Nutrition and diet in diabetes type 2 diabetes: sample menus for a week and recommended recipes for obesity

Diabetes is the main cause of the high risk of heart attack, stroke, and other vascular and heart disease. Diabetes provokes eye disease and kidney, the appearance in the extremities loss of sensation and poor circulation. As shown by practice and experience, the use of the diet’s recommended menu and in a timely manner of the treatment, enable to avoid a lot of difficulties and live a happy long and normal life.

Diet diabetes of the second type

Like, what could be easier — take out food menu all foods that trigger the increase in blood sugar and all diabetes will not develop. However, the problem lies in the fact that the strict starvation diets don’t can not stand the fact that people sick with diabetes, but not all healthy people can do it. All you need to do is follow a menu and diet to record the results in the weekly and, based on the obtained data, to adjust the number of products and their menu.

Diet with diabetes — this is not the treatment that you will be able to temporarily use it the whole future life of the patient and how you will comply with all rules of diet, and depends on the quality and length of life.

Compliance rules and principles of the diet

The basic rule — strict compliance with the mode menu and diet, only in this case, you will get effective results and avoid complications and to get rid of obesity.

Statistics show that almost 80% of patients with diabetes of any type is people who are obese because diet menu has to be low-calorie to weight of the patient quickly returned to normal and stabilized.

Another rule is to prevent the increase of sugar after consumption of food, in other words, the patient can not allow the formation of postprandial hyperglycemia.

If the person who is more than diabetes, intentionally loses weight, he not only achieves the basic task — reduction in blood sugar but also normalizes blood pressure, reduces the cholesterol levels.

Note: patients with diabetes of any type are required to eat small portions to 7 times daily, it gives you the opportunity to win the hunger pains and to normalize the blood sugar level. Decreases the risk of hypoglycemia. Thus the patient can eat and 3 times a day, getting the same results, but in this case everything will depend on the personal characteristics of the patient with diabetes.

If the patient is not overweight, you should not restrict calorie food, you just need to accurately monitor blood sugar — the practice of non-use in food simple carbohydrates and smaller meals.

Diet menu

While using diet all sick as overweight and normal, you want to include in your diet:

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  • tissue various types (greens, bread from wheat flour, fruits and vegetables);
  • fish and seafood;
  • in small amounts fats of vegetable origin.
  • You need to follow a balanced quantity in the food of essential nutrients:
  • protein (any origin) – 14-19%;
  • fat (preferably of vegetable origin), not more than 25%;
  • complex carbohydrates – 6-50%.

The amount of technologically processed fats, for example, confectionery products, sauces, margarine, it is necessary to minimize, and preferably to completely get rid of. These substances provoke breach in the immune system, cancer diseases, atherosclerosis.

Forbidden foods during diets for diabetics type 2:

  • sour cream and mayonnaise;
  • any sausage;
  • pork and lamb;
  • any semi-finished products;
  • solid fatty cheese;
  • dairy products with high fat content.

Foods that are allowed:

  • low-fat dairy products;
  • fruits and vegetables with a small amount of sugar.
  • foods with fiber;
  • cereal;
  • lean fish and meat.

Note: also important when dieting is a process of cooking food, in which poultry need to remove the skin, remove fat from meat, bake, simmer and cook for a couple.

The peculiarities of nutrition in diabetes mellitus type 2

Based on what type of therapy is used for treatment of diabetes, changes in the composition of the products prepared regimen and nutrition.

Basic requirements for insulin:

  • strict control of glucose levels and the amount of fat consumed in order to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia;
  • regular meals no less than 7 times a day, small portions, while each portion must be slightly less than last.

The basic requirements in the treatment glucosaminidase drugs:

  • tools such as glimepiride, glibenclamide, gliclazide activate the formation of insulin cells of the pancreas. As a result, the stronger the tool and the higher the dose, the greater the amount of insulin produced. Then the patient should always eat, not skipping any meals. Otherwise very high level of insulin will reduce the amount of glucose in the blood;
  • even given the fact that this type of treatment is much rarer than the above, you have to know how certain foods interact with drugs that lower blood glucose.

Diet in diabetes type 2 for a week

The first day

  • Breakfast: butter 6 oz., carrot salad 65 gr. tea without sugar, oat porridge 220 gr.;
  • Second Breakfast: oranges, tea;
  • Lunch: vegetable salad 110 gr. soup from vegetables 240 gr. bread, stews of vegetables, 75 gr.;
  • Snack: orange, tea without sugar;
  • Dinner: tea, fresh peas 80 oz., casserole with cottage cheese 160 gr.;
  • Second dinner: a Cup of yogurt.

