Nuts: the most nutritious varieties and their benefits with weight loss (table calorie)

Nuts are considered to be the richest source of fats and proteins of vegetable origin, and therefore many of them referred to the excellent meat substitutes. That’s why cooks use the nutritional properties of the product during cooking in any form: whole, crushed, crushed. It is often added to salads, snacks, pies, meat dishes.

Given these features of the product, it is often included in the diet. Let’s see why? This nutritious and valuable product – a unique source of subcutaneous fat, protein and carbohydrates. They contain a number of vitamins and minerals and iodine, which are beneficial for the metabolism. Moreover, due to the calorie content, nuts a replace the prohibited products.

What useful nuts for losing weight?

Modern nutritionists advise not to remove this product from my diet in any diet, because fatty acids can help stabilize the metabolism and burn extra pounds, make up the lack of energy. To enter into the diet should be correctly:

  • Have 8-10 nuts daily. So you can help the body to obtain useful items and to prevent anemia.
  • The product can be fried, is in dried form and add to it honey. They complement salads, porridge and other dishes.

The caloric content of various nuts

Nutritionists focus on the ability of nuts to quickly saturate the body and not to gain extra pounds. The secret is to increase serotonin to reduce appetite, improve mood and stabilise heart. This property possess all kinds, but the most nutritious nuts it is:

  1. The almond is characterized by a high concentration of fiber that improves bowel function. Tocopherol in its composition is considered an antioxidant. Almonds suggest to include in the diet with low calorie to support immunity and healthy gut bacteria.
  2. Walnut is one among the most nutritious species, which assists in the protection against damage and prevents premature aging. It contains large volume of antioxidants that prevent inflammation.
  3. Cashews are characterized by the presence of zinc and iron to fight anemia and protect eyesight. Due to the large amount of magnesium accelerates the processes of thinking and prevents memory loss.
  4. Pistachios help reduce pressure and sugar. They contribute to cleaning the body of accumulated toxins and help to restore the health of hair and skin due to the presence of fiber.
  5. Hazelnut – controls the rate of sugar and prevents the formation of intestinal gases. Nutritious nut heals the skin and strengthens the brain.
  6. Peanuts – thanks to the tryptophan helps produce serotonin. Not allowed the formation of depression and improves mood.
  7. Hazelnut is the most popular form, restoring the work of the organs, strengthens the immune system. Also high-calorie product cleanses the body of toxins.
  8. Brazilian nuts among the rest of the calories this low. Their value lies in the content of a huge range of vitamins and elements necessary for stable operation of the body. That is why nutritionists pay special attention to the calorie content of these nuts. They found them in selenium, contributing to the rejuvenation of the body and a warning to his aging. Just a couple of nuts fills the daily requirement of selenium. In accordance with the index of its caloric content of the product must be consumed no more than five pieces a day.
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The calorie content of nuts (table)

Despite the fact that it is one of the most original products, taking into account its calorific value, it is allowed to eat not more than fifty grams daily. To understand the number of calories in one hundred grams of the product, you should read the table:

Product Proteins Carbohydrates Fats Kcal
Coconut 3 28 33 379
Pistachios 20 7 50 554
Brazil nuts 13 11 65 564
Sesame 19 11 48 564
Peanuts 29,2 10 50 610
Pine nuts 11 19 60 628
Cashews 25 13 53 642
Almonds 18 15 57 644
Walnut 15 10 64 647
Hazelnuts 16 8 66 703

Having examined the data, it can be noted that most of the protein present in peanuts, and enriched vegetable protein nuts saturate the body for a long time. Most of the body gets the minerals and amino acids. Nutty squirrels the most difficult, but because he still keeps in normal condition the muscles.

For example, pistachios contain little complex carbohydrates, and digestibility will be much longer. That is why the body for a long time to be fed. Despite the fact that the fat in nuts is present very much, they should not be afraid. Vegetable fat is not harmful to the body, and even helps to better absorb vitamins. Eating this product every day, you will ensure yourself a good mood and health!