Milk Thistle capsules: composition and peculiarities of action, usage instructions, reviews

Milk Thistle is one of the famous medicinal plants, small in height (1.5 m), which is cultivated as annual or perennial. Many centuries ago people first learned about the healing properties of this plant. In pharmacies you can buy it in capsules, while the cost will vary depending on the manufacturer.

Today, a person don’t need to spend time gathering herbs, because it is enough to visit the store to find the desired product. So if you need milk Thistle capsules, you can easily find it in the pharmacy network.

The chemical composition of plants

Many people using this drug were convinced of its effectiveness. It is no coincidence that this plant is widely used in medicine.

Milk Thistle capsules is valued by many due to its unique composition. Because this drug is rich in bioactive substances, the number of which can reach up to 400, which explains the positive reviews about this medication.

And they have a wide range of effects on the human body. To understand what was going on, we give below the main ones.

Substance called silymarin. Use it is to reinforce cellular membranes, the activation of protein synthesis, production of bile, elimination of toxic metabolites. Silymarin derived from milk Thistle, can provide 12 types. It can be used not only prophylactically, but also in the treatment of disorders of the liver and gallbladder.

Essential oil. Useful properties of these compounds are related to their ability to correctly configure the Central nervous system to stimulate the activity of secretory glands, improve the motility of the gastro-intestinal canal.

Fatty acids. Equally important for the body and are carboxylic acids of the fatty series, as they have anti-inflammatory properties that can start the process of regeneration of tissues and organs, to accelerate the healing process, to restore metabolism, improve the body’s resistance to the harmful effects of carcinogenic compounds.

Flavonoids and lignans. This group of bioactive substances, which, by acting on the body, purify it from toxins and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. This helps to prevent the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

Improve oxygen exchange, to improve the work of endocrine glands, cleanse the body from free radicals and restore hormonal balance and blood pressure.

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Saponins and organic acids

The use of carboxylic acids is related to their ability to improve the appetite, increase the protective properties of the organism, to restore the lipid metabolism, increase the digestion process.

Regarding the saponins, it helps to improve the secretion of bronchial glands, anti-inflammatory effect, support the activity of the functions of hormones as well as help to maintain optimal water and salt metabolism.

Water-soluble vitamins

Present in a preparation of ascorbic acid can reduce uric acid levels in the blood, slow the action of free radicals, boost immunity, degree of capillary permeability, and to restore the proper metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.

Great benefit to bring to the body the b vitamins, due to which the normal activity of the nervous system, quickly eliminates signs of mental and physical fatigue, accelerate the process of developing hemoglobin and steroid hormones.

Mechanism of action

Once in the body, bioactive molecules start to interact with free radicals, neutralizing them and produce blocking of lipid peroxidation (LPO). All this allows to avoid the destruction of biological membranes of hepatocytes.

In cases when reactive oxygen species and peroxidation products are concentrated in too great quantity, it often leads to damage of hepatocytes that occurs due to exposure of toxins, endogenous and exogenous origin.

The result is a disruption of the structure Pilipenko layer of cell membranes and the destruction of the cell.

The use of silymarin lies in the intensification of the processes of liver regeneration. The desired effect is achieved by effects on RNA polymerase.

All the cells of the liver that has been damaged, subject to the action of the drug, where the process of biosynthesis of phospholipids and proteins.

This allows you to stabilize cell membranes. If you long to take the drug, patients who have been diagnosed with «cirrhosis of the liver», have high chances of increasing life expectancy.

Milk Thistle capsules: usage instructions

The main method of application of the extract of milk Thistle – internal:

  • Before use, be sure to consult with your doctor.
  • The course of treatment depends on the complexity of the disease.
  • A means is taken for 3, maximum 4 capsules three times a day.
  • The drug combination with a small amount of water.
  • Allowed to take as before meals and after.
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In the first place to start to undergo treatment with this drug to people suffering from the following diseases:

  • steatosis;
  • chronic cholecystitis;
  • degeneration and cirrhosis of the liver;
  • bronchitis;
  • gout;
  • problems with the organs of vision;
  • pancreatitis;
  • asthma;
  • obesity and etc.

Milk Thistle: application and contraindications

Despite the positive feedback regarding the use of milk Thistle extract, you still must be careful, because it implies that certain contraindications.

One of the main features of milk Thistle extract in capsules is pronounced choleretic effect. Therefore, this drug should be discontinued to those people who are diagnosed with cholelithiasis.

In terms of active education and separation of bile increases the probability of gall stones. Moreover, this process can deliver serious inconvenience to the patient, which can manifest as acute pain in the right hypochondrium, of heaviness in region of liver and nausea.

A very dangerous phenomenon is the blockage of the bile ducts due to the background of percussion there is an increase in the liver and begins to develop jaundice;

If we turn to the results of the studies, when a long course of treatment, the drug begins to exert estrogen-like effect mainly due to the bioactive component of silymarin.

Therefore, if on examination of a patient, which revealed hormonal disorders, like endometriosis, before permitting him to take the medicine, the physician must evaluate all positive and negative aspects of the chosen method of treatment;

In the group of those who do not consume milk Thistle capsules are considered women at the stage of carrying a child and breastfeeding. This can be explained by the fact that silymarin in the female body can cause premature birth and breach of lactation.

To unsubscribe from this drug should people with individual intolerance to this plant because of the expected phenomenon is the emergence of allergic reactions.


Three years ago I had a surgery before which I was tested. The results showed that my organism is present hepatitis B virus, and, as it turned out, and I have been a carrier for over 20 years. After a successful operation in a conversation with one lady I heard about milk Thistle and its unique ability to cleanse the liver.

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Began to take a course of treatment, taking the drug 2 tablets after each meal. Treatment took place over three years. Next, we decided to take the tests: at this time, the hepatitis b virus were detected. For greater certainty decided to go again, but in a complete analysis. He also did not reveal the presence of a dangerous virus.

Alex. Moscow

About milk Thistle I know for a long time. Started taking it 5 years ago, I noticed that the heaviness in the right side disappeared. Today, however, I continue to take it, especially it facilitates me a fortune when I have headaches.

Alena. Kemerovo

When I first started taking milk Thistle, I got sick — I grew a pressure up to 180/110. At that time I always drank pills amlodipine for high blood pressure. Given what affected me the drug, I realized that it is counter-indicative to me.

Alexander. Novosibirsk

Milk Thistle is an effective medicinal plant that is widespread in medicine. It can help to treat a variety of diseases, however, we must not forget that you should be in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor.

But milk Thistle is not a universal remedy that can be applied to all, although the reviews may say otherwise. Because it also has its contraindications. Therefore, the milk Thistle capsules have brought a benefit, before applying it you need to consult with a specialist.