Osamabin according to the principles of proper nutrition: recipes PP, calorie and filling

A true adept of proper nutrition will not stop, reducing it to the abbreviations «PP» and typing in Newspeak other exotic words such as «coregrid», which means all familiar with kindergarten age chicken breast. But fewer letters, more: to stop feeling like a beginner among adherents of «PP» you also need to master the art of cooking special pancakes of oatmeal.

However, fairness requires to note: this will also be insufficient. Perfectly comfortable in the circle of «PP» only saturdav firmly: oatmeal pancakes is not right, not then. But «osamabin — recipe for healthy eating» (singular) just to reconcile you to convert a lover of healthy food consumption of any guru whose principles of gastronomic correctness will not dare to doubt, no one.

What is osamabin?

The basis of the simplest dishes, has earned such a title must be at least three ingredients:

  • egg,
  • oat flakes,
  • milk.

This onlynow slurry can vary again and again, by simply adding the variations of fillings. By the way, it is permissible to substitute rolled oats, for example, other dietary components that do not contain gluten. As a rule, it is not too affects calorie ready olsenonline.

Nice features olsenonline

A limited range of basic ingredients incline to think that osamabin – the most rational choice for many recipes. Indeed, it is difficult to resist the rationale:

  • the components of this dish are available at any time of the year
  • toppings olsenonline variable,
  • as almost all meals «PP» , it has a positive effect on digestion, and hence on the shape.

Special mention deserves the level of complexity of preparation, and it would continue to eat their own prepared olsenonline will be able, perhaps, even primary school pupils.

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A classic recipe olsenonline

Managed to get the approval of millions of adherents of proper nutrition across the globe osamabin suggests in the recipe is not quite the usual cereal from a box or a bag, and bran from oats. However, it is also difficult to attribute to the exotic ingredients so the process is simply steamed turnip:

  1. a couple of spoonfuls (tablespoons) of oat bran,
  2. a couple of hen eggs,
  3. 30 ml of milk.

First mix the milk with the eggs, then the liquid is slightly thickened bran from oats. Bake on a heated griddle for a couple of minutes on each side. That’s all there is to it.

However, the use of cereals is also quite allowed, but you need to grind them or soak for ten minutes. Generally, these manipulations of the basic components of the recipe designed to remove annoying some people the effect of heterogeneity crunchy, giving this right olsenonline resemblance to banal oatmeal. So if questions of compliance with the food style not too concerned prospective consumers – you can safely to do the usual «Hercules».

Fillings olsenonline

The best photo in social networks looks osamabin, which looks at least the edge tasty toppings. For example, chicken breast with vegetables. Or vegetarian style – a little all the colorful vegetables of the season. The ground beef without onions, pre-fried slightly, decorate with something bright, like the peppers and set off the still life on the oatmeal cake large parsley leaves.

Recipe «Dessert osamabin»

To prepare this sweet olsenonline prescription proper nutrition you need:

  1. ripe but quite dense big banana – 1pc.,
  2. honey (good sugar, but natural) – 1 tea or dessert spoon,
  3. large split kernels of walnuts 10 g or so
  4. cinnamon – to taste, but preferably only two pinches to beat the taste of other components of the dessert.
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Sliced thin slices of banana mixed with walnut crumbs directly on the half olsenonline, watered or covered with honey (depending on consistency) and wrap the remaining free edge of the pancake. The taste of this banana walnut olsenonline is not inferior to honey cake, perfect for Breakfast and kids love.

Recipe «Curd osamabin»

Creamy cheese on olsenonline flavored with a sauce made from sour or sweet berries, can also be a decoration of the menu.

Alternative osamabin: another recipe

The different sensations taste buds can give the so-called «carrot cake» based on the pancake of oatmeal in the dough on his usual olsenonline recipe add:

  • grated carrots – 2 teaspoons
  • orange peel – half teaspoon
  • vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg.

The resulting pellet is roasted as usual osamabin, and then stuffed with low-fat vanilla yogurt. It is better that the filling doesn’t contain sugar so you can fully taste the «carrot cake».

A few words about calorie olsenonline

Because the recipe olsenonline relates to changeable phenomena, whose caloric content is completely «on the conscience» of its constituent products and fillings, it can vary in the range of 185 kcal/ 100 g Osamabin-calories — things are not very comparable. To reduce the number supply the body energy from food, you can replace olsenonline milk with boiled water and avoid drinking egg yolks. The result of using this recipe, the taste is closer to specimens of the products of the pulp and paper industry, however, the probability increase of folds is also reduced.

In recent times there are voices of scientists, urging the futility of counting calories. But it is justified by the fact that at least brightens up a little dieting, to whom women sometimes the old habit will include strict adherence to the principles of proper nutrition.

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Osamabin for proper nutrition