Metabolic syndrome: how to cope with the extra weight, reviews on the metabolic diet and weight-loss results

Modern nutritionists believe that excess weight is not in all cases associated with overeating or lack of physical activity. Often the problem of extra pounds lies in hormonal failure organism, when fat burning hormones are not «kept» in ironcontaining. The body can no longer cope with the processing of calories, which leads to the accumulation of fat cells, which continually increase in size. Problem able to solve the metabolic diet.

Metabolic syndrome

This title incorporates a metabolic, clinical and hormonal disorders, which are causes of various diseases, e.g., diabetes and heart. Endocrinologists are sounding the alarm, since the metabolic disorders has become increasingly common and its victims has become not only a person of middle age, but also young people. Today, one in four suffers from such disorder, while 10 years ago cases was 70% less. In the world of metabolic syndrome detected in approximately 2.5 million people.

This disease is now one of the urgent problems of modern medicine, his appearance is due to unhealthy lifestyle.

However, a pessimistic tune is not necessary, so how to overcome the problem in the initial stages it is possible, for this you need to change your way of life by tuning into the right diet.

Symptoms of metabolic syndrome

In the early stages of the disease to correct the situation possible. In order not to delay the illness occurred and the time to begin treatment, you should know about its symptoms. The following symptoms should alert you:

  • In women waist circumference greater than 80 cm, and in men more than 94 cm
  • The inability to get rid of obsessive desire to eat something sweet. After the satisfaction of desire new powers, but quickly fade away.
  • Outbursts, which take place after the meal.
  • Skipping meals turns into drowsiness and weakness.
  • Meat-eating contributes to the emergence of the desire to sleep, and sweet fills with energy.
  • The constant need for quenching thirst, sweating at night.
  • After eating sweet occurs heart palpitations.

How to deal with metabolic syndrome?

You should make the effort to do the following:

  • Refrain from eating excessively fatty foods.
  • Do not consume more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.
  • Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits, eat them at about 500 grams a day.
  • Monitor your weight, don’t let arrow weights to creep up.
  • Move more, per day make at least 10 thousand steps.

The metabolic diet: the way to health

Metabolism are treated with a special technique, which includes the following steps: increasing physical activity, avoiding harmful habits and inclusion of a new lifestyle a special diet that is unlike any of the known procedures for the relief of excess weight. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by a significant increase in intake of fatty acids in the blood, which leads to atherosclerosis and liver pathology. The metabolic diet is designed, primarily, to reduce the level of fatty acids in the blood, and promote weight loss and lower blood pressure.

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Physicians working in a few decades this problem, developed a version of the diet which has a positive effect on the hormonal background of suffering from the metabolic syndrome. Weight loss program based on reduced caloric intake.

The metabolic diet is a completely balanced diet that includes all the substances the body needs, without any contraindications.

Diet restricts the merger ironcontaining hormones, like insulin and estrogen and stimulates production of fat-burning of testosterone, somatropin, adrenaline, etc. This program is designed for long-term use, since it is not able to cause any exacerbation of chronic disease or the occurrence of any side effects.

To metabolic diet has given positive results, you must follow the following rules:

  • You should refrain from fried foods, replace it with the baked dishes
  • Limit salt intake, semi-finished products and canned food,
  • To reduce the consumption of meat and animal fats. Lean meat you need to allow yourself once a day, 6 times a week at most.
  • In the diet should prevail grains, vegetables and fruit, pasta from durum wheat, cheese, dairy products, bread from wheat flour.
  • To support the work of the heart to monitor the presence in the diet of foods rich in magnesium. It’s nuts, legumes, dried fruits.
  • It is necessary to exclude from the menu of easily digestible carbohydrates. Per day can afford not more than 20 grams of sugar.
  • Food divided into small portions, make at least 6 times a day.
  • Eating should be slow, it should be thoroughly chew. Noted that metabolic syndrome is more common in those who eat too fast. Nutrients fail to get into the blood in sufficient quantity, as a result, the feeling of fullness appears only when the overcrowding of the stomach.
  • To prevent discomfort arising from the flatulence in the first week of the diet it is recommended to take products containing enzymes.

