Oatmeal diet for weight loss 10 kg per week: description the menu for the day, the results and testimonials of losing weight on the oatmeal

Oatmeal diet is the ideal choice for people who want to lose weight maximum health benefits. Useful properties of oatmeal were discovered in ancient times. Many healers have had this plant in its range of medicines. When people found out that the cereal you can still lose weight, it has become a favourite of the adherents of a healthy food.

Especially oatmeal diet for weight loss

Due to the large content of fiber in this cereal, oatmeal diet quickly eliminates the unnecessary pounds. Fiber has a positive effect on the intestines, gets rid of accumulated cholesterol and toxins. With the help of oatmeal, the body is to clean and allow for the emergence of a new «pollution».

Toxic substances sometimes have a weight of 14 kg. It is this unclaimed ballast helps to remove the oat diet.

Diet oatmeal, the use of which is not only slimming, but also in other positive features, many nutritionists admirable. Among the main advantages of oatmeal:

  • calming effect;
  • stabilization of blood glucose levels;
  • improved cardiovascular system;
  • the preservation of the beauty of hair, nails and skin;
  • versatility — oatmeal diet will suit absolutely everyone;
  • slowing the aging process.

This grain is rich in minerals and vitamins, macro — and micronutrients, the positive properties of which can be felt from the first days of diet on oatmeal.

Negative characteristics

The peculiarity of the diet is that it does not harm the organism. Harm can result only if the exclusive use of mono-diet. That is, when in the power menu is only water and oatmeal.

If this way of diet in three times a day to compensate for the lack of protein and fat for the body to not feeling well.

As any other diet oatmeal is contraindicated in pregnant women or during lactation. People with chronic or infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is necessary before beginning of the diet to consult with the attending physician.

Nutritional value and caloric content of oatmeal. 100 gr. oats is about 7 grams. fats, 11 gr. protein and 65 GRS. carbohydrates. The glycemic index of oatmeal — a total of 56.

Oatmeal is very high in calories. This grass is 356 kcal/100g. But in the prepared milk approximately 106 kcal/100 gr. and in made with water — about 85 grams.

Menu oatmeal diet for three days

There are several varieties of diets oatmeal for weight loss. They differ in length of time, products that are allowed, and, of course, the result.

This diet is also called «fasting». Its meaning lies in the fact that 3 days, 3 times per day in any form to eat oatmeal (porridge, biscuits, cereals) and tea or water. In addition to these products, there are prohibited the rest. Also completely prohibits honey, sugar and salt.

Oatmeal diet three day helps the cardiovascular system, cleans the body from cholesterol and toxins, it restores the balance. It’s kind of therapeutic power.

If you run the oatmeal diet for 3 days once a month, you can watch not only the lightness in the body and improve well-being, but also a couple of throw pounds.

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Diet for oatmeal minus 10 pounds in a week

This is the most popular diet that takes a little time, but shows excellent results. To lose weight on the oatmeal diet for 7 days, you must strictly adhere to the menu daily diet.


Breakfast — porridge made on water (the diet allows not more 230-260 gr. oatmeal at a time). Lunch — yogurt with bifidobacteria and oatmeal on the water. Dinner — oatmeal, made with water.


  • Breakfast — oatmeal on the water, half Apple.
  • Lunch — salad of raw cabbage and carrots (about 120 gr.), oatmeal on the water.
  • Dinner — oatmeal, made with water.

While eating it is undesirable to drink tea. It is necessary to drink half an hour after eating. The day should drink about 2 liters of fluid.


  • Breakfast — oatmeal in skim milk;
  • lunch — one Apple, porridge diet milk;
  • dinner — yogurt, cereal, cooked with water.


  1. Breakfast — porridge made on water.
  2. Lunch — salad with radish and cucumber (120 gr.), oatmeal, cooked in milk.
  3. Dinner — yogurt, oatmeal made on water.


  • Breakfast — half of an orange, oatmeal on the water.
  • Lunch — Apple, salad of raw cabbage and carrots (120 g), oatmeal with milk.
  • A supper — 60 gr. prunes, oatmeal made on water.

Remember that oatmeal diet for a week involves the consumption of only low-fat and low-calorie products!


  • Breakfast — Apple, oatmeal with milk;
  • lunch — salad from cucumbers or tomatoes and radish (120 g), oatmeal with milk;
  • dinner — yogurt, oatmeal on the water.


  1. Breakfast — banana, oatmeal with milk.
  2. Lunch — Apple, salad of cabbage, radish and cucumber (120 gr.), oatmeal with milk.
  3. Dinner — yogurt, cereal, cooked with water.

The most important thing to exclude from a diet menu all other products, as well as sugar and salt. Oatmeal diet for a week can help lose weight by 3-5 kg.

Oatmeal diet for 10 days

Before you start the oatmeal diet for 10 days or more, you have to produce cleansing the body with «rice pudding». What you need to pour 4 spoons with one liter of chilled water and infuse night. In the morning pour the rice in a new container and cook one hour on low heat.

