Oats to cleanse the body, recipes and reviews after cleansing

So laid mother nature that every living creature and plant on the planet has properties that benefit. Oats began to use in ancient times in the healing and medicinal purposes. It was used not only by the physical exhaustion, but mental.

He has also found use for insomnia, diseases of the skin and intestines. Not so long ago has been scientifically proven that oats can purify the human body of toxins, residues, unprocessed food and toxins. Using daily for three months, oats will restore health, and thus health will improve noticeably.

Use oats for the body

If you pay attention to the composition of the grain, then before my eyes will be a list of more than twenty different types of minerals and many vitamins. It is the content of the latter makes oats an indispensable tool for the treatment of beriberi. The use of oat leads to improving the following internal organs:

  • liver
  • joints
  • circulatory system
  • the cardiovascular system

Regular consumption of oat extracts will relieve a person from salts and heavy metals. Come back the kidneys, intestines. Oats eradicates toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, thus not allowing the future to enter again. Ways of consumption of a big set and everyone prefers the most practical for him. Nuance use of oats is that rolled oats in no case will not bring the desired result, so you need to give preference to the cleaned whole oats.

Recipes treatment of the human body with the help of oats

Recipes infusions, jellies and so on, you can find big set. Each decides which alternative is the most delicious and practical for him. Oats does not irritate the gastro-intestinal tract, so any of the infusions you can use for a long time.

Some recipes for cleansing oats:

  • A decoction of oats. Oat grains pour clean cold water and to cook on weak fire within an hour. The resulting broth to cool, strain and use within a day. Drink half Cup at a time.
  • Oats can not only taste, but to insist. It is also a great option for cleansing the body. The boiled water to cool to room temperature. Oats is filled with water, container with a lid and left for fifteen hours. Then is filtered. After this infusion is ready for consumption. It is recommended to drink three times a day. The infusion is allowed to give to drink to children, but one tablespoon for the reception. These techniques can also be three a day.
  • Oatmeal pudding. Quite time-consuming to prepare the drink, but it’s worth it. Initially, you want to prepare a mixture of oats, yogurt, crusts of rye bread, and cold boiled water. All the components are placed in a jar, which is served with a thin towel. Place the jar in a warm place and do not touch on for three days. Fermented mixture pressed into a pan and on slow fire to boil. During the day before meals for half an hour to eat small portions.
  • You can use not only extracts, but the oat grain. Ideally, they are accepted after the end of the oat diet. Grain rinse with water. In a deep dish, folded grain and cover them with cold boiled water. Cover and leave for a day. After the time of grain ready to eat. The swollen grain to eat instead of Breakfast for two tablespoons. Half an hour later, after the grain has entered the body you need to drink half a glass of water, which swelled the grain. Three hours to eat half a kilo of fruit, but of the same species.
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Training the body to clean oats

Before any treatment or prevention you need to prepare your body. Before the cleanse, anyone should be about two weeks to adhere to the following diet:

  • Morning: oatmeal with bran and a piece of butter.
  • Snack: fruit.
  • Meal: any entree with a slice of bran bread.
  • Snack: nuts or dried fruit or fruit.
  • Evening: a salad of fresh vegetables or stewed, depending on the features and seasonality. Garnish legumes (corn, peas, beans).
  • For a couple of hours before bedtime: a glass of nonfat yogurt.

How to clean oats a specific organ?

Oats is capable of cleaning the entire human body, but if necessary it is possible to arrange the active cleaning bodies:

  • Cleaning the liver. For a fortnight it is possible to conduct a complete liver cleanse oats. It will take three times a day to drink a pint of oatmeal infusion. The infusion is prepared as follows: oat grain crude filled with water and boil for fifteen minutes. Leave for two hours, during this time, grain infusions. The broth has a positive effect on the stomach.
  • Clearance in diabetes. To clean the human body from accumulation of cholesterol and strengthen the cardiovascular system. For making the broth will need hawthorn water and cereal. Cereal filled with water, bring to a boil. The mixture should precipated 1-1,5 minutes, then reduce heat to low and leave until thick. The broth is room temperature strain and add the juice of hawthorn. A glass of oatmeal water for cleaning should be drunk three times a day. The course lasts two months.
  • The cleansing of the stomach. To clean the stomach used a decoction made from oats and water. But the peculiarity of cooking is grain oats and filled with water and boil for three hours. During this time the grain should be disclosed. Leave the broth to cool down. Then strain. Grain grind using the grinder. The ground oats add the water in which cooked grains. Liter of broth cooked need to drink for two days. It must be stored in the refrigerator before use and reheat in a water bath. The course lasts two months. In some cases it happens that during the first days of clean urine is red. This should not be afraid, because after a few days the color will return to normal. The cleaning time should give up spicy food and alcohol. In addition to bowel cleansing, advanced kidney and gall bladder is cleared of stones.
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Weight loss with oats

Adding oats to your daily diet is one of the helpful habits of recovery. A healthy person cannot be full, therefore eating grain oats, the person loses weight. In the case where the result of the need to get as quickly as possible, it is possible to use one of the oat diets.

Oatmeal diet

The diet consists of eating oats foods a period of three days. At the time oatmeal diet from the diet completely exclude fats, salt and sugar. To maintain water balance used mineral water without gas, green tea without sugar or broth hips. Diet oats are completely safe for the body and duplicate it allowed monthly to lifetime.

Diet for weight loss oats for ten days

Diet for the diet needs to consist solely of oats. Porridge oats prepared before the actual meal. But can Hercules be left in the water for ten hours, during which it swells. For taste, you can add a handful of dried fruit. As during the three-day diet, and for this it is necessary to increase fluid intake.

In addition to oatmeal that are allowed to additionally drink a decoction of oat grains, mixing it with honey and lemon. At the end of the oatmeal diet is not only considerable weight loss, but also improving the functioning of the intestine and pancreas. The intestine is cleaned additionally in connection with a high content of indigestible fiber. Leaving the body, it does a slag.


The vast majority of reviews are positive. It happens that the grains are not helped, however, these cases are extremely rare.

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«Oats — this is the life, the main thing to overcome itself and is not lazy to do it daily and you will be much healthier. Just the perfect beverage for cleansing.»


For a very long time could not get rid of the problem of hair loss. One day I came across an article which said that a strong hair loss is associated with infestation of the body and for cleaning will help the oats. Contraindications to its use I found and decided to try it. A week later the hair stopped falling out in patches, and after a month noticed that they grow faster. Also can’t ignore pleasant for any woman weight loss, skin health and smooth operation of the intestine.


I cleaned the body with oats for prevention. I have only positive results. My body left all the dross, I noticed the quality of the skin. Disappeared perennial allergic to nylon stockings. Two weeks later, got rid of the accumulated fatigue, I fell like a stone. However, the first time I found it difficult to maintain the proper regime and follow a balanced diet.