The second day

  • Breakfast: boiled fish, 60 gr., cabbage salad 60 gr. bread, tea;
  • Second Breakfast: tea, stewed vegetables 120 gr.;
  • Lunch: boiled chicken 60 gr. vegetable soup 260 gr. juice, Apple, bread;
  • Snack: a decoction of rose hips, cheesecakes of cottage cheese 120 gr.;
  • Dinner: bread, egg, meat patties, steamed 160 gr.;
  • Second supper: a glass of kefir.
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The third day

  • Breakfast: tea, fat-free cottage cheese 160 gr. buckwheat 160 gr.;
  • Second Breakfast: cranberry juice;
  • Lunch: vegetable stew 260 gr. cooked meat, 80 gr., compote, braised cabbage 110 g.;
  • Snack: orange;
  • Dinner: steamed vegetables 160 gr. meatballs meat 120 g, broth hips bread;
  • Second dinner: low-fat yogurt.

The fourth day

  • Breakfast: rice porridge 160 g., cooked beets 75 gr. coffee, a piece of cheese;
  • Second Breakfast: an orange;
  • Lunch: vegetable marrow paste 75 gr. ear 260 gr. bread, boiled chicken 160 gr. compote;
  • Afternoon tea: tea, cabbage salad 120 gr.;
  • Dinner: vegetable salad 160 gr. the porridge 160 g., tea, bread;
  • Second supper: a glass of milk.

The fifth day

  • Breakfast: low fat cottage cheese 110 gr. a salad of carrots and apples, bread and tea;
  • Second Breakfast: juice, Apple;
  • Lunch: goulash meat 160 gr. vegetable soup 220 gr. juice, bread, eggs, vegetables 60 gr.;
  • Afternoon tea: tea, fruit salad 110 grams;
  • Dinner: millet porridge, cooked in milk 160 gr. baked fish 160 gr. tea, bread;
  • Second supper: a glass of kefir.

The sixth day

  • Breakfast: salad with carrots 75 g., oat milk porridge 260 gr. coffee, bread;
  • Second Breakfast: tea, grapefruit;
  • Lunch: braised liver 160 gr. vermicelli soup 220 gr. juice, bread, boiled rice 60 gr.;
  • Afternoon snack: water, fruit salad 120 gr.;
  • Dinner: vegetable marrow paste 80 gr., the pearl-barley porridge 220 gr. tea, bread;
  • Second supper: a glass of kefir.

The seventh day

  • Breakfast: a slice of nonfat cheese, porridge 260 gr. tea, bread, stewed beets, 80 gr.;
  • Second Breakfast: tea, Apple;
  • Lunch: rice with chicken 160 gr. bean soup with 260 gr. cranberry juice, bread, eggplant stew, 80 gr.;
  • Afternoon tea: tea, orange;
  • Dinner: chicken meat 110 gr. pumpkin porridge 220 gr. compote, bread, salad 120 gr.;
  • Second supper: a glass of kefir.

The recipes of cooking

As we already mentioned, nutrition in diabetes, and involves certain processes of food processing — is best boiled, steamed, baked and stew dishes.

Bean soup. Recipe


  • a handful of green beans;
  • vegetable broth 2.5 liters;
  • potato 2 PCs.;
  • greens.

Broth bring to a boil, add the potatoes, finely chopped onion, cook for 20 minutes, throw the beans, 5 minutes after beginning of boil, turn off the stove, put the herbs.

Steamed vegetables. Recipe


  • vegetable broth 0.5 l;
  • Bulgarian pepper 2 PCs.;
  • one zucchini;
  • onions 1 PC.;
  • tomato 2 PCs.
  • eggplant 1 piece.
  • cabbage.

All components are cut into cubes and put in a saucepan, add the broth and set in the oven. Simmer for about 45 minutes at 170 degrees.

Cranberry juice

This is a very tasty but healthy recipe for the whole family. Cranberry juice, per Cup of berries is 2.5 liters of water. By drinking juice, you can add 1 tsp of honey.

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The effectiveness of the diet in diabetes

In the strict implementation of all recommendations diet and the right approach in the first place, you will notice that the normalization condition of the body and weight loss. Diabetes of any type appears hidden complication which interrupts the metabolic process damages blood vessels and cells in the body can not cope efficiently with the volume of glucose that comes along with food. As a result, increases the amount of carbohydrates, they concentrated accumulate, damaging the blood vessels that leads to damage to the heart, the retina and kidneys and other organs.

Diet will contribute to the normalization of all processes due to the fact that intake has a small amount of carbohydrates, as a result, the diabetes does not progress and is not complications, and other illnesses.

Also with a diet, you can control the fats that in large amounts provoke complications.

Reviews of doctors on the diet

Primarily people who suffer from type 2 diabetes, we must know that only a doctor can prescribe a diet that is adequate to the patient’s condition, you should not use a treatment that «once, someone was able to help.» Diabetes is a disease that requires careful implementation of all recommendations, and an exemplary menu option in this case can do harm. So it is with diet — doctors consider diet the best way given the fact that the patient does not suffer strong hunger, the patient has no psychological problems and this shows a positive effect — normalization of glucose and reducing weight.

Comparing a low-calorie diet, popular in the late 20th century, and proposed in this article, doctors say that the diet was broken in 80% of cases, as the patient is physically unable to sustain this hungry diet. Breakdown always lead to complications and deterioration of health. In this case, the diet, the body receives all the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients.