Monastic tea for weight loss: properties, application and contraindications, reviews of doctors and buyers

For many people today the problem was overweight. Extra pounds quickly recruited from sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and bad habits. Fat deposits are formed as a result of poor metabolism. To get rid of excess weight in various ways and each of them gives the result.

One of the acclaimed means tea for weight loss. Many miraculous stories about the monastery tea for weight loss, but is it really? What kind of feedback and opinions about this popular drink by the buyers we know from the article.

Tea monastery

Now most people started to use alternative medicine to solve health problems. Commercially appeared «miracle drink», it can be used to cure many diseases, easy to quit, and quickly and effectively lose weight.

What is this sensational drink for weight loss, and whether it makes sense to use it for reviews of those who had been drinking?

The monastery’s miracle tea is an herbal collection, its composition was invented by the monks. For many years they used this tool to maintain strength and energy. The inhabitants of the monastery, lead an active lifestyle, hard physical work and restrict themselves in food.

Good energy boost to body give herbal. They prepare the healing monastic beverages that promote physical and spiritual strength.

There are several variants of this drink, which is available for sale. The best of them is the collection of recipe Belarusian Svyato-Elizabethan monastery.

It is located on the outskirts of Minsk and is the only female monastery in the city. The herbs included in the collection are collected only in ecologically clean areas, forests and meadows of Belarus.

The monastery collection is usually sold in fitoaptekah, health food stores. It can also be ordered in proven online stores. Knowing the exact composition of the monastery of collection, it is possible to collect and then to brew, drink, healing drink.

The properties of the drink

Judging by the description from the producers of tea on the packaging, it has unique healing properties. With their help you can achieve positive results in the prevention of many diseases, such as:

  • Improves metabolism in the body.
  • Reduces excess weight.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Cleanses the body of toxins.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Tones the body and suppresses hunger.
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Eating the monastery collection, it is possible to lose weight if consumed with low-calorie diet. According to producers, the tea itself is also a good way to part with excess weight.

Which components make up the monastic tea

In the tea contains only natural herbs:

  • chamomile color;
  • the black elderberry flowers;
  • burdock felt;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • chernogolovki;
  • dandelion leaves and wild rose;
  • blueberries;
  • goat’s Rue;
  • Jerusalem artichoke;
  • white mulberry:
  • cuff;
  • thyme;
  • oregano.

Composed of no chemical elements. Depending on the manufacturer of the drink may vary.

To obtain the desired taste and quality of drink water for brewing tea you need to use only purified. Running water from the tap for these purposes is not suitable.

Application and contraindications

The result was a more efficient monastery of stuff that you need to use correctly. It is recommended to drink between meals 2-3 times a day. Sealed collection as well as all the herbal teas.

One teaspoon of the monastic gathering for weight loss is poured into the teapot and poured 250 g of boiling water. Insist must drink for 30 minutes after which the tea can be consumed.

It is recommended to drink the tea while it is hot, cooling it is impossible. Sugar or honey it is better not to add because these foods add extra calories. Healing drink should not drink more than three times a day.

More effective results can happen if the tea combined with a low calorie diet and moderate physical load.

Judging by the reviews, some people may experience intolerance of separate components of the Assembly. Most often, some herbs can cause an allergic reaction. The drink should not be consumed during pregnancy and lactation.

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In order not to harm the health, it is better to consult a specialist to verify the absence of possible contraindications.

In recent years, cases when instead of tea in the mail a packet arrives with an unknown product and but name on it, nothing to do with this monastic collection.

Reviews of doctors and buyers on the monastery tea for weight loss

According to medical professionals, monastic tea is a good tonic drink. Judging by their statements, it belongs more to the bracing means or as an auxiliary pitoniak.

In spite of all the properties of tea, he will not be able to benefit from all those diseases that are mentioned in the advertisements.

Very often it’s advertised as a great tool for weight loss and for the prevention and treatment of diabetes. According to the doctors, the drink will only be able to alleviate the patient’s condition with this illness, but to get rid of the disease can not.

If tea is really a monastery and is composed of collected herbs mentioned in the description, using it can help to solve many problems. It accelerates the metabolism of the body, it includes antioxidants.

This makes it possible to solve the problem of excess weight, with proper nutrition and moderate physical activity. Mistaken are those who perceive it as a panacea for all diseases and health problems. Such funds had not yet been invented.

Victor, physician

You cannot rely on the effect of this drink, since the true result, when taken in combination. You must also make the effort to eat right and move more. My patients were able to achieve good results in losing weight and to lose weight. Monastic tea has become a good auxiliary means.

Anna, dietitian

I read many reviews about the monastery tea, which was totally different. Then decided to try and bought the collection. The taste of the drink is very pleasant, fragrant, easy and pleasant to drink.

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I didn’t want to lose a lot of weight, but few pounds gone. I must say that to lose weight lying on the sofa with one tea will not work.

Victoria. Perm

I’m a big fan of herbal drinks, me a child my mother instilled this love. About the monastery the wonderful drink I read a lot, reviews were different. Recently I decided to try and so far nothing bad I can not say. The feeling of hunger blunted, but about the immune system and cleanse too early.

Eve. Smolensk

I was attracted by the monastic tea, I love herbal drinks. No reviews of tea do not read, until I bought the collection at the health food store. Tea very much, delicious. It really tones you up and reduces appetite. After his admission became noticeable tonic effect, helps to normalize the power.

Svetlana. Voronezh