Oatmeal: its distinctive characteristics, useful properties and contraindications, harm

Oatmeal refers to native Russian products. People since time immemorial, they knew about its benefits, so some dishes were prepared with the addition of oatmeal. At the time it was done at home. Now oatmeal release production method. What is the secret of popularity of this product, the benefits and the harm? What are the properties and whether there are contraindications to this oat product?

Properties oatmeal

Oatmeal is a product made by special technology of oat flour. To get real good quality oatmeal, oats must be steamed to dry and then fry. After that oat grain is cleaned and crushed, and from this came the name of the product.

It cannot be compared to conventional oatmeal because oatmeal is considered to be more nutritious and healthy, thanks to its properties. It tastes much better, it’s hearty, has a high nutritional value. During processing of oat grain all the vitamins and minerals are perfectly preserved.

Upon contact with moisture oatmeal has properties to increase several times in size. After eating meals with oatmeal there’s a feeling of satiety for a long time, because the stomach is filled and did not want to eat. Oats also has the ability to neutralize cravings for sweets after eating ready-made meals made from oats.

Nutritionists recommend cooking the jelly and porridge made from oatmeal and eat them several times a day. In these dishes you can add honey or sugar in small amounts. Such foods will help in losing weight and maintaining optimal weight will benefit the body. Due to the fact that oatmeal helps suppress hunger, it can be a good alternative to the expensive tools in the fight against obesity.

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The product

Doctors and nutritionists have long been saying about the beneficial properties of oatmeal. It contains almost all the elements in the periodic table, as well as vital vitamins:

  • potassium and calcium;
  • sodium and magnesium;
  • copper and manganese;
  • iron and phosphorus;
  • zinc and molybdenum;
  • fiber;
  • monodispersity;
  • starch;
  • the b group vitamins, and PP.

Eating meals based on it, the body receives the necessary supply of energy for the whole day. Oats gives the feeling of satiety for a long time, so you can forget about snacking and craving for various Goodies. Doctors recommend to include in your diet this product for many diseases:

  • obesity;
  • nervous disorders;
  • anemia;
  • Gastrointestinal tract;
  • cancer;
  • a weak immune system;
  • disease of the liver and kidneys;
  • hair loss;
  • lactation increases milk;
  • after undergoing complicated surgeries and severe illnesses.

Oatmeal of oats contains in its composition of 20% protein and 5-7% fat. It also has dietary fiber, antioxidants, lignans, amino acids.

The benefits of oatmeal

Now rarely began to use oatmeal in cooking and it is in vain. Scientists have long been saying about the health benefits. Nutritionists recommend to include it more often in the menu to get rid of excess weight. Oats are rich in slow carbohydrates, due to what is coming fast saturation after meals with the addition of oatmeal. It is a low-calorie product. All of these properties will satisfy all supporters of healthy eating and wanting to lose weight.

Those who know how to use a natural product try to eat it for Breakfast, to get energy for the whole day. In the composition of oatmeal is all vital components. They are balanced and have a positive impact on the whole body. If you regularly use the product that will benefit and contribute to:

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  • cleaning vessels;
  • fat burning;
  • to prevent formation of cancer cells;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • the conclusion of toxins;
  • to improve the composition of blood.

Oatmeal is a great product for children and it is useful to use for people of any age. So the product has not lost all its valuable properties, it is necessary to eliminate heat treatment in excess of 45℃.

Oatmeal has been used not only as a diet food. It long ago began to be used in cosmetology. With him make masks for all skin types because the product improves skin texture, helps remove fine lines and age spots. Mask perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, normalize the work of sebaceous glands, relieves irritation and inflammation on the skin. Masks make for the strengthening and Shine to the hair. With oat product prepared facial scrubs, they are applied for some time on the skin, then wash off without soap.

Harm and contraindications

If to speak about the dangers of the product, it has the same properties as oatmeal. The product is completely natural. Was developed on the basis talaqnama diet. If you adhere to too rigid a diet, it can negatively affect the body and harm health. In slimming can cause dizziness and weakness due to lack of animal proteins. It is advisable not to exceed the amount of oat product, as excessive amounts will hinder the absorption of calcium in the body. It is necessary to eat small portions and to reduce the consumption of carbohydrate food. This is due to the high content in oatmeal slow carbohydrates.

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The oatmeal practically there were no contraindications. The body responds positively to this useful product. To get a good effect for the purpose of improvement or losing weight is necessary in your diet to include other useful products, a well-balanced diet. If you have serious health problems, then it is necessary to consult a doctor before go to the regular use of this product.