When you need to let cool and drink the resulting broth. To meet this need on an empty stomach, and then within 5-6 hours of not eating anything, and not even recommended to drink. Then you can eat as usual until the next day, in the morning, not go on a diet.

Diet oatmeal for weight loss menu which will last 10 days has allowed such products and their combinations:

  • berries (strawberries, currants, cherry, blueberries, plum, watermelon);
  • fruit (Apple, pear, apricot, citrus, kiwi);
  • dried fruits (figs, prunes, apricots);
  • vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, peppers, beets, cabbage, carrots);
  • nuts;
  • dairy products (yogurt, milk, kefir);
  • greens.

Strictly prohibited the consumption of mango, banana, grapes, melon, salt, potatoes, flour, sugar, fatty, rich, spicy and fried. It’s necessary to eat 3 times daily and also possible snack and lunch that include tea with nuts and one fruit.

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One serving of oatmeal should be no more than 0.25 lbs. salad of fruit or vegetables should not be more than 0.15 kg. This oatmeal diet will contribute to weight loss of 5-9 kg.

Oatmeal diet for a month

Oatmeal diet has a menu that is for one month. Since a whole month to eat one oatmeal very difficult, allowed the consumption of fruit and vegetables more 60-80 gr. thus, one serving of these products may be about 0.2 kg.

All other products remain unchanged. The ban on same products which are described in diet for 10 days. Eat can to 6 times daily.

In addition to the three traditional meals, will be possible a second Breakfast and a few snacks. This oatmeal diet shows great results. In one month you can lose weight by 7 to 18 kg.

The output of the oatmeal diet

Immediately out of the diet is prohibited. If yesterday you ate only one porridge, and now you want to go to fast food, then you are big problems with the chair and severe pain in the stomach.

The body does not always withstand such abrupt changes in the daily menu. Because out of the diet must be very smooth, adding daily to the diet of more familiar food.

First start to consume casseroles and salads, vegetables, after more fruit in one week — fish and meat. The last thing to start eating spicy, fried and flour (approximately 3 weeks after you quit the diet).

Ideally, the last to be consumed is not desirable. Oatmeal diet, the results of which are fixed on fairly long period of time, will be your permanent guide for weight loss.

Gourmets who love to cook, will describe several ways how you can cook, by keeping this diet.

  1. Sweet oatmeal. Add the cereal to the boiling water and put berries or dried fruits.
  2. Nutritious and healthy. In the evening pour in the oatmeal chilled water, and enjoy this recipe of oatmeal in the morning. It is proved that cooking in cold retains all the nutrients of the grain.
  3. Delight. Put in hot oatmeal 60 g. cheese, letting it melt. This recipe is only possible if weight loss from 10 days and more. Use cheese can be no more than 2 times.

Useful tips

You only need to purchase cereals, which are cooked for over 15 min. Ready cereal or oatmeal, which is 4-6 min, have virtually no nutrients.

At room temperature the flakes of oatmeal lose nutrients because it is desirable to keep in the fridge.

Morning is advisable to drink unsweetened herbal tea — herbal tea with lemon and honey, and in the evening — unsweetened green tea. Dinner must be received no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

The oatmeal diet: slimming reviews and results

Results people who lose weight on the oatmeal, show that for 7 days you can lose weight on 4-10 kg or more, without damage to the body. After this diet, with proper nutrition, unwanted weight continues to go, because we have a fully functioning stomach, toxins, passes heartburn, clears the skin.

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All nutritionists in reviews unanimously say about the benefits of oat diet for a week: increases skin elasticity and increases the tone, there is energy and freshness, and it does not require a lot of costly products to enhance beauty.

Very much not like different diets, but gained unnecessary weight and need, so to speak, forced. I remembered that as a student in the morning eating French salad beauty. It is a brewed oatmeal with Apple and walnut. Remember what happened to save weight, and the skin was cleaner.

Therefore, while choosing a diet, stopped the cereal. Comply with the oatmeal diet fruit 2 weeks, as recommended in the article. Included physical exercise, start walking more walking, more drinking. Sport and oatmeal did the trick. My result is obvious, and face. The skin was fresh and supple and the weight came back to normal.

Tatiana is 29 years old Uzhhorod

I cook oatmeal broth white meat chicken and a little salt. Add a little breast, carrot and onion. Then all I cook. The result of 3 kg for 6 days, but at work, allow yourself to lunch, a small amount of soup on the water, and beet salad.

Maria, 32 years old Moscow

Preliminary cleaning rice didn’t already know. I think no harm, but only benefit. I don’t know why oatmeal mono-diet is contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. My mother, during exacerbation of gastritis, on the contrary, ate oatmeal in the morning, thus did not do it voluntarily, and, in the opinion of the doctor.

Maybe contraindications due to the fact that in this system supply only one product? Hardly 4-6 kg in 7 days can be considered a quick result, therefore do not agree with people who think that dropping the pounds quickly come back.

Vick is 34 years old Kiev