Panicle salad slimming — reviews, pros and cons and recipes on the brush

All people regardless of gender and age always want to look good and enjoy his reflection in the mirror. But not everyone can find the strength to go regularly to the gym and follow a proper diet. In this regard, many are looking for quick and easy ways to lose weight. One such salad is the Brush, which not only will relieve of superfluous kgs, but also will clean the stomach.

What is the use of salad?

The first most significant positive effect of lettuce is the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. As a consequence, the intestine is perfectly cleaned. Because of the vegetables included with meals, one serving supplies the recommended daily intake of fiber and complex carbohydrates. In connection with a rich composition of vitamins a Whisk is recommended to use during the different diets, because, therefore, there is a saturation of the body with the missing nutrients.

Cons salad

Diet for weight loss based on just one salad Panicle, slows down the metabolism, in connection with the monotony of the menu. And this mono-diet is dangerous for the kidneys, liver and the gastrointestinal tract, especially if they already had problems in these organs.

Contraindications to the use of the Brush:

  • flatulence.
  • diarrhea.
  • weakened body (for example, after a course of antibiotics).
  • gastritis.
  • ulcer.
  • diseases of the pancreas gallbladder.
  • people suffering from diabetes.

Salad Brush for weight loss recipe

A classic recipe of salad «Brush» is very simple. The ingredients required for its preparation is in the house everyone. And suddenly, even if something is not, then all the products included in the salad available in any nearby grocery store at competitive prices.

To prepare the salad «Brush» you will need:

  • beets
  • cabbage
  • carrots

The ratio of vegetables is allowed to adjust, focusing on your own taste. In the original, all the ingredients must be present in equal amounts. Dressing is lemon juice. And also a valid Supplement in the form of olive oil. Calorie, of course, it will increase, but absolutely slightly. Vinegar and salt is strictly forbidden to be added into the salad. All components of the salad requires you to shred. Stir, fill with juice and oil.

The salad turns out juicy, vibrant and most importantly fresh all year round. This side dish goes well with meat, fish or even porridge.

Recipe raw food salad Panicle

Ingredients: 100 g of beet, 200 g white cabbage, lemon juice, 100 g of carrots, a quarter Cup of pine nuts.

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Preparation: vegetables to grate. Nuts and lemon juice place in a blender and grind into a uniform mass. The resulting gruel to fill the chopped vegetables and stir. For taste, you can add a bit of greenery.

Salad recipe Panicle with celery

Ingredients: 300 g of celery, 300 g fresh cucumbers, lemon juice, a tablespoon of olive oil, herbs to taste.

Preparation: using a grater to chop the cucumbers and celery. Green mass fill with oil, lemon and season with herbs.

«Brush» with celery and Apple

The components of the salad: 100 g of celery roots, 250 beet, 300 g of green apples, one dining room, the boat of lemon juice and the same amount of olive oil.

Celery root peel, grate. Same with the trowel to make with apples and beets. Pour lemon juice and olive oil. Clean the apples peeled in no case is not allowed.

Salad Panicle of fruit

For the dish you will need two medium size grapefruit, one Cup of pomegranate seeds, a glass of prunes and the same amount of dried apricots.

Method of preparation: use a juicer of pomegranate juice. All fruits needed for the salad soaked in water. During this time, you need to clean the grapefruit, to get the pulp, which, in turn, should be disassembled into small pieces. For grinding it is better not to use a knife, and disassemble the pieces of the grapefruit with his hands. Swollen dried fruit cut with a knife into small pieces. Mix all ingredients and fill with pomegranate juice.

Recipe Brush fruit with bran

Salad ingredients: 2 apples, 2 oranges, 4 kiwi, 2 tbsp shredded oat bran, natural nonfat yogurt, 2 teaspoons of honey.

All the fruit chop knife, except Apple. Apple grate. Bran, pour a few tablespoons of yogurt and leave for ten minutes. After a time the bran is added to the yogurt. After this dressing mixed with the fruit.

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Diet and fasting days for weight loss using lettuce

Varieties of salad Brush big set. The same can be said about diets based on it.

An example diet with a Whisk:

  • The first day is protein. Allowed to choose any of the protein foods — boiled chicken breast, boiled white fish or lean beef. The day allowed to eat no more than 1 kg of food. During the day there should be five meals.
  • Second day — salad Brush. Allowed to choose any of the salad recipes in addition to fruit. Fruit panicle fashionable to not eat more than once a day. The meal always has to be five. The day allowed to eat three pounds of salad.
  • Third day — again, protein, and the fourth — salad. So alternating days diet lasts from one week to two.

In addition to diets it is possible to arrange several times a month fasting days, in which it is permitted to eat only salad. Fasting days are perfectly clean the intestines from the accumulated unnecessary and harmful toxins. For weight loss these fasting days are effective, provided that in the remaining time a person keeps a low-calorie balanced diet.


A lovely salad. Famous recipe learned from my mother. When he left home, he moved into a hostel at the time of study, it so happened, I started wrong and irregular to eat. In this regard, there are serious problems with the stomach and a chair. You know the feeling is not the most pleasant when a constant stomachache, I have to pee, but in fact can not go. My mom told me to eat the salad «Brush». After two weeks of constant dinner salad, my condition has changed. Organize the work of the stomach. But I decided not to stop and this salad was to take to school and eat it as a snack.

Tina, 25 years

Decided to use the salad as a weight loss. If I said that I was fat, scary lie, however, there are five pounds that bother me to live comfortably. From time to time with the hated kg I said goodbye, but after some time they again come back to me. I can not deny yourself sweets. Cakes, chocolates, candies — can’t imagine my life without them.

After learning about the Brush, I decided that this is my chance to lose weight. Moved consumption of your favorite sweets on the first half of the day and salad in different interpretations for dinner. The first result I noticed after five days. My weight is not growing, and little by little began to crawl down. But I would also like to note that on-to another began to work the bowel. His work has become as established as the watch. To stop the use of Brooms is not going to.

Tatiana, 30 years

A few years ago started eating salad Brush in order to organize the work of the stomach. But I write you only now. Tried to arrange fasting days a couple times a month. For such a day perfectly clean the intestines from unwanted things and the bad things that managed to accumulate. After the first meal felt great, easily. But in the evening ate already. In the end, I mastered the amount of Brush and per day lost about four pounds. Advised that the friend Whisk. Such fasting days is not approached. She has a sore stomach, and had a sharp pain after eating. I have never had it before. Most likely, it’s all individual.

Tamara, 35 years