high levels of carbohydrates in the composition of the fully processed in an alkaline environment. High carbohydrate foods — cereals, bread, various sweets, dried fruits, bananas, Jerusalem artichoke, potatoes.
  • Neutral foods — most vegetables, cheese, fatty cheeses, spices, and teas. Three categories is the basis, but there is a deeper division within the fat, sweet, starchy, and mixed products. Stand the watermelon, milk, and melon, which should not be combined with anything.

The rules of a separate food

For separation of power, as for another diet, the basic rule is — sit down meal only in the case of hunger. Indeed sometimes we drink a Cup of tea with piece of cake because there is simply no what to do or for company. The basics of separation of power:

  • The day should be one the main reception and food and a pair of auxiliary. As a result, in a day the person should eat three times. The system of separation of power does not provide for any interceptions of food.
  • Drinking water is permitted for ten minutes before eating and thirty minutes after the end of the meal.
  • Reduce salt intake, and ideally eliminate it completely from the diet.
  • Eat slowly and thoroughly chew food
  • After your meal, relax for some time, thereby allowing the body to focus on processing food.
  • Finish eating with a sense of light starvation.
  • To eat unheated and nemolodoy and room temperature.
  • The main part of the diet should consist of foods of plant origin.
  • Berries and eat fruit separately from main meals.
  • To get rid of bad habits, like Smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages.
  • To exclude completely from the diet — canned food, spices, coffee, sodas, tea, cocoa, meats, condensed milk.

Product compatibility table

Developing a program of separation of power, the author conducted tests of food products and beverages, which a person most commonly uses for cooking. Based on these data, was created a table which helps keep track of allowed and forbidden combinations. For users of the system of separation of power is given a choice of meals. This is a definite plus, as the person is not trapped within the diet and has the ability to change the food as desired.

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The main thing to combine the allowed foods and diet. The diet should be based on vegetables, fruits and greens, are preferably not subjected to heat treatment. Semi-finished products and preservatives to remove completely, as they are prohibited by separate power supply system. Starches and fats to consume is possible, but in limited quantities.

Table allow you to choose two combinations is a valid and excellent people aware of harmful combinations of products that are depicted on it. In a separate feed bans to break unacceptable, because any relaxation of the system destroying it completely and destroying success in weight loss.

To introduce a separate food should gradually, day by day. With a sharp transition to a separate food the body will experience additional stress, if overweight is extremely harmful.

To use the table of food combining pretty simple. Find interesting the combination of row and column, and their intersection in the cell to see the color you specify. The green color of the cell makes a very lovely combination products, and their one-time admission will be good for you, orange is a valid combination, which should not be abused. A yellow or green color of the cell will say about unwanted and unhealthy Union food.

Menu for a separate power supply for a week for weight loss

Menu of a separate food for weight loss allows you to freely choose the foods for your daily meals. One of the conditions — compliance with separation of power, this man helps product compatibility table. There is a need for counting calories for a separate power supply. After all, the basic law of weight loss — spend more energy than you consume.

From this it follows that in order to get rid of extra weight necessary to reduce calorie day menu and physical activity to increase. Not necessarily immediately run to the nearest fitness club and enroll in all sorts of occupations, enough to start a daily half-hour walk medium pace.

Desirable, but optional to perform condition is the shift in the first half of the day high carbohydrate foods, and protein in the second.

First day.

  • Morning: oatmeal or oatmeal, fruit, Cup of green tea without sugar.
  • Main reception: Chicken breast, cabbage salad and a slice of low fat cheese.
  • Evening: soup, vegetables and boiled egg.

The second day.

  • Morning: Porridge from semolina, a Cup of yogurt.
  • Main reception: a Piece of lean boiled fish, vegetable stew.
  • Evening: Fruit and steamed vegetables.

The third day.

  • Morning: a Glass of drinking yoghurt, fruit and rice porridge.
  • Main reception: Salad of fresh vegetables, a glass of milk and boiled meat.
  • Evening: Omelette or scrambled eggs.

Fourth day.

  • Morning: Fruit, Cup of yogurt, muesli.
  • Main reception: Salad of fresh vegetables and a piece of low fat cheese.
  • Evening: Braised steamed vegetables with beef.

The fifth day.

  • Morning: a Glass of drinking yoghurt, oats or oatmeal.
  • Main reception: Stewed vegetables and meat.
  • Evening: Fresh tomatoes, low-fat cheese.

Sixth day.

  • Morning: Fruit, low fat cottage cheese.
  • Main reception: Salad and soup from vegetables.
  • Evening: Omelette.

Seventh day.

  • Morning: Fruit, porridge from millet.
  • Main reception: Fresh vegetables, low-fat cheese and cooked white fish.
  • Evening: Nuts.
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Between Breakfast and lunch with a strong sense of hunger is allowed to eat fruit. Fish and meat are in any case not fried, and stewed or brewed.

Examples of recipes of dishes for every day for weight loss

And yet everyone wants to eat not only useful, but that it was still delicious, so here are a few recipes corresponding to the system of separation of power:

  • Salad. Cook the egg, cut it cubes, add to it chopped in the same way the cucumber and season the mixture with a teaspoon of oil.
  • Borscht recipe. To prepare everything necessary for the usual soup vegetables, then grate on a coarse grater. After you boil the mixture. Add Kale, salt and herbs.
  • Beef for weight loss. Beef RUB a few cloves of garlic, put in the soy sauce and leave for three hours to ensure that meat is well marinated. After a time the meat wrap in foil and bake in the oven for one hour at a temperature of two hundred degrees.
  • Cottage cheese and berries. A serving of nonfat cottage cheese with a blender to mix. In the resulting mass, add the lemon juice and honey. Acceptable adornment in the form of mint and nuts.
  • Casserole recipe for weight loss. Peel the potatoes peeled, cut into slices. Chop on a large grater low-fat cheese. Form for baking grease with vegetable or olive oil. In a greased form lay half of the sliced potatoes. On top sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Close the remaining potatoes. Cream and milk mix, add salt and pepper. The prepared mixture to fill the potato slices. To close the form with foil and send in the oven for twenty minutes with a temperature of two hundred degrees.

The author says that in addition to weight loss, people heals the body, accelerates metabolism, and in some circumstances a separate food treats chronic illness, an activator which is a poisoning of the body remains of food that failed to be processed. Creator of separation of power says that the first results can be noticed after three or four weeks.