The metabolic diet: the holding

Diet has a clear list of products that may or may not be consumed. It has a special table with products that have a score of calorie. This classification allows to make various menus that will not contribute to feelings of hunger and provides an even weight loss. So, there are 5 food groups, which are assigned scores from 0 to 4 depending on their energy value.

  • Group 1 — 0 points. It includes fish, seafood, poultry, meat, Turkey, chicken breast, rabbit meat, onion, garlic, eggs, mushrooms, dairy products with fat content not more than 2, greens, vegetables, green peas, lemon, lime, spices, vinegar from grapes and apples.
  • Group 2 – 1 point. Beans, berries, natural juices from vegetables.
  • Group 3 – 2 points. Lamb, veal, beef, chicken, offal, seeds, olives, dairy products with a share of fat from 2 to 4%, goat’s cheese, feta, muesli, nuts, oats, buckwheat, rice, bread with bran, boiled carrots and beets, avocado, vegetable oil, sour and sour-sweet fruits.
  • Group 4 – 3 points. Hard cheese, processed, millet, dark chocolate, yogurt, juices of fruits.
  • 5 group – 4 points. Pork, goose, duck, dairy products percentage of fat, of which 4, semolina, canned food, mayonnaise, chips, potatoes, sweets, breads, juices from stores, soda, and alcoholic drinks, beer.

A metabolic diet is in 3 stages. In the process of dumping excess weight they play an important role.

The first stage is the burning the body fat. This period lasts several weeks in the diet need to add products only with a score whose value is 0. This is a tough stage, so the support of the body with olive oil and a multivitamin complex.

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The second stage is necessary to achieve a regular discharge values of extra pounds. During this period, should get used to 5 meals a day at certain times. At each period are exhibited in their scores.

  • Breakfast should consist of a maximum of 4 points. To eat from 8 to 10 am.
  • Lunch is held from 11 to 12 hours consists of 2 points.
  • For lunch you need to make a menu of 2 points, the meal is between 14-15 hours.
  • Afternoon snack — 1 point, to sit down to the table need 16 to 18 hours.
  • Dinner consists of 0 points food taken from 18 to 20 hours.

To stimulate the production of the hormone weight loss in your sleep, dinner should consist of protein.

The second phase ends with reaching the desired result.

In the third stage — consolidation of the results. The output of the metabolic diet is by adding 1 point for each meal, except dinner. If the weight disappears still, after a week you can add another 1 point. The power supply system returns to the beginning of phase 3 when you stop the weight loss. Diet looks like this:

  • For Breakfast pick foods with a value of 5 points,
  • On the second Breakfast and lunch you need to spend only 3 points,
  • Afternoon tea consists of products containing value 2 points
  • Dinner — set products to zero points.

The metabolic diet is based on the menu from the table, in which classified foods in terms of calories. Recipes of dishes you can pick up books on cooking, or on the Internet.

I have the problem of excess weight. Fought with the metabolism of different diets, choose what tastes better, but this diet was serious and with many nuances. I wanted to try, not giving yourself any favors. At first it was hard to remember how many points has a particular product, how much has been eaten and how many you want. But over time, the counting was automatic, and the mode of eating and the whole system is not a burden. The result was not long in coming, began to feel better! Because metabolism is not only weight, but also a lot of different health problems.

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Review Anastasia

After giving birth really got better, even after time, the weight did not become the norm. Decided on the metabolic diet, although it was hard to deny myself French fries and candy. I saved the seafood, which I replaced. In the first month of the diet I lost 7 kg in 5 months disappeared 8. Diet is really effective, it can be recommended to all without exception.

Opinion Of Maria

The metabolic diet is good not only for weight loss but also for a conclusion of toxins and toxic substances. Already at the initial stage, by eliminating harmful fried, salty and fatty foods, the health greatly improved. The digestive system also satisfied, as the food became a six-time with the use of healthy products. It’s only the beginning of the diet, but the result is already there!

Opinion Of Marina

Metabolic diet as a whole has positive feedback. Summarizing, we can say that diet though is complex, but gives really good results. For the first two weeks you can lose about 10 kg, and further results will depend on individual needs and initial